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Support FAQ

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Before you post a support topic here, please make sure that you are fully patched. The majority of problems can be fixed by properly patching your folder, and patching before posting will save the staff a lot of time answering unnecessary support requests. You should also try restarting your computer before posting, as some client issues can be fixed by simply rebooting.

If you are fully patched, please take a look and see if your problem is listed here. These are generally the most common problems that players run into, so you may be able to save some time by looking here for the solution. If you try the suggestions listed here and the problem still continues, be sure to explain what you tried when posting the support topic.

Patcher not working ("Exception EOleSysError" / "00058BED Class not registered")

You can fix this by downloading and installing Flash for IE. Simply select your operating system, then pick "Flash Player for Internet Explorer," and uncheck the McAfee box. Once you've installed Flash for IE, the patcher will work normally.

Patcher missing from folder

If you can't find the patcher in your InertiaRO folder, it was most likely blocked by your anti-virus. You can fix this by adding the InertiaRO folder as an exception to your anti-virus so it ignores the patcher (the patcher isn't a virus, it's just falsely detected as one by some anti-viruses due to how it works).

Your Game's Exe File is not the latest version. (5)

This error means that your client is outdated, or you are attempting to use a modded client. If this error still shows up after patching, you can download the small client from the downloads page and paste the files into your InertiaRO folder. This will update your client to the most recent version.

Cannot init d3d OR GRF file has problem OR
Setup.exe not showing options for graphics settings (just a blank selection box)

This typically means that you are missing graphics drivers required for RO. This can normally be fixed by downloading the DirectX End-User Runtimes. If you continue having issues, you'll need to make sure your graphics drivers are fully updated. You may also need to run the client as an administrator to fix the error (this typically happens on Windows 8).

Unable to change window size

If you are unable to set your window size through Setup.exe, first try downloading DirectX End-User Runtimes. Also try running Setup.exe as an administrator, as some computers will block it from making changes when run from a normal account. If you still can't fix it, you may want to look into ROExt. Copy the files into your InertiaRO folder (it's perfectly safe to replace the dinput.dll file) and open dinput.ini using any text editor (such as MS Notepad) to adjust the settings. The main things to set are the WindowWidth and WindowHeight options, which will set your screen size.

Distorted screen shots (angled/wavy, discoloured)

If your screen shots are coming out distorted, this is generally due to incorrectly set graphics options. You should be able to fix this by opening Setup.exe and trying different screen resolutions to find the one that works. This is also sometimes caused by the full screen option, so try enabling/disabling it to see if that fixes the problem. If you would still like to use full screen, you can disable full screen mode in Setup.exe, then use ROExt and just set the screen size to your monitor's resolution.

Missing map files (.rsw, .gnd, .gat)

This is normally caused by having an outdated or corrupt kRO installation. These errors can almost always be fixed by downloading the full client from the downloads page.

Missing sprite/palette files (.spr, .act, .pal)

These errors are normally related to not being fully patched. If you are still getting these errors after patching, try downloading the full client from the downloads page.

Disconnected/Rejected from server when logging in

This is generally caused by a problem with your Internet connection. Try restarting both your router and your computer, stop any ongoing downloads, and temporarily disable your firewall and anti-virus (please note that you will want to re-enable both of these afterwards, this is just for testing purposes to see if one of them is causing the problem). If you still can't connect, wait for about 15 minutes and then try connecting again. If at this point you still can't connect, you can post a support topic and we will try to assist you further.

"Something bad happened", or an error/crash message

It's normal for this to happen on the odd occasion since RO's client is quite old and fragile, but if it happens frequently even after a computer restart there may be a specific compatibility issue. If you get the full crash message, click "Copy" and include that in a support post. Unfortunately it's not very helpful in most cases (the lovely 0xc0000005 error), but occasionally it will help to pinpoint the issue and make it easier to fix.

Permanently blind on Star Gladiator

Reset your skills (the Reset NPC can be found in Mellina, just slightly to the right of @go 0), and be sure to not add any points to the Demon skill.

Chat not showing up in chat window

Use /notalkmsg and /notalkmsg2, and make sure both say "[Display ON]" at the end.

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