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Taking in GM Applications (October 2013)

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We're taking in GM applications again. Similar to last time, we won't be looking too much into how long you've been at this server, so even if you're a newbie you can still apply.

Please be sure to include your in-game name, and your online times in server time (use @time in-game). Include any upcoming events that might affect your online times in the future (such as starting school, work, etc) as well.

As is the usual, if you're wanting some references to get ideas for your application, feel free to look in the past application topics. Don't just copy the formats directly though - try to be creative and feel free to add more info if you think it's relevant. The more we know about you, the easier it'll be to make a decision.


Visit our RMS page to write a review <3




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1.Name: Henrico Galiza

2.Age: 21

3.Gender: Male

4.Location and Timezone: Im from Philippines, GMT +8.00

5.Language I speak and write fluently: English, Tagalog

6.How long have you been playing RO? since 1st year high school, i think its about 10 years

7.Position applying: Player Support / Event Gm

8.Previous GM Experience: One of the private server that my peer group been created unfortunately it didn't last that long. :(

9.How long have you been playing Inertia? 2 - 3 months

10.Active Time: its depend on my schedule when im on the morning shift im active on 2pm onward and when im on my night shift, im active 7am to 12am

11.Why should we chose you? Since im playing ragnarok for a long period of time i guess i do have knowledge, and experiences on this game, I'm also friendly person when regards of others members concerns and give them the best thing i do or the best answer they can get. Im also an active member of this game and lastly if i become a gm of this game i will assure that i will give my heart, my best and all the knowledge that i do have for the future improvements of this game :))



I hope i get a chance to be a GM in this game, :))


Thanks :)

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Name: Anthony Andriano (Tony or Toni)


IGN: Cinnabon / Ichika


Age: 15 Years old


Location/GMT: USA, Seattle WA (GMT-8)


Languages: English only >3<


Playing Time: Right now its school time, so I play roughly at least 6 hours, I'm usually on at about 16:00~22:00 server time(Weekdays) on the weekend I'm usually on most of the day 05:00 ~ 22:00 server time


Time Played: I joined InertiaRO not too long ago, approximately a 3 months by now...Overall I've played Ragnarok Online for about 6 years or so, so I have a fair amount of experience.


Inertia Experience: As said before, I've played InertiaRO for about a 3 months, and from my experience from these 3 months; I could tell this server has a friendly community and is very enjoyable. I joined InertiaRO because a friend (Mond) recommended me playing another Ragnarok with him. I hesitated at first, but once I installed it and started playing I had no regrets, actually the only regret I have is playing this too much >w< otherwise I enjoy this server way too much. :P


About Me: I'm Asian(Vietnamese/Filipino) but cannot speak any of my native tongue, I was born in Washington and am very friendly. I really love to help people in need, I try my best to help fill their every desire as long as its in reach and nothing TOO significant...


Hobbies: I like to sleep, help people, play sports, and eating cinnabon


Past GM experience: I've never been a GM before, but I would like to apply to help the server out If I could!


The GM position: I'd like to apply for perhaps Event GM or Support! Since the server seems to not have much activity with events, and I have spare time and am online when the server is usually dead, I could help make the community lively! That, or I can help people with questions I guess but I'd prefer if I'd be an event GM.

Love you Charmy <3

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Real Name:









Time Zone:

GMT +8

Main Language: English

Other Fluent Language: Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay and sub Chinese 

Pass GM experience: (I'm not sure if I should list out the name, since the listed server is still up and running)
Gathering RO - International Moderator
To See Beyond RO - Malaysian Moderator, TSB Helper, Event GM.

iHeartRO - Event GM

How long have I play in Inertia:

Currently is the third month. I won't say I'm familiar with how the things here run, but I'm a fast learner. And would love to be given a chance to try out for the position available in the team.  

How much time spend per day in Inertia:

I would say for about 6 to 7 hours, since I have work in the morning and free at night time.

A little about me and why you should hire me:

Well, lets start off with my name is Doris, turning 24 in few more days time. So I'm still 23 basically. Born and live in Malaysia. I've been playing RO for 8 years total now. Blame my little brother for bringing home RO, and can never stop playing ever since. Why you should hire me?  I'm friendly, reasonable, responsible. And also a fast learner. Teach me and once I understand, I'm good to go. I'm all cool, but strict when needed. And of course, I have a good sense of humor. Some times being strict all the time is just too tiring. 


GM Position: Event GM or Police GM.


Updated information:


Dang I forgot to put in my time online via server time. Well its between:

01:00 to 08:00am on weekdays

23.00pm to 11:00am on weekends.


I play longer since its weekends :D


Upcoming event:


I won't be able to go online from the 1st of November to the 5th of November since I'm flying to Singapore. 

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Real name Alyxandria.

IGN - Tres Iqus
Age - 29

GMT -5

Main language - English

Past GM experience
Event GM @ WhateeRO (long time ago)

I've played InertiaRO for about 6 months. Its a great server with great people, and I'm glad I signed up. :)

As for how long I've played RO, I played iRO for a while then when private servers came out, I got more into it.

Active times

Usually from 14:00 to 21:00 server time. I work in the mornings and im pretty free during the night.

A little about Alyx

Born in Russia, raised in Canada

I love my Metal music

Im a vegan

Welp, thats all i can think of now. I really enjoy this server, and hope to be a more integral part of it



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Leong Wai Kit , also known as Mikoko/BooBoo/Ryan/Fag/Poobrain in game

15 , I know I'm young okay

Mikoto,Gumiho,and Therapy


Selangor , Malaysia


[email protected]

How long do you play
Probably 6-8 hours daily , but since I'm having exams right now , I won't be available to log on until 23th of October o:(edit:I'm done with them nao)

Previous GM Experience
Never got a chance to apply to be a GM in other server I played and you never picked me here , :C

Active Time
Mostly Afternoon till Midnight of GMT+8 after my exam ended o:

How long have you played Ragnarok?
Like some years with some breaks o:

How can you help InertiaRO?
Well , I am active most of the time at the PvP Room so I MIGHT know something about balancing.(lol)
Also , I just wanted to help people :c , since I've played plenty of Ragnarok private servers.

How long have you been playing InertiaRO?
About a year , Since 10th September 2012, mark count yourself

Position Applying?
Anything as long as I have the ability to piss Barren off while teasing about jeff's carrot , or the ability to keep Yuki laugh lel

Additional Info
I want to be the first shemale GM although this is totally unneccesary
Also please give me the ability to piss Daylan off if you picked me o:

Thank you for reading anyway :3

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Name: Blake Colibaba


IGN: Barren


Age: 20 + 1    :)


Gender: Man


Location and Timezone: Canada, Ontario, (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)


Native laguage: English (Canadian)


How long have you been playing RO? I have been playing Ro for 11 years on and off


Position applying: To take over Starscreams position lol jk . I am actually looking to apply for Support or Event GM (hopefully Event GM)


Previous GM Experience: I have done everything except for being the actual admin of a server and a scripting position( althought i wouldnt mind learning it on my spare time)


How long have you been playing Inertia? I have been here since January, and i have taken like a total of 2 almost 3 months off.


Active Time: Soon as im back and gaming again, i like to spend about 8 to 24 hours playing :D


Why should we chose you? I am a very friendly player and I am very knowledgeable about the server. Helping players with problems is something that makes myself feel better about the community know that each and every player will feel welcomed and has a great experience. The happier the community the more inertiaRo can grow.

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Name: Jeanne Claudette Joson
Age: 21
Gender: Gay *cough* (I'm a girl duhh)
Location: In Wonderland with Bamboo <3 (Metro Manila, Philippines)
Timezone: +8 GMT (Although my world is upside down. I bet you noticed that xDD)
Language: English, Filipino (Tagalog to be more specific).
Hobbies:  FANGIRLING , FLIRTING (although I don't do this now already) , Bothering people with PM's and of course STALKING. (writing poems and stories.)
IGN's: Bamboo Manalac <3, Pineapple, and 100+ more (I'm serious)
Skype: ennaej.18
Availability: All My life. FML (08:00 - 16:00 server time)
Position Applying: Fortune Teller, Stalker, Personal Assistant (Event GM/Police GM. Actually even a helper would do).
How long have you been playing ragnarok?
4 years.
Why would i apply to be a GM?
I need something else to do instead of sitting around and bothering people. (No to hunting stuff please,I'm so lazy). But yeah seriously I want to be part of the staff so I can help players more efficiently.
Why would you pick me as a GM?
Because I can predict the future GG. (I love doing events and I'm an active player).
How can you help InertiaRO?
- By nuking every player I see. That's it I guess? XD. But yeah kidding aside, I can help the server by trying to minimize the cases of breaking the rules especially main chat, make newbies feel welcomed in the server,inviting more people that will stay.
Yours Truly,
- Your Stalker  :wub: 

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Name: Raffael Clarense Ortilla (Renz)


Age: 21


Gender: Male


Location: Philippines


Language: English, Filipino


IGN: Contagious, Unknown Ninja, Mishap, Oh Noes


Availability: I can be online almost everyday 9 hrs minimum.


Position Applying: Event GM


How long have you been playing RO? More or Less 10 yrs now.


How can I help InertiaRO?: As what i have observed, InertiaRO became so quiet on the past months, Since I'm always online, I think i can be a big help on making the server lively again. I'm a fun person, I came up with fun things most of the time. :D

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soooo here i go :D


Name: Fritzgerald "Fritz" Villanueva

Age: Turning 16 on the 22nd of October <3 :D

Language: English, Tagalog (Filipino)

Location & Timezone : Central California, GMT -8:00

Ragnarok Experience: erm around a total of 4-5 years :)

Position Applying: uhm any position :D

IGN: main: Uchiha Obito, Uchiha Tobi, Uchiha Shisui, Rin Okumura.


^ okay done with the formal stuff D:

so basically im taking this application because i would like a chance to be a gm, uh i would like to make the server more fun and interesting. i've been on this server for quite a while and i have enjoyed every bit of it, from the fun people that you can easily get a long with, to people who would trash talk you for whatever reason they have, it's all fun and all but i would like to make a difference. I'm not entirely sure what that difference might be but i'll find it a long the way. ( im not very good at this and i think im not making any sense but im gonna keep on going anyways :P so please continue reading D: )

i haven't stayed in a server this long in a very long time, i have always wandered through a lot of server that would come and go, but this server specifically makes me feel like at home, since its where i could have fun and just be myself.


well sorry for making you read all that. i guess i just want to be a gm to make the server more interesting ( add my weirdness to it <3 jk ) i've never really been a gm before so i would really like to become one :D i dont care if its temporary or whatever but as long as i get to experience it and to be able to have fun with people in that way i guess i would be satisfied.


well that's about it :D sorry for boring you will all the nonesense :D <3 peace out yo :)


oh for more info just message me on facebook :D

im on the InertiaRo Group : Fritzgerald Villanueva.


one more thing, i usually go on whenever i could, i still have school so on weekdays i go from 15:00- whatever on server time, and whenever there's no school i go on most of my time :3






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Hello! Im applying for GM postion for InertiaRO Server..

  • 1.Name: Joao Carlos Angeles

  • 2.Age: 21

  • 3.Gender: Male

  • 4.Location and Timezone: Quezon City, Philippines +8 GMT

  • 5.Language I speak and write fluently: English / Filipino

  • 6.How long have you been playing on InertiaRO: 4-5months

  • 7.How often a day can you play: Everyday! Im online even here in my office

  • 8.Are you able to script? LUA,C++, etc. I do know how to script these because I have actually spent free time here at the office reading and testing. I can however script some, and I can create you a decent looking custom RO launcher.

    9.Why do you think you'd be a good addition to the current team?: - I have played RO for 12 years! I have tons of knowledge of Quest, PvP, and WoE! I am also know a lot of the InertiaRO Community! I am very helpful and very friendly! I am very easy going and would be able to bring a positive attitude with lots of knowledge of the game to teacher other players who come to our server! I have been a GM on 2 Other servers [Police(UniversalRO) and Support(DarkRO)] so I do know most of the commands aswell!

  • 10.Position Applying for : Police or Support or Anything!

  • 11.What qualifications do you have and what level of Education?: Bachelor of Science in Graphic Arts and Printing Technology

    Thank you for taking the time to read my Application. I'm highly appreciative.






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Timezone:+8 GMT




Experience with RO:I've been playing RO for 6 and a half year and I was a Sub-GM in eternal RO,Tears RO and Devil RO before.
My GM account in pRO got block by the other Sub-GM because I remove his guild mate godlike item which is not allowed in that server.
The real admin never come online so I couldnt do anything about it.Im experienced GM because DRO is full of bug and hackers and I could
handle it fine.former eAthena member I already run my own server before using txt.

About me:I am Reasonable and understanding Funny but remain serious when the time I should be.I'I have a
decent level of maturity to handle the responsibility of a GM position. I am
honest, friendly & easy to get on with.I am a self-confessed RO addict, and spend many hours each night
playing...so there's no worry about me ever being inactive.In reality i'm a quiet person who keeps to himself, yet loves to solve
the problems of others. I am a very patient person, and a good listener.That is one of the main reasons that I am applying for the position.


Skills:Currently practicing my scripting skills/knows a little bit of c++/knows how to add custom items but to be honest im not good at client side.






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English, Filipino


T a k e s h i b e n v.1 - Jet x3 - YourSoulisMine v.1 - The White Fang


5 hrs to 10 hrs Online in the game for 1 day

-----Position Applying:

 Event GM

-----How long have you been playing RO? 

More or Less 5 yrs now

-----How can I help InertiaRO?: 

I try my best to do my job and give the guild for the newbie.

The GAME is GAME !~ :)

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34njl9k.jpg 2qjlkqp.png


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Hello (:


~ Basic Information ~


Name: Yana

Age: 20

IGN: Seraphina, Amelia, Koneko Neko Chan

Gender: Female

Location: BC, Canada (Pacfic Time Zone o:)

Languages: English, Russian, and learning Korean

Availability: I work full time, though I am usually on in the mornings because I start work in the afternoon. I am usually available all day for two out of the three (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday).

Inertia Life: About 3-4 months?

Favorite thing on Inertia: Battlegrounds



~ RO Information ~


RO Years: I have been playing since I was 11, so nine years now :)


RO Background: My first server was a high rate server, and went to other servers from there once the servers either closed or some of my friends left. They ranged from low rates and mid rates, and I prefered mid rates ever since. This is my first super high rate since the first server I played. I probably stayed on FaithRO the longest. After that, I took a long 3 year RO break.. and then came back to play a server with my friends... then afterwards came here. This is also the first server, where I didn't know anyone at all, so it was really scary at first but i've met very lovely people by hanging out near the Mellina sign everyday and they've also helped me transition back into playing on a high rate server without getting mad at me <3.


RO GM Experience: I've mostly been an event GM on multiple servers throught the years I have played RO. I decided to try going into a bit of scripting, mostly for quests, etc, so I have a little bit of experience in that field as well.. but I would say event GMing would be my strongest point. I was recently a GM for another server that had come back after it closed many years ago.. but I had decided to leave.


~ Application ~


Position Applying for: Event/Support GM



x-- Well I kept thinking about whether I should apply or not and in the end I just decided to go ahead with it! I've been a GM before on multiple servers which I guess will help me out a bit because I don't have to learn the basics of being a GM, commands, etc.


x-- I am also a very friendly and professional person that's really at good listening and trying to solve problems as best as I can ;). All the players on Inertia seem really great and it would be a great experience to work with everyone and make this server amazing.


x-- I won't be biased or favorite anyone when I am on my GM and have learned in the past to keep both my legit and GM seperate and not have one effect the other in anyway.


x-- My previous GM experience has also helped me build myself my own master list of all types of events that I can introduce to Inertia, to make playing a bit more fun!


x-- Although I have only played for a couple of months, I am pretty adjusted to Inertia, and would be able to help out new people in need if they had ever needed it.


x-- Finally, I will disguise everyone as a Garden Keeper so that we can all be fun, small, bouncy blobs. I kid, I kid.


~ Final Points ~


Thanks for reading! Good luck to everyone too :D Sorry it's not as pretty as everyone elses ;=; I tried to make it colorful, but I just like blue so much you know. :X <3

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Name: J Zeus Mercado (Zeus)


IGN: >AloneForever< , J Zeus Sinx , J Zeus Prof


Age: 18 Years old


Location/GMTPhilippines (GMT+8)


LanguagesEnglish , Tagalog


Playing Time: I play Max Is 12 hrs ?


Time Played: I Played Ragnarok Online Since Grade 2 , Its The ROphil. And Its I Continue Playing RO like private severs.


Inertia Experience: As said before, I've played InertiaRO for about a 6 months, and from my experience from these 3 months; I could tell this server has a friendly community and is very enjoyable. I joined InertiaRO because a friend recommended me playing another Ragnarok with him. I hesitated at first, but once I installed it and started playing I had no regrets, actually the only regret I have is playing this too much >w< otherwise I enjoy this server way too much. :P


About Me: I'm Asia (Filipino) but cannot speak any of my native tongue, I was born in Manila and am very friendly. I really love to help people in need, I try my best to help fill their every desire as long as its in reach and nothing TOO significant... Im A Musician


Hobbies: I like to sleepJamming  With Friends Guitar, Helping Ohter , play comp.


Past GM experience: I've never been a GM before, but I would like to apply to help the server out If I could!


The GM position: I'd like to apply for perhaps Event GM or Support! Since the server seems to not have much activity with events, and I have spare time and am online when the server is usually dead, I could help make the community lively! That, or I can help people with questions I guess but I'd prefer if I'd be an event GM.




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1.Name: Daniel Hertez
2.Age: 22
3.Gender: Male
4.Location and Timezone: Im from Philippines, GMT +8.00
5.Language : English, Tagalog
6.How long have you been playing RO? 5 yrs
7.Position applying: Event GM or Developer
8.Previous GM Experience: Yes
9.How long have you been playing Inertia? newbie :)&nbsp;
10.Active Time: 24/7 home and work :)
11.Why should we chose you? i can help to improve your server, i can edit script for events or make a new event.




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1.Name: Gaurav


2.Age: 24


3.Gender: Male


4.Location and Timezone: Im from India, UTC+05:30


5.Language I speak and write fluently: English :)


6.How long have you been playing RO? since 11 years


7.Position applying: Event Gm


8.Previous GM Experience: Been admin for 2 servers for 3yrs ,2 Times Event GM and 1

Support GM.


9.How long have you been playing Inertia? Less then 1month.


10.Active Time: Depands


11.Why should we chose you? experiences :)


I Like the server So need to be the part of the Team &quot;_*



IGN---[S] i n [X]

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Real Name:

John / JA :)



SliceandDice / JohnAReyes





Time Zone:

GMT +8

Language: English / Tagalog


How long have I play in Inertia:

Almost 1 year I think

PLaying Time:

19:00 - 7:00 ( Server Time )

Why me?

Because I really love this game and I can promise that I will be a great GM :)


GM Position: Any position :)


InertiaRO - Super High Rate