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Taking in GM Applications (April 2013)

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^ Double Info, Jeanne. :wacko: Meh. Peace


Yeah i noticed xDD ~ Edited already

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IGN: Tenshi Hyuuga, Nicolette (more listed in signature)


IRL Name: Nicolle


Age: 22.8


Location: NJ, USA


Time Zone: Eastern

Skype: smgirl825


Times Available: 12pm-12am EST, 9am-9pm SERVER (Would do random logins between classwork)


Position Desired: Any available, support/event preferred


Language(s): English (Native), Spanish (Fluent)


Reasons for desiring a job as a GM and applying: I have played RO for 5 years and have seen servers go down due to small, fixable reasons. I would not like to see that with any other server, honestly. And this has become my new RO home. GM or not, I would like to help in any way I can. It matters not if you have a shiny position as part of the staff, you can make a difference as just a normal player. I have experience with the basic commands and usual questions that most server GMs have to deal with. For example, “How do I earn zeny?”, “Where do I level?”, “I’m lost, where do I go?”, etc. I’d like to make even if you are new to Ragnarok, as properly equipped knowledge-wise as possible so may enjoy the game! I may have a bit of a firm hand, but I’m willing to loosen the hand while working.


Experience Playing Ragnarok Online: 5 years


Servers Played: Reign Online, EcchiRO ,PornRO, RareRO

Possible Changes In schedule: Only times I am not at the computer is when I’m feeling ill or going out of the house. I would keep the staff updated.

Skills: Photoshop experience, xhtml/html, css


Things done for the server: Wrote a review on RMS, Invited several friends, Held Quiz Event over Vent and In-Game


About me:
I’m a 22 year old female that has enjoyed RO since I was 17 years old. My Preferred classes are HP, SinX, and Nin. I’m currently at the Art Institute for Web Design and Interactive Media. I like to write poetry, draw, read magnas, watch anime, and play video games obviously. Sometimes a bit high-strung, I’m usually someone that is easy to get along with. For some reason, others that speak Spanish flock to me. It’s happened in every game I’ve played online so far. You can usually find me in Mellina having a conversation with someone, or when a new player warps into town…I greet them to Inertia! I also play League of Legends so if you’re ever up for a game when I’m not going to be on RO, hit me up! I’m easily available through Skype since I live on the Instant Messenger. I’m not shy to talk over vent either.

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My application


Name: Shin Lee Kyo


Nickname: Kyo


IGN: Danuve, Danuve HW


Age: 20 years old.


Gender: Male


Location: San Diego, California (US)


Timezone: Pacific Standard Time (-7 GMT)


Nationality: Half-Korean and Half-American.


Language: English (Fluent), Korean (Little)


Contact details:

Skype - [email protected]

Hotmail/MSN/Live - [email protected]

Yahoo - [email protected]



Monday - 18:00 - 1:00 Server Time (6:00pm - 1:00 am)

Tuesday,Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday - 8:00 - 1:00 Server Time (8:00 am - 1:00 am)

Wednesday - 15:00 - 1:00 Server Time (3:00 pm - 1:00 am)

I have school right now but in a month, I'll have a vacation. I only have school on MWF and the rest, I'm free.


How long have you been playing Ragnarok? 9 years


How long have you been playing InertiaRO? Around 4-5 months


What position are you applying for? Chief GM or Support GM


Do you have any experience being a GM? Yes

     IcarusRO - 6months - 8months (Support GM)

     ScytheRO - 2 years (Chief GM)

     PoisonRO - 1 Year (Co Admin)

     GloomyRO - 2 Years (1 Year as Event & 1 Year Chief GM)


The qualities I have for the job:

- Friendly.

- I used to know scripting but I might be a little rusty.

- Hardworking

- Efficient

- Problem Solver

- Open-minded

- Critical-thinking

- Helpful


How can you help improve the server?

I can provide entertainment to people such as events if possible. By doing this, people will not be bored and stay on the server. If there is a problem or any misunderstandings, I'll help to fix it. If the GM team needs help, I'll be happy to offer my helping hand. If there are problems with scripts, I can try fixing it ( i said try coz I might be a little rusty). If there are bugs or balancing that needs to be done, I'll be happy to do so. I will think of different innovations that can improve the server.


Thank you!




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Name : Fritzgerald Villanueva

IGN : Uchiha Obito(Main) Death Star, Phantomhive, Lost Assassin.

Age : 15
Languages : English, Tagalog
Location : Lathrop, California
Timezone : Pacific Time (GMT - 7:00) 

Times Online : As often as possible ( always on whenever there's no school)
Ragnarok Online Experience: 7 years of playing rangarok online servers
Applying for : Any Positions
Time On InertiaRo : not sure but i think its around 3 months.
Why would you pick me for this honor?

~I'm friendly, and easy to get alone with :3

~I can help with events.

~I could do my best to help anyone with anything, whether its in game or not.

~If there's a problem in the server i might not know what the problem is but i will find a way to help because every problem has an answer :D!

~I like helping players when they're having trouble.



~ Basically i just want to be part of Server more than just a player, because i have played a lot of severs before but never really enjoyed it, but then when i found this server i just loved it. because people were so nice and everyone is so helpful. that's why i would like to be a part of this server because i just really love it.


Email: [email protected] if you need more information. or anything at all just mail me in my main char : Uchiha Obito . or mail me in my gmail :)





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NAME:  Michael F Maturan

AGE: 27

SEX: Male

LOCATION: Philippines


Facebook MAIL/YM: [email protected]


Position Applying: any position you like to assign to me..

LANGUAGE THAT I SPEAK: Bisaya, Tagalog, English

Active times: 12 to 15 hrs

Why do you want to become a GM/ Intentions for APPLYING a GM? my intentions to become a GM is, inviting a player to join the InertiaRO server, and ill do my best what can i help in InertiaRO Server.

Character In-Game: Doc Hudson

How long have you played Ragnarok? 2005 until 2013 i play RO

How can you help InertiaRo? i would like to help the server about inviting a player.


Do you have any experience being a GM? yeap i have a server before. 2008-2011


Thanks you<3

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Name : Gecel Marie Mercado Castro
Age : 17 years old
Languages : English, Tagalog
Location : Philippines
Timezone : GMT +8
Times Online : 7AM~1AM(GMT +8)

4PM~10AM(Server Time)
Ragnarok Online Experience: 11 Years
Applying for : SupportGM and Spriter
InertiaRO Experience : 2012 Starting Play.
Why would you pick me for this Possition?
- I Love to Help Newbies
- Im Nice and Sexy :D

- I admin from ImmenseRO

- I play many server before

- Got many script but I dont know how to inject it XD

- Many New Headgear Sprite slashed from other servers. (always Update).
How can I help InertiaRO?

- Try help everything you need as long as I can.

- Tell directions and give moral support to others.

In game name:
Unfamous (Prof), Chriscel (Sniper)
[email protected] ( facebook ) @Irreplaceeeable ( Twitter )




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Goodluck Everyone!  :rolleyes:

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Name: Nicholas Yang

Age: 56dr7te6r548949646

Gender: Male

Location: Malaysia

ign: Beoulve, 8

Availability: I'm single.

How can I help?
By chopping off everyone's fingers and use them to poke people's eyes. <3

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so here is my Application
Name:Norbert S.Coronacion

IGN:Devil Ghost



Location:Caloocan city


Have you been an eventgm/police/helper before?:Player Police.

RO Experience:5 years playing Ragnarok.

Position (eventgm, helper and police):GM Police

Why do you want to be an eventgm/helper/police?:
i want to an GM Police because there are player's that is abusing other player so i want to help the newbie's so i can guide them and write a review for this server.
why would we hire you?:I think you should hire me because I possess all the necessary qualities that is required by the job. I know that there are other candidates who may also have ability to do the job but the one thing that differentiates me from them is "passion of excellence and interpersonal skills" besides the details in my application. I believe in character, vision, values and action.




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Hello. <3


Name:John Carreon


Timezone/Country:Same as GM Von

Language:FIlipino/English/Google Translate

Position Applying: Support GM


Why i would be a good GM?

It's simple, I'm helpful yeahi maybe boastful but i'm helpful to new players which are new to the server and looking for help on how to go around the server, I'm friendly, and I am one of the most active player ingame.



6-10hours aday


How long have i been playing InertiaRO and ragnarok?

Inertia - 6-7months

Ragnarok since 2007


It's been a short application but just trying :)


Thank you for reading :3 :wub:  :biggrin: 

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Name: Leslie Lee.
Age: 18.
Location: California.
How long do you play: I play pretty long. Usually when i have school I use my break to play online and check the server. I guess you can say 60 hours a week.
Language that i speak: I speak English and Tagalog fluently.
Position applied for: Any position that is needed for me to help the server.
Active times: Monday and Wednesday: 9am-11am, Tuesday, Thusday, and Friday: 8am-10pm, Saturday: When I usually wake up till so on :)
Why do you want to become Gm?: I want to become GM to help new players also because I have experience from ForsakenRo. I was a Event GM alway's Hosting Events and Helping new players get through the server.I also wanna help our Admin with Spriting or any Editing.
[ Read About Me Below ].
Contact information: [email protected]
Character In-Game: Katsura, Asuna, Yuuki Asuna, and High Priest Katsura.
How long have you been playing Ragnarok?: 9 years, and In InertiaRo about 5 months from December.
How can you help InertiaRo?: 
  • Host Events.
  • Help players.
  • Help other GMs.
  • Help Admin with  Spriting or Editing.
  • Retrieve Custom Sprites.
  • Talk to players in need [ Newies,Oldies, and Recenties ]
About me:
I'am Leslie Lee. I'am in High school in 12th grade [ Senior ]
I attend school activities such as Anime Club, Link Crew [ Helping Freshmen ], Video Game Club, ASB [ Student Body President ]
and last is my own club that I created in my high school.
INSPIRASIAN! [ Hip Hop Dance Club ]. What I do in this club is Teach, Perform, Discipline and Have fun! Teaching is the process when we show students in our club how to dance like Choreography, Break dancing, Popping, Locking, and Lyrical, Dancing.Discipline is for our club is to teach them how to listen properly and respecting other students, Having fun is Talking with friends, Eating with Different kinds of food, Having Parties, and Last of least family bonding with my fellow club members, and Performing is when we show our dancing skills in Pep Rally's or in other places like my church. When we Perform we show teamwork and dedication to our dancing.
I also take 5 Advance placement classes in school but since I'am ahead of my fellow students and also the President of the student body I have lots of time helping out in InertiaRo. I also like food D: and no matter how much i eat i never gain weight because I'am High metabolism and also dance. But anyways I hope I can become GM to support the GM team and also support new players. As it shows in my Mini Bio I know alot of the real world and i can also help in inertiaRo with this specific skills i have Like keeping people POSITIVE! :D. Well Mark hope you read this well :) and thank you for looking and reading my Application <3

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Shining Armor

Shining Armor


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Name: Andrew


Age: 19


Location: California (UTC -8)


Available Hours: (All of these are in accordance with server time)

Monday/Wednesday 10am-4pm and 9pm-11pm,

Tuesday/Thursday: 10pm-1am,

Friday: 10am-4pm,

Saturday/Sunday 1pm-8pm


Why do I want to be a GM?: I feel that I can be a very valuable tool when it comes to assisting players (both new and old) with any questions or disputes that they have. I am a friendly person, but I am able to put aside personal feelings when it comes to serious matters.


Character Names: Shining Armor


How long have I been playing Ragnarok Online?: I've played for over six years, and I have been playing InertiaRO for approximately six months.




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