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Taking in GM Applications (April 2013)

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Perry the Platypus

Perry the Platypus


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Hai there.

We're looking to improve our staff team. So we need some fresh faces! If you're interested in a position as a GM, just post your application as a reply to this topic.

Please be to include your in-game name, as well as your usual online times (in server time). Also, if you are currently not going to school/work, but will be in the near future, please include how this will affect your online schedule. The rest of the information is up to you, but remember, the more we know about you the easier it is for us to know if you're the right fit for the team.

As usual we won't give you a specific format. Be creative, make your application interesting. <3 You can get ideas from the past application topics if you need to.


Visit our RMS page to write a review <3




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NAME:  Josh McAvoy

AGE: 20

SEX: Male

LOCATION: Canada, Yukon Territory


MSN/E-MAIL/YM: [email protected]

HOW LONG DO YOU PLAY: i work from 10-6 5 days a week but i am normally on from 6-4AM

Position Applying: Event, Or whichever position is needed.


Active times: 6 - 4Am California time =o 

Why do you want to become a GM/ Intentions for APPLYING a GM? i would like to help out the server, and just all around help everyone out, i have plenty of RO experiance i have ran my own server before.

Character In-Game: Any Presenium, Ryoz

How long have you played Ragnarok? almost 11 years now

How can you help InertiaRo? Like i said previously i have Alot of RO experiance, i know alot about the game. i would be there to help people if need i just want to do everything in my power to help people enjoy the server and keep it running


Thanks you<3




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Name: Alexander

IGN: Music

Location: Southern US

E-Mail: [email protected]

Skype: scarletshadowz


Position Applying for: Support


Active times (Server Time): Mon - Fri 8:00~23:00 (Few hour breaks here and there)

                     Sat & Sun 10:00~20:00

Real time: 9 AM ~ 1 AM CST Sun - Sat


I usually inform people when I am going to be gone for a while. It is usually for a couple of days because of preparation for college.

I plan on attending college so my times may be cut short but I will still be online as much as possible.


Approximate times to be on during college hours


Server Time: Mon - Fri 15:00 ~ 24:00

                     Sat - Sun 11:00 ~ 00:30



Here is some Info about me :D


I am 22 years old for those who didn't know. I have recently overcame my trials and tribulations so I am back to being my jolly outgoing self. I love making new friends and helping people when I can. I can't help that its the type of person I am both in real life and in game. I can be shy at times but when it comes to it I can get the job done :3 I am going to be attending college in June majoring in Computer Engineering. I hope it's as fun most people told me. I have been playing for about 7~8 years now, but I have recently came back from retirement of 3 years so I am a bit rusty on the knowledge. Even though I can be lazy I am a fast learner so give me your best shot. I am not really good at these things but I guess I should keep it short and sweet. I look forward to look working with the team if chosen.





Additional info: Even tho I want to apply for Support. I do know some scripting basics. I am willing to learn some advanced stuff so if that could be of use then I will gladly help.

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Name : Blake F. Colibaba-Matthews

IGN : Barren

Age TwentyOne
Languages : English
Location : Ontario, Canada
Timezone : Eastern Time (-5:00 UTC)
Times Online : As often as possible (a.k.a almost all the time)
Ragnarok Online Experience: 10 years of playing rangarok online servers
Applying for : Support/Event 
Time On InertiaRo : Two to Four months
Why would you pick me for this honor?

- I am a friendly player

- I have helped many new players in this server showing them they are welcomed

- I am very respectful to all new players

- I can bring a whole new experience of fun for players

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Aint Nothing

Aint Nothing


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Name: Cel Guanzon (err not full name cause i dont want to put it in here lmfao :)) )

Age : 22 (gonna be 23 in may )

Gender : Male 

Location : Philippines

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Timezone : GMT +8.00

Ragnarok Experience : I have been playing for 10yrs  now but in inertia i think about 2months? 

Availability : I dont usually sleep much so i can be online for about 17hrs straight if i dont have plans for the night but in the morning yeah you can count on me :P


well im gonna cut to the chase cause im not good in being formal :)) 

i just want to host events, help newbies, nuke random people in mellina @[email protected]


IGN : Aint Nothing , Yzel 

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Name : Yuki Kua Ai Xue
Age : 15 years old
Languages : English, Malay, Chinese, Iban
Location : Sarawak, Malaysian
Timezone : GMT +8
Times Online : 7AM~1AM(GMT +8)

4PM~10AM(Server Time)
Ragnarok Online Experience: 11 Years
Applying for : Scpriting or Headgear Sprite or Supporter
InertiaRO Experience : 1 Oct 2012 Starting Play.
Why would you pick me for this honor?
I Love Help Newbie.
- I Friendly

- I admin from AvengerRO, Dev from ImmuneRO.

- I open server RO by myself at JokerRO in 3 years.

- I play many server before. i got many experiece or idea. 

- I got many scprit.

- I got Many New Headgear Sprite. (always Update).
How can I help InertiaRO?
- I will upload New Sprite Headgear.

- I will make Event.

- I try help everything you need.
In game name:
Mini, Baby Yui, Baby Asuna, Ani, Xue, Milk, Ant
www.facebook.com/yuki.kua.37(FaceBook) YukiXue97(Skype) 

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USR: maroe06

IGN: Khay (other character is secret LOL :wink: ) /heh

Age: 22

Gender: Female


Mail me at: [email protected]


Applying For GM.. any Position But i like just to be simple..events HNs really love doing it.


Language: English


Mostly to be a GM its kind a Boring Stuff :unsure: ..but why im applying for this position :huh: ..why?? simply Because i just want to help other players in game..no need to impress you guys :cool:  how this application looks good..but the important is how can i help others.. :smile:. really love finding new friends in game talking a lot of stuff and making the game much more enjoyable than the other.. :laugh:


Experience: i dont have 10 years of experience like others but i do have a Months and Tons of happy Gaming..thats all it matters.. :biggrin:


Play time: Most likely 2-3 hours.. but sometimes in a day i played 10 -12 hours.. and most of the time that i spent in game was talking to other player or newbies that i can help..


This application was Not Good, But its come from the heart..

Thank you.. :wub:




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Name: Mark Angelo Zapata

Age : 12 ( becoming 13 yrs. old  in may 1 )

Gender : Male 

Location : Philippines

Email: zapata[email protected] / [email protected]

Timezone : GMT +8.00

Ragnarok Experience : Im playing DarkRO like 5 years and that RO is close and Wonderful invite me to play this iRO so im enjoying now im think im just playing this 3months or 4months., 

Availability : i can Online 10-15 hours

-love to play this game.

-i can help some newbies if need a help.

-i can make the newbies happy.

Mail me at:[email protected] (myFB)


Applying For=Support/Event.

-i want to Experience to help some newbies.

-i want to Experience  like a gm.

-i will give all my power as long i can so please trust me.


IGN : Kevin Durant , Syndicate ~  Thx If you Accept me to became a Member of your Staff.., :smile: 

-Sorry for my bad english but still i'm using my power as all as i can :))

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Name : Daine Skywalker (no really its just Daine)

IGN : Unchained (inspired by Tarantino's latest movie <3 )













Age Fifteen. Taylor Swift actually made a song about me <3





Languages : English, Filipino, Dog, Zerg, Protoss, English with an accent.
Location : PH 
Timezone : GMT+8
Times Online : Throughout the day I play for about 10 hours O.O from around 1900 server time.
Ragnarok Online Experience: some three to four years.
Applying for : Perry's Dog, Events GM, PVP Tournament host. Events/games creator (I can think up new games)
Time On InertiaRo : about a month. 
Why would you pick me for this honor?

- Helpful and friendly. I've made a lot of friends by helping out newbies. They likes the goldrooms.

-Very Active. Im as active as Lithium and Potassium. (Chemistry reference, implying I am educated)

-I like to work and help the server. I can work long hours just to make things happen. 

- I LURVE iRO <3

- I am creative.

- I've been to the moon.





-I have gods approval
















P.S. : I'm a fun person. If that was not enough^ :D

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Hey guise.. when Perry said 'be creative' he meant that your post should be a rainbow where the colors look perfect

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Name : Ivan Rivera

IGN : Siegurd/Mortimer/Bodar/Van Houten

timezone : GMT +8

location :  Cavite, PH

e-mail me @ : [email protected]

19 yrs. old

i can speak fluent english :D


i've been playing RO since I was at 4th grade so that was about 10yrs. now.


i've been here in the server for 10 mos.


i can be active at any time of the day (GMT +8), provided that i got no classes or some sorts.


i just want to be of support to the server :D

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name: Oliver Co

age: 32

location: Philippines

email add: [email protected]/[email protected]

online time: 08:00AM to 08:00PM ph time.

note: i know im always online lol :laugh: 


i can speak fluent english. like to help newbie's and love events.

i also have some idea for new events that i would like to try in our server.


online main character: OrcOrEgOr= Sniper


i hope you can consider me to join your team to make a much more fun in-game experience for all the new and old player's of inertia RO.



thank you for taking the time to read my letter of application.


Oliver or OrcO

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               Name: Christopher P. Mauricio                                                                           Username: iDoL.Mau_xDD

               Age : 16                                                                                                               Birth Date: April 30, 1996

               Gender : Male 

               Location : Philippines                                                                                           Email: [email protected]


               Timezone : GMT +8.00

                School: College Student actually

                Course: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Dream to be a Game Maker so i really want his opportunity.

                to start have an experience. it doesn't affect me from my studies  it becomes my Daily routine to play everyday :biggrin: .



Availability : i can Online 10 hours


                     i don't mind my FB because i really love playing this game, i give give-away sometimes at new players :biggrin:.




                                                                  "All I want is to be a number one Supporter of the Game and making the game

                                                    dynamic and so cooler to played. because some players hate GM Actually."



I wish i will be hired.. :unsure:

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Name :  Jin 

IGN : HaiSui

Age : 21
Languages : English , Chinese , Malay , Thai 
Location : Singapore , Singapore
Timezone : GMT +8
Times Online : I can online for most of my time, i wont be online when i am having classes but no worries, i only have 3 hrs of class a day.
Ragnarok Online Experience: 11 years of playing RO.
Applying for : I would like to be head gm, so i can be try to lead the gm team for this server to work efficiently. Since i know how to speak few languages, i think i can work pretty well.
Time On InertiaRo : Only 1 month
Why would you pick me for this honor?

- I am an experienced GM ( i worked as GM in the past few RO servers)

- I am a friendly and helpful player.

- I believe i can bring fun to everyone and increase the growth of this server.




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Name: Andy
IGN: Moist
Age: 23
Country: India
TImezone: GMT+5:30
Languages: English
Gm Post: Event or Support
Hours of Gaming: 4Hours
Work or School: Work
Ro Experience: 9 Years
Previous Gm Experience: Trial Event Gm on WarRo.
So yea.. Ive been on this server for about... 5-6 months now.. and the reason why id like to apply for a event gm mostly is because i do see people requesting for events.. although its not possible to satisfy everyone.. we can try satisfy the majority.. I am generally online on Tuesday and Wednesday.. other days i can only play for like 4-5 hours.. I am familiar with RO mechanics and classes... I try be as active as i can on forums as well... the reason why i am applying for a event gm is to put in my creativity and bring up something beautiful..
Cheers to all applicants.. 

nnpjdj.jpg   2vxemoi.jpg                         e5jwjm.png 




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Name : Ryan , they call me Boo Boo , so... yeah.
In-game Character Name : Mikoto(I'm usually using this anyway) , Therapy 
Age : 15 .
Country : Malaysia
Timezone : GMT+ 7.
Languages : Chinese , English , Malay/Indo , Cantonese , Hokkien
E-mail : [email protected]
Times Online : 5-6 hours , sort of.
Ragnarok Experience : Since I'm 9.
GM Experience: 0. D:

Why do you want to become a GM: Cause I can do amazing dives like this.
( I can be quite friendly anyway o: )

Yeah , I know I won't get hired , just trolling around <3


Ryan is dead




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Name : Jason

IGN : Polo~

Age : 21
Languages : English , French
Location : Nova Scotia, Canada
Timezone : Atlantic Time
Times Online : Im usually online everyday depends on my job!
Ragnarok Online Experience: 11 years of playing RO.
Applying for : I would like to be either a Support GM or an Event GM. I have experience in both catagories and have knolodge of the game and the events that players enjoy!
Time On InertiaRo : 4 months
Why would you pick me for this honor?

- I am an experienced GM ( I have worked as GM in the past)

- I am a friendly and helpful player.

- I believe i can bring fun to everyone and increase the growth of this server.




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Name: Richmond Basallo or Mond.


Age: 18


Character IGN: Nobita Nobi ( One and Only Main Character :ph34r: )


Language: English and Tagalog


Location: Quezon City, Philippines


Timezone: +8GMT


How long have you played in the server: Since Janulready. ary 23, 2013 and until now and Forever. LOL. (Almost 3months)



How long have you played Ragnarok: I've been playing ragnarok since I was 10years old, so prolly 8years.


Time Availability: Anytime, I'll be there for you <3 LOL. I'm active 24/7 but since I have class now, I'll be like 5~8hours online. 


Position Applying: Support / Event GM.


How can you help the server: If ever I'll be accepted, I'll do my best to help newbies and oldbies with their problems/questions. I'll be more active in forums and try to give more ideas/suggestions to help improve our server.


About myself: Well, I'm a very helpful and happy person. I like entertaining/approaching people specially if they need help or they need someone to talk to. (Mostly about giving ideas on how to survive in MVPs/WOE/PVP and by giving ideas/items for newbies)


Contact Info: [email protected] (Yahoo and Facebook)


There you go, I heard you like RAINBOWS.  :wub: 

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J e a n n e

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Here is some info about me.

Name: Jeanne Claudette M. Joson

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Country: Muntinlupa City , Philippines

Timezone: +8 GMT

Language: English , Filipino


Some other stuff about me: I love making poems Yes! You can bother me in game and ask me if i can make a poem for you. And i love sending flowers and chocolates to someone *coughs*. Peace ! <33

MSN: [email protected]
Skype: ennaej.18

IGN: Pineapple, Seven , Vain , Outcast

- 06:00-14:00 server time (Weekdays on schooldays but since i'm on summer vacation now so my availability is the same time as my Weekend availability)
- 05:00-17:00 server time (Weekends)

- Mostly night-time since i don't sleep at night.

How long do you play in this server?
- Since April 23, 2012 so almost a year.

How long have you played ragnarok?
- since 2009

Position Applying:
- Support GM/Event GM

Why would i apply to be a GM?
- Well i admit it at first i don't like this server but as you can see now i won't stay this long if i don't. 
 I'm always bored and too lazy to hunt stuff i need something else to do. I want to help the server and the players in it. I would like to lessen the boredom of those people who plays at night. I want them to enjoy playing/staying in the server.

Why would you pick me as a GM?
- I am helpful.
- I am friendly. (I talk alot)

- I love doing events.

- I'm an active player.

- I already stayed long enough on this server.
- I don't quit on whatever i am doing no matter what happen.

- InertiaRO is the only server/game i am playing right now so i can focus monitoring the server during my online times.



How can you help InertiaRO?

- If i'm gonna be an Event GM i will help the server through events ofcourse that's already obvious, and if i'm gonna be a Support GM i will try to help minimize the cases of breaking the rules especially the main chat ones which i often see, I will also help newbies to make them feel welcomed in the server. Though i can do both, no matter what GM Position that i will be hired. I won't stop inviting my friends from my past servers to play this RO too.

Thank you for your time.



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^ Double Info, Jeanne. :wacko: Meh. Peace

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