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This novel needs a title

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This is an original story that I wrote, if it resembles a story you have read, then please notify me.






Dark clouds gather around the Dark Sea. Thunderous lightning resound as if the howling of a wounded beast. As the darkness grew, a silhouette of a tall tower may be seen in the middle of the vast sea. The tower of Freya, the sealed shrine of the Demon King, Thanatos!


                "Move it Old Man, we need to unseal Lord Thanatos quickly!" said a young man wearing dark robes.

                "We don't have to rush, it is inevitable anyways. No one can stop us, The Dark Apocalypse!" exclaimed an old man wearing the same robes as the young man.


                Lightning crashes again, and this time (need to fix characters) figures could be clearly seen atop the tower. Robed figures signaling the coming of the Demon King, Thanatos! Thanatos once walked Midgard, and it was pure chaos. Where Thanatos went, darkness and destruction followed. The ones who stopped Thanatos were two of the most powerful Wizards in Midgard, Alphea and Ries.


30 years ago:


                “Surrender Thanatos, we have already surrounded you!” shouted the captain.

                “Foolish human!  Know your place, you have yet to comprehend what stands before you and you say I surrender? HAHAHA! Such foolishness, I shall reward you with quick death” brandishing his sword, Lord Thanatos bellowed like a crazed god.




The sounds of clashing swords can be heard as the Captain of the Pronterean Knights clashed with Thanatos, but it can be seen that Thanatos is only playing with his opponent.


                “Support the captain! Priests, keep on healing him! Mages, ready your spells and release them as soon as you can! We need to bring Thanatos down!”

Orders were given out by the Lieutenant as chaos reigned over the battlefield, forces of Thanatos are also battling the Pronterean forces as well as the Geffen Mages but the main force of both sides are focused on the Captain and Thanatos’s battle.


                “Sir, we need to help out the Captain, or else we will lose everything!”

                “We are already trying, the Captain knows that as well, but we just can’t go in recklessly and jeoperdize the whole battle!”


Such were the exchange of words by the younger officers from the Pronterean forces that are backing up the Captain in the battle. But on the other hand, the Mages are trying to organized themselves, trying to find an opening for them to capitalize on.


                “Mage Units, prepare to cast defensive spells on my signal, Ries, I leave the offense to you.”

                “Consider it done! We don’t have much time; the Captain is just barely hanging in there.”


Alphea and Ries were giving out orders to the Mages, and after a few moments the response came,


                “My Lady, we are ready when you are, please give the signal at any time!”

                “My Lord, we are ready as well. We are almost done in casting Lord of Vermillion unto Thanatos’s position, but we require the Captain to get away as soon as we finish casting, or else we risk him being hit too!”


Acknowledging responses from the Mages then resound after a few seconds after the leaders gave out the orders. Then Ries conveyed the schedule to the Pronterean forces,


                “Pronterean forces! We need you to prepare a Recall spell on the Captain, we will be attacking in just a few moments, if the Captain gets hit with the spells we will unleash, it is likely that we will lose him as well.”

                “It is already prepared; please give us the signal so we can use the Recall Spell on the Captain any time!”


And thus, the preparations for the final assault on Thanatos has been made, both Pronterean and Geffen Mage forces are focused on defeating Thanatos while holding off the attack of his Demon hordes.




The Captain and Thanatos’s swords clashed again, but the Captain is slowly being out powered by Thanatos’s onslaught, even if he is being supported by a few dozen Priests and Priestesses, he will still not be able to hold on for any longer!


                “You are commendable human! You have entertained me! I must praise your courage for lasting this long against me!”     


                “The honor is mine Demon King! To be able to fight toe-to-toe with you is a Knight’s honor, but I have to finish this soon. My family awaits my return.”

                “Oh, you expect you will live through this I see. I fear your expectations will be a bit short-handed this time young warrior.”


The Captain and Thanatos kept on exchanging words while engaged in close quarters combat, but this duel will conclude in a few more seconds since the Mages' spells are almost done and the Recall spell is already at their disposal. The fight will be decided in this one final assault.


                “Priests, Recall him now!” ordered Ries to the nearby high priests and priestesses.

                “RECALL!!!!” chanted all the priests and priestesses who are supporting the captain.

                “LORD OF VERMILLION!” shouted the high mages that have expended all their energy into this last ditch effort of defeating the Demon King, Thanatos!


As the cries of the priests and mages resound, a dazzling blue light surrounds the Captain and is quickly transported to a safer distance from Thanatos due to the Recall Spell. Thanatos who did not expect this was rooted in his place, out of amazement and was expecting an ambush but, slowly, electricity from the ground rises into the air, and gravitational and mystic forces started to manifest and latch onto Thanatos, stopping his movements. As the unstable currents in the air build up, lightning crashes down onto Thanatos and the surrounding area, and then again, and again. This scene was repeated for a few seconds.


                “Yes! It was a direct hit!” exclaimed the High Mages.

                “Is it over? Is the war won?” sighed the Priests while healing wounded warriors.

                “Priests, quickly heal the wounded! Pronterean forces quickly disperse of the remaining Demons! We need to finish this quickly.” commanded the Captain’s subordinate in an effort to at least organize the now chaotic army due to their celebration of their so-called victory.


As cheers and orders were given out, a deep laughter resounded amongst the group of fighters. It was a sinister laugh, only belonging to one King, the fallen Demon King Thanatos.


                “Surely you didn’t think that that kind of spell will finish me off? Puny humans! Know your place! It was fun while fighting your precious little Captain, but it seems you want to die rather quickly. Now feel the wrath of Thanatos! Come to my aid my servants, Despero! Maero! Dolor!”


                Three spell circles were written on the ground around Thanatos, emerging from them are the summoned demons that represent, Death, Greed and Malice. They then quickly attacked soldiers and mages alike, tearing through their armor like it was nothing, and then.

The air gets heavy as Thanatos cast a high-level Area-of-Effect Magic, Meteor Storm! The skies grow darker as the meteors close in onto the surrounding area. Thanatos’s laughter can be heard over the loud rumbling of the skies.


                “Everyone fall back! I will buy us sometime; I will try to divert the meteors’ path.”

                “You can’t do it alone Ries, let me stay and help you. Thanatos seems to be enjoying it to the fullest and is ignoring what we do.”


Ries and Alphea planned everything while everyone moved out of the immediate area, priests also set up Barriers around the safe zone and are also casting their Recall spell so that they can instantly Recall both Grand Mages into safety.


                “Spirits of Fire, hear my call! Guide your will unto my hands and bring fiery vengeance to our foes!”

                “Spirits of Water, hear my call! Sprinkle your sacred waters unto us and let no harm befall my comrades!”


Ries and Alphea hurriedly cast their respective spells as to try to divert the meteor while keeping their selves safe at the same time, but Thanatos took notice.

                “Pesky wizards. Your actions are futile; prepare to meet your fate!”

Thanatos quickly draws his long sword and charges at both Wizards who are casting their spells. Their defenses are still not in place, and the result is that Thanatos’s attack will connect without any resistance at all.


                “Oh, what do we have here? Do you really want to die that much Captain?” asked Thanatos with an amazed look in his eyes.

                “Either way, if we do not defeat you here, all of Midgard will perish.” exclaimed the Captain who had parried Thanatos’s sword in defense of the two Grand Mages.

                “HAHAHA! That is the destiny of this world. To fall and crumble as my reign begins!” laughed Thanatos with contempt on his voice.


The Captain has parried Thanatos’s attack, defending both Wizards who are casting their spells with haste. The meteor is also speeding down onto its targeted area, but there seems to be cracks showing on it as result from Ries’ spell. Slowly the Meteor breaks down into pieces; the smaller pieces then are completely erased by the Fire Spirits summoned by Ries. As for the meteors that were not erased by the Fire Spirits, Alphea’s Water Spirits quickly cooled down the falling rocks so as to lessen the damage done to the surrounding area.


                “Captain, take Alphea and leave this place. I will cast a high level sealing spell on Thanatos!”

                “No! Let me stay Ries. We shall end this together.”

                “Nonsense, leave this place Alphea, you still have a duty to do after I am gone.”


A faint light slowly embraces the Captain and Alphea, the Recall spell. They are then instantly transported to the safe zone with everyone else. The Priests immediately cast a Divine Shield upon the area where Ries and Thanatos are facing off. The meteor is still coming down towards them as he casts his Magic Sealing spell.


                “Thanatos, everything ends here. You shall be trapped with me forever!”

                “That is not very comfortable to imagine. I have no wish to be stuck to a Wizard for all eternity!”


With that Thanatos waves his hands, but Ries immediately sends out binding chains to hold down Thanatos. Thanatos is taken aback; he could not break the chains that bind him.


        “What is this?!” exclaimed Thanatos, now showing signs of agitation in his unexpected predicament.

        “These are the chains of Sleipnir. Be bound forever and never break free of these chains Lord Thanatos!”

                “How can you control such godly item? You have surpassed my expectations Mage!”

                “You have underestimated us Thanatos, which is your downfall. Humans will always prevail!”


As Ries finishes the Sealing spell, the meteor hits the area. But as the meteor hits, instead of exploding, it started gushing out huge amounts of water. This was the effect of Alphea’s spell on the meteor. As the meteor keeps gushing out water, Ries’s spell finishes with a flash, and steadily a broken old tower rises out from the ground. It stopped growing when it reached the top of the clouds. And a faint sound was heard after the tower stopped growing; it was the voice of the Grand Mage who has risked his life in order to seal Thanatos, Ries!


                “The mighty Thanatos has been sealed. Let this tower be known as Tower of Thanatos! Keep it hidden with all your might.” proclaimed the Grand Mage who has sealed Thanatos.

                “HAHAHAHAHA! I accept this ordeal. I shall be sleeping then, when the time comes, I will break free from this prison and bring chaos upon Midgard again. Remember my name, Thanatos, the Demon King!”


And thus, Thanatos was sealed up to this day. The tower as well as Thanatos has been forgotten by the people, but certain individuals still remain vigilant over watching the Tower as well as nefarious people lurking about, looking to unseal Thanatos for their own gains.





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CHAPTER 1 – The adventure starts / A New Problem is born!


Present Time:


                “Oh god, my legs are killing me! Going up this hill wasn’t that exhausting before!” complained Meira, slightly out of breath.


This is Meira, daughter of Reis and Alphea. She has inherited her mother’s look as well as her father’s resulting in her hair to have a golden color with a hint of a red-ish shade to it. There is also another distinct feature to her; her eyes are of not the same color. The other is black, while the other is gold. This is also due to her mother and father’s genes.


                “So now you’re saying that you’re too old for this stuff? HAH! I just proved that you really are a granny!”


This is Keldric, son of King Olmark, ruler of Prontera. He is a hot blooded youth and is renowned as the Knight of Creeds. But even with that title, there is a problem that he can’t shake off...

Despite the snide comment, Keldric focused intently on the two mounds moving in a hypnotic motion.

Meira noticing the look on Keldric’s face, Keldric was given a blow to his head. Holding his head with dazed eyes, he sighed and said;


                “Seriously, you’re much stronger than the Baphomet we encoutered last time! You REALLY are a monster if you have that kind of brute strength.”

                “Do you really want to die? Also, where do you think you’re staring at?”

                “Please spare me milady. I still want to be able to see and feel those gorgeous brea– ”


Before Keldric finishes his sentence, WHAM! Another direct hit unto Keldric’s forehead, this time with Meira’s axe kick.


                “What the heck are you saying, you perverted prince! Just go ahead and die already!”


Pouting, Meira continued walking towards the Castle of Prontera, in which she was called by his Majesty, King Olmark the Sixteenth. The King himself has noticed Meira’s talent as a Mage and has wished to see the young prodigy.


                “Hmm, so it’s white today.” muttered Keldric to himself.

                “Did you say something?” questioned Meira.

                “Oh nothing, I said its hot today isn’t it?” (Oh man, good thing she didn’t hear. I might have a new talent!)

                “Anyways, what does your father want with me anyways?”


Meira shifted the subject to a more fruitful conversation. Knowing that the King has summoned her, it should not be a simple case.


                “I really do not know what, all he said was he wanted you to go to the castle right away.”

                “You didn’t even ask why? Really, try to ask people questions when they ask you to do things.”

                “Why would I do that? I also wanted to see you also. We haven’t been able to see each other that much lately.”

                “Oh my, I didn’t know you missed me that much?”

                “What!? Miss you? Really, If anything I did miss was your underwe–”


A huge explosion occurred right outside Prontera Castle, making the guards and aides to swarm to the place of the incident.


                “What the heck happened here?!” screamed one of the guards, clearly agitated.

                “GAH! This person just tried to kill me! What the heck was that for?! If it was someone else, they would have died you know!” crawling on the ground like some old beetle, Prince Keldric cried.

                “Perverts like you should just go and die! Crawl back to the rock from where you came from!” an ice cold glare from Meira. Even the guards were left speechless, the aides stopped where they are, but they did have to help Prince Keldric.

Trying to break the cold silence, an aide tried to speak.

                “My prince, the Majesty has been –“


But, a certain maid cut him off. This was Prince Keldric’s personal maide, Mylfy.


                “You! What have you done to my precious Prince!?” asked a Mylfy while giving Meira a cold stare as well.


Mylfy is a maid hailing from the glorious and prosperous city of Amatsu. She wears the traditional clothes from Amatsu which are Yukatas. Her black hair is also one of her unique characteristics.


                “My prince, are you okay? Do you need any treatments?!” with a voice full of concern, Mylfy asked Keldric.

                “Ah, this? No it’s really not a big deal. A certain ogr-, ehem, I mean woman tried to kill me.”




                “Why are you hitting me again!? I just got hit by your spell you know?! It still hurts!” Keldric cried out.

                “Please stop hitting Prince Keldric!” cried out Mylfy as well.

                “I wasn’t satisfied yet. Stop defending yourself and let me keep on hitting you!” ignoring Mylfy, Meira replied.

                “I said it hurts! Who the hell would want to be clobbered by that huge wand of yours?! ”

                “I didn’t ask for your opinion didn’t I?! Now just stay still and receive punishment!”


The cause of Meira’s sudden sadistic change was because she casted a high level spell. Every time she cast a high level spell, this would happen.


                “Sire, Milady, please stop. His majesty wishes to see both of you as soon as possible.” stepping in between the two was a stern looking aide. This actually snapped Meira out of her sadist mode.

                “Yes, yes. So please lead the way, I want this done and over with as soon as possible.” Meira replied, still clearly in a bad mood.

                “Oh come on Meira, don’t say that, won’t you at least stay and spar with me for a bit?” still in his normal self, Keldric jokingly replied.

                “Really, Keldric, if I ever did accept that request of yours, His Majesty might kill me for kicking your ass.”

                “Lord Keldric, please shut up.” the stern looking aide threw looks that could kill at Keldric, forcing Keldric to actually shut up.


As they walked down the corridor leading to the King’s Royal Court, they met with an old friend of theirs.


                “Well, hello commoners! You must be very happy to have basked in my presence, yes?” greeted Leyla with her usual tone of a princess. Her beauty and figure could rival even that of Meira’s but is lacking in the chest department.


A princess of Payon, she has the airs of someone of royal birth. Though she was born from Payon, her hair color is different from what you would see from someone from Payon. Opposed from the green or brown hair commonly seen in Payon, she has a pearly white hair.


                “Oh my, what a flat princess we have here!” retorted Keldric with a grin on his face.

                “What? Did you just call me flat?! You insignificant prince who’s mind is already full of perverted thoughts!” replied Leyla with a crimson blaze in her eyes that looks like she’s ready to kill someone.

                “Shut up Keldric, be nice. Hi Leyla, how are you doing? I haven’t seen you in quite a while. ” recovering from her earlier rampage, Meira has managed to calm herself down.

                “Oh same as always, I have been tasked to meet with his Majesty regarding a few concerns.” replied Leyla delighted to see her old friend.

                “I see, any news from Payon then?”

                “None that might interest you, but the monsters around the cave seems to be agitated, I don’t know why, but our investigators haven’t returned yet. I am now going to meet with his Highness to report this issue.”

                “Well, why don’t we go at the same time? I am also headed there myself.”

As Meira and Leyla chatted, they didn’t notice a guard approaching Keldric and is giving his report to the prince.


“Sire, we have secured the site. We are now waiting for the Grand Magus to reseal the entrance.”

“Was there any signs of intrusion at the site?” asked Keldric.

                “None Lord Keldric, but we shall report to you as soon as something happens.”

                “Let’s just hope that is all, in any case I shall send more men to the site to provide support.”

                “Understood my Lord, please be rest assured that the site will be secure.”


The site that Keldric mentioned was the Shrine of the Olden King. It was rumored that the Oldest King laid there and seems to have accumulated a great amount of magic, so the Knights were dispatched to secure the site and guard it until the Mages can seal it off.


                “Well, shall we go then?” asked Meira to her companions.

                “Alright, let’s move out.” replied Keldric.


Together, they climbed the stairs to the King’s Chamber. On the way there, they came across Reilyn, one of the High Mages stationed in Prontera Castle. She is responsible for reporting any anomalies in the castle to the King as well as the Grand Mage of Geffen.


                “My my, are you guys going to meet with his Majesty?” inquired Reilyn to Meira’s party.

                “Yeah, his Majesty requested us to see him immediately.” answered Meira.

                “Oh, well then, give my regards to his Majesty. I will be leaving first then, I have to go and report to Grand Magus Delfin about something.”

                “Alright, be careful on your way there Reilyn.”

                “Of course Meira, who do you think I am?”


With a wink, Reilyn bid goodbye to Meira and the others and went on her way. As the party climbed the stairs, they finally reached the Royal Chambers. With a knock, they entered the chamber and await the King’s audience.


                ”Ah, welcome, Meira, Keldric and you as well Leyla. I assume you three know each other?”

                “Good afternoon your Majesty. Yes, we are quite acquainted with each other. May I ask what is the reason for the summons I have received, your Majesty?” asked Meira with reverence to the King.

                “Yes, it is quite sudden Meira, but I will require your services.” replied King Olmark.

                “I will need you to head over to Morocc and investigate the Pyramids there.”

                “Why? Is there something wrong the Morocc Pyramids your majesty?” Leyla asked in an alarmed tone.

                “Yes, there were reports that a group of people have been snooping around the seals the Mage had put on those ruins. I wish to know the truth behind this issue. Ah, Keldric, I would also ask of you to escort Miss Meira to Morocc as well. The rumors might be true, so having you with Meira will be more assuring.”

                “I agree with you, you’re Highness. Please leave it to me. I will guard Meira with everything I have.” replied Keldric to his father’s request.

                “So, Leyla what is the reason of you coming here?” inquired the King to the beautiful Leyla.

                “Your Majesty. I have a report to give you. It is regarding the Payon Caves.”

                “Hmm. I have not received any news about the caves since a few years back. What could be the problem?”

                “The monsters have been acting a bit more aggressive than usual. We have already sent an investigation team inside the caves, but they still haven’t returned.”            

                “I see. It might be nothing, but we should check on it as well. Keldric, Meira, can I ask you to accompany Miss Leyla to the Payon Caves and check up on the investigation team’s status after you have secured the Pyramids?”

                “Of course, it would be an honor to serve the daughter of the Monarch of Payon.” replied Meira.

                “Well, I don’t have anything better to do anyways. So when shall we leave?” asked Keldric.

                “Please go with haste. As soon as you are ready, you are to depart to your destinations.” ordered King Olmark.


And with that, Meira’s party set out to prepare for their journey. First, they will go to Morocc to investigate the pyramids. After that, they will go Payon to investigate the Payon Cave.



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