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Looking for Crit Sinx guide

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as the title says i hope you guys can help me. i just started playing this morning and it's  my first time playing on super high rate server. hope you guys can help me.

Perry the Platypus

Perry the Platypus


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Since people's Def can be negative, Crit SinX usually doesn't do as much damage as a non-Crit melee SinX. It's generally better to go the Str/Dex route for a melee build, although you'll need to have equips for status immunity (mainly Freeze).

As for equips, most of it will be pretty standard, but here's a quick overview.

Headgears - Custom headgears with resist cards (Permeter, Giearth, Leaf Cat, Leib Olmai, Giant Hornet). You may also want a couple Gemini-S58 Cards to cover some status immunities.

Armor - You'll need a lot of armors to swap between, but since you're new you won't really have enough for all of them. To start with you'll want a Goibne's Armor with 4 Taos. The rest of your armors will be using standard swaps (you can check other guides as a reference), but you'll probably want an armor with a Detale/Marc for Freeze immunity.

Weapons - Your off-hand weapon will vary a lot depending on what kind of build you decide to use, but I'll list a few options
-Main hand: Grimtooth with 2 Phreeonis, 2 Turtle Generals (You can change this around, but I like having the 2 Phreeonis in case of a semi-Flee build; some people like to use Randris Cards to dispell the opponent's converters)

-Off-hand weapon options (cards will vary, but typically will be things like Turtle Generals, Hydras, Phreeonis, Randgris, etc):
--Elemental Sword: Used by hybrid melee SinX's to spam the target with bolts; useful for throwing people off with their resist swapping
--Grimtooth: Doesn't reduce Def more, but it does have a high Attack rating, so it's still good for a basic melee build
--Assassin Dagger: Gives you some more HP to work with, as well as having a natural element (Shadow) which can be useful against people who use Dispell builds
--Immaterial Sword: Useful when you run into a Dispell build user, since they very rarely have Ghost resist unless they're on their first armor

Garments - Generally you'll be using Vali's Manteau or Tendrilion Skin, with resist cards such as Jakk, Marse, Marionette, etc. You'll need multiple garments to swap between, and the cards you use will depend on what resists you already have from your headgears.

Footgear - Sleipnir once you can get it, otherwise Variant Shoes. Use 4 Green Ferus Cards on them.

Accessories - You have a few options here, but the main ones would be Ring of Flame Lord and/or Ring of Resonance (for Assumptio autocast). If you use these, it would be a good idea to have 2-3 Kiels on your headgears, otherwise you may have a hard time re-casting EDP, or using Backsliding/Cloaking. For accessory cards, personally I'd go with 7 Alligators and an Errende Ebecee, although if you're going the Elemental Sword route you may want to throw in some Siroma/Imp Cards as well.

This is just a generalized build, so you can change some things around however you like. Also, since I haven't played a melee SinX in PvP for almost a year now this probably isn't the greatest build, but it should at least give you something to start with. :o Hope you enjoy the server, and if you have any other questions just let me know.

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thank you very much sir perry. this helps alot! very informative. thankss ^,...,^




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I know this is an old post, but I'm just wondering why did you say crit has lower damage since people def can be negative. I thought crit only ignores flee not def.

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Crit ignores both DEF and Flee.

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