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Taking in GM Applications (January 2014)

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Perry the Platypus

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We're taking in GM applications again. As usual we won't really be looking at how long you've been here at the server, so feel free to post your application even if you're a newbie.

Please be sure to include your in-game name, and your online times in server time (use @time in-game). Include any upcoming events that might affect your online times (such as starting school, work, etc.)

As usual, if you need some references for what to include, feel free to look at the past topics. Don't just copy the formats though - be creative and feel free to add more info. The more we know about you, the easier it'll be to make a decision.


Visit our RMS page to write a review <3




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Name: Becka (everyone just calls me Simmy though)
Gender: female
IGN: Simmykins [and a lot of other chars that have "Simmy" in it /swt]
Age: 22
Location/GMT: Pennsylvania, USA GMT -5
Languages: English
Playing Time: Pretty much whenever I'm awake.. [11:00~2:00 servertime] FULL TIME RO PLAYER :D
Time Played: I've played Ragnarok in general for 8+ years
Inertia Experience: So far, about 2.5 months and many more to come :D I've also participated in pretty much everything this server has to offer, BG/PvP a little bit/WoE/automated events/GM events/Contracts/Quests etc.. 
About Me: I'm American, but I sleep at weird hours, that's why I'm always online XD.. Like I've already stated, I've played RO for over 8 years, I've been completely addicted since I was and 13/14 years old and have played several servers, only leaving them if they either die or their GMs go inactive :< Not much to say about me other than I have no life XD
Hobbies: Draw, play games, suck at acoustic guitar XD
Past GM experience: I was once a "support GM" (I sat around and answered questions) and spriter for my friend's private server, granted, it didn't go public, but that counts for something, right? huhu
The GM position: I'd gladly take either Support or Event GM. I have pretty good knowledge of RO, considering I've played the game for almost half of my life.. I'd also love to do events because I've noticed lately there haven't been as many events aside from the automated ones, so I could lively up the server a bit :3 (I'll even get more active in the forums)
Why I want to be a GM: I'm active everyday, I enjoy helping people, and EVERYONE LOVES ME (huhuhu jokes)




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iuri silva











[email protected]


How long do you play
i play basicly all day cuz i dont have work atm 

Previous GM Experience
i was a GM befor but didnt do much cuz the server was still starting was like a gm that keeps a eye on those that break the rules AKA-COP XD

Active Time

08:00 - 18:00 Server time some times a bit more cuz time really diferent :)

How long have you played Ragnarok?
i basicly play RO since it came out i am not pro cuz i alway slack around on game cuz i perfer to have some fun, insteded on going forward on a stuff and end up alone ingame

How can you help InertiaRO?
well sine i am really active i can be more time only and help on what ever i can wen players ask since i got alot a patient and i love to help others to.

How long have you been playing InertiaRO?
i play since november 12, 2013.

Position Applying?

applying for event/support GM


hope i get the chance to be GM here.

thank you

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In-game Names: Syter and Slyce are my main characters. 

Real Name and Age: Nathan Allen, 18

Time Zone and Nationality: CST, American

Languages spoken: English. I can also understand limited Spanish and French


Contributions: Events, Friendliness, Experienced Support, Willingness to Learn New Things, and Limited Scripting Knowledge

Online Hours Per Day: Up to six hours on weekdays (14:00 - 20:00) , and possible to serve all day on weekends. (10:00-24:00+)


Applying For: Pft. A specific job here? No way. I know how this works.~

(Besides, you already know what I'd chose.)


Why me?: You've had me before, so you already know my strengths and weaknesses. In addition, the people know me well enough, and I'm online when other GMs usually are not. (I use @whogm all the time. If they're on, they're not showing it.) I uphold the rules of the server, and I am adamant in my decisions until proven otherwise. I'm easy to warm up to, and I've recently gotten a lot of experience teaching a brand new players how to play because of my girlfriend, whom I recently invited. I'm trustworthy and respectful of rank. I'm also lighthearted enough to deal with the run-of-the-mill troll. In addition to my in game experience, I am active on the forums, as seen by my post countI have a passion for Ragnarok and a loyalty to this server, so I want to do the most that I can do for it. This is how I know I'll be able to repay my enjoyment here

GM Experience: My only experience is here, with you.


Other Stuff:   I've played Inertia for over a year and a half (if you include my hiatus) and for about a year if not. My total Ragnarok Online experience, ranging from low rates to super high rates, is inclusive of 10 years of my life. Although school has hindered my GMing abilities me in the past, I do not believe that will be a big issue in the near future. I only have two classes a day, and, although they are both Advanced Placement courses, there is not much in the way of homework. Also, my internet is stable and I'm very unlikely to be unable to get online for internet disconnection reasons. I love Inertia; its a very important part of my computer life. It is important to me to be able to give back to the community that has given me so much enjoyment. I would enjoy to have my job back and give even more life to this server. My girlfriend and I are working (slowly, but we are) on learning to script/sprite, so we will eventually be able to even create new items for the server's people. I am devoted.


NOTE: THIS WILL HAVE MANY EDITS. I will think of more information to put on here, and I will add it as I do.

Thank you!

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Name: Blake Colibaba


IGN: Barren


Age: 21 (Will be 22 come march :3)


Gender: Male


Location and Timezone: Canada, Ontario, (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)


Native laguage: English (Canadian)


How long have you been playing RO? I have been playing Ro for 12 years on and off


Position applying: To take over Starscreams position lol jk . I am actually looking to apply for Support or Event GM (hopefully Event GM)


Previous GM Experience: I have played many roles as a gm, so I am somewhat familiar with how everything works (I may still be a little rusty)


How long have you been playing Inertia? I have been here since January, and i have taken like a total of 2 moths off Dx


Active Time: I can spend as much time needed right now :)


Why should we chose you? I am a very friendly player and I am very knowledgeable about the server. Helping players with problems is something that makes myself feel better about the community know that each and every player will feel welcomed and has a great experience. The happier the community the more Inertia Ro can grow

† ~ A New Age Of War ~ †

Barren - > Assassin Cross

BK-201 - > Professor

Black Reaper - > Sniper








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Real name: Jona Kawazu ( I know its a girl`s name but it came from the bible. The name jonah who was eaten by the big fish because he disobeyed God. Hmm. but I will do everything that I can to help this server and not disobey the rules and tasks given.)

In-game name: ~Alphaeus~ (Baby Rouge)

Languages: Filipino,Nihongo and English

Experience of being a GM: Hmm.. Never in my life... But I think this can be the time for me to be qualified. I guess...

How long I have been playing Ragnarok Online: Grade three until now. I never stopped loving RO and I got used to playing private servers because of its awesome customs that I can collect...

Time Zone: (UTC+8:00) Philippines.

Nationality and Citizenship: Filipino and Japanese.

Active Times in-game. As you can see i`m always online like forever like when there is a Battleground active I always go for it to make profits... Hmm.. I can spend time being a GM for about 3-5hours or so..

Should I be qualified??.. hmm.. Is it because I`m friendly and a talkative person who always teases players... Or is it because i`m helping others do there thing when they need help and no one is answering for them.. I just imagined how fun is it to be a GM because my friend said that maybe I should apply to be one and make others have fun too...

Position that I can handle: Support GM Event GM.. Cause cause i`m not good at programming or scripting or whatever hard stuff to do. I`m a business student....

And finally my code name when I become a GM!: GM Alphaues :)

Thank you for your consideration :))

Hope we see each other at the GM lounge /gg...

~~Happy Inertia~~

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Aaron Aziz

Aaron Aziz


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Decided to withdraw my application for personal reason.

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Name: Troy

Gender: Male


Location/GMT: Canada, Ontario, (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Languages: Fluent in English, Tagalog and knows written French

Playing Time: Most of the time i am online

Inertia Experience: I've been playing this server for about 3 - 5 weeks now and i am loving it to be honest. I have tones of new friends already. Also a lot of great people and players.

About me: Well first of all, my name is troy and i am 20 yrs old. I have been playing ragnarok since i was 11 yrs old but its on and off for me because i have school and work but i am able to manage my time to able to play.

Gm Position: To be honest, it doesn't really matter but Mr.Perry can always pick it for me. (HI!  :laugh: )

Why i want to be GM: I want to be a GM, because i'd like to help the fellow needy and provide them the support that they need. Also give them advice so they can have fun and have a good time here in Inertia.

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Name: Elena

Age: 16

Gender: Female


In-Game Users: ~Eurie, Eurie~


Location/GMT: USA, Nevada, Pacific Time Zone (UTC-08:00)


Languages: English


When am I online? School is just the only the that keeps me offline ^-^.  Week days I'm offline from 5:00-14:00. Weekends I can be on whenever (:

Inertia Experience: I'm mainly on my Lord Knight just hanging out (: I've been playing this server for about 1-2 months now and It's been really nice here. I"ve made LOTS of friends and special people who are very close to me.

Why me?- I like to help people and to see people improve IRL situations or skill-level in RO.  I also love events and the community here (:
Whenever you need help with any situation, I  AM there! You call me and I'll be there (: I have no problem on what you're struggling with, I am always open ears (:


GM Position: It doesn't matter to me ^_^ I would like to host events or be a support GM and help out those in need in the community ^-^




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Name: Edmond
Gender: Male
IGN: Short Stuff, Short Stuff V2, Short Stuff V3
Age: 18
Location/GMT: Vancouver, BC (Canada) PST -08:00
Languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese
Playing Time: I'm on every day for a good majority of the day. 
Time Played: I've played Ragnarok since I was 8 or 9 - around 10 years total.
Inertia Experience: I've been with this server for a few months, and I really love it here. I love playing uncommon classes in PVP, because I like to find new builds that make these classes viable. With that being said, despite playing less-played classes, I am always very up-to-date with the meta in InertiaRO.
About Me: Come on, Mark, we live in the same province! Why won't you let me party at your house?!
Hobbies: Online gaming, watching TV, sleeping
Past GM experience:  I was a Game Master for several servers before, including MangoRO, RegalRO, and CerealRO. I am a custom map maker and I am proficient in the use of Browedit. I am also an NPC scripter, and I am capable of making quest NPCs.
The GM position: I'm willing to do anything as long as I can help the server and community grow - even if it means being an Event GM to convince players (old and new) to stay and refer the server to their friends.
Why I want to be a GM: I feel like my skills and previous experience will make me an asset to the team. All I want is for the server to flourish.




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1.Name: Joao Carlos Angeles

2.Age: 21

3.Gender: Male

4.Location and Timezone: Quezon City, Philippines +8 GMT

5.Language I speak and write fluently: English / Filipino

6.How long have you been playing on InertiaRO: 5months

7.How often a day can you play: Everyday! Im online even here in my office

8.Are you able to script? LUA,C++, etc. I do know how to script these because I have actually spent free time here at the office reading and testing. I can however script some, and I can create you a decent looking custom RO launcher.

9.Why do you think you'd be a good addition to the current team?: - I have played RO for 12 years! I have tons of knowledge of Quest, PvP, and especially WoE! I also know a lot of the InertiaRO Community! I am very helpful and very friendly! I am very easy going and would be able to bring a positive attitude with lots of knowledge of the game to teacher other players who come to our server! I have been a GM on 2 Other servers [Police(UniversalRO) and Support(DarkRO)] so I do know most of the commands aswell!

10.Position Applying for : Police or Support or Anything!

11.What qualifications do you have and what level of Education?: Bachelor of Science in Graphic Arts and Printing Technology


Thank you for taking the time to read my Application. I'm highly appreciative.




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Name: Yuki Yap
IGN: Frappuccino
Age: 15 (turning to 16 on March :3)
Gender: Female
Location & Timezone: Selangor, Malaysia (GMT +8)
Language that I speak: English, Chinese
How long a day can you play: 3~4 hours, more or less on weekdays since school has started. I can play longer on weekends but it depends on whether I have assignments or not
Position applying: Event GM
Active time (based on server's time): - Weekdays - 01:00 ~ 05:00
                                          - Weekends - 16:00 ~ 04:00
How long have you played InertiaRO?: A year or more
Why do you want to become a GM / Intentions for applying GM?: To help out the server and I love to help players especially newbies, I always do! I even went to Google translate when the player don't really know well in English and reply them in the language that they know (using Google Translate) to lessen their burden 'cause I'm helpful like that :D
How can you help InertiaRO?: I.... I can host events! :D I would mostly host events to get players entertained since there isn't much event being held by lately. Well I don't know what other stuff that I can do to help out Inertia yet, sooooo yeah c:
Thanks for reading :3

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Name / Nombre: Edgar Lázaro
Gender / Genero: Male ♂ Masculino
IGN / Nombres de Caracteres: Sephiroth Heart (Assasin Cross) - O.oEdward Elrico.O (Biochemist - Creator) - Dj. MnK (Professor) (Main Characters)
Age / Edad: 25
Location/GMT / Lugar de Estadia: Tabasco, México - GMT -6
Languages / Lenguajes: Native Spanish, Extras English, Portuguese, French & some German
Playing Time / Tiempo de Juego: From 12 to 16 hours a day. 16:00 to 8:00 in my country in game time 14:00 to 6:00 i'm very active.
Time Played / Tiempo de Jugar RO: I've played Ragnarok in general between 13, 14+ years.
Inertia Experience / Experiencias en InertiaRO: For the time to be active in the game I have been involved in virtually almost all the events of the game, Battleground, PvP, WOE, Automatic Event GM events, Daily Quest, Good Room and many more things you have for offer InertioRO, currently in this server took between June or July of 2013 ...
About Me / Acerca de Mi: Well, I'm Mexican, I come from a middle class family but nevertheless have known cope with things till the point of being what I am now, with effort and hard work and as I said earlier my experience in Ragnarok is more of 12yrs I've played on many servers and you've gone alunos line for unknown reasons ...
Hobbies / Pasatiempo: Graphic Designer, Writer (Poetry among others) Disk Joker (Dj. MnK)
Past GM experience / Experiencias como GM Anterios: I Work as Assistant GM on a server called CeresRO currently returned to reopen the server but not with the same administracios and that's the reason why I'm not in that servirdor, PandoraRO - GM support.
The GM position / Posicion de GM : The GM position as everyone would like to have is to SupportGM but I really like doing events because the community participates in the game and not all quisas as one would like but if many individuals are attentive to the event and even sometimes want more and more events. I have also noticed that the automated events have ceased a little activity so active EventGM would be very good idea.
Why I want to be a GM / Porque quiero ser GM: I'm active daily, I enjoy helping people if they are new to the game with some of the support equipment or weapons, I know many people playing RO and have invited many people to be part of this community and are people who speak Spanish and it is also clear that Latinos are few and have a GM that would dominate the language good thing because it can increase the Latinos community on this server...




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Name: Alhann Noel Tizon Duero


Gender: Male


In-Game-Character: Thesis, /\/, Hentai, Vaile, Tomoya


Age: 20


Location & GMT: Server Time , Palmdale CA /GMT+/-8:00


Language: Tagalog & English


How long can you play?: Always Online. But if you need a specific time Mon-Fri / 6am-12am / Sat-Sun / Available anytime.


Position Applying for: Anything that is available.


How long have you played Inertia-Ro: 9 months.


Why do you want to become Gm / Intentions for applying?: I want to become Gm because I wanna help people in town mostly all the new players that join Inertia-Ro. I also can help them get started on how to be competitive in the PvP seen. Other than that I should be able to help the Gm team on whatever they need help on just teach it to me and I should be crystal cleared about i.


Game Master Experience: I was Gm once in a server called Xile-Ro & Lumina-Ro but those servers pretty much died already :o.


How can you help Inertia-Ro?: Like I said I can learn scripting, Editing, Event Hosting, telling players to Rate our server in Ratemyserver.net. Lastly I can also invite new players and hope our server grow to be a great one.


Something about me: My name is Noel Duero. I am pretty sure you saw me in-game already. I am a Break-Dancer & Choreographer. I love to make new friends everytime. I love Hot Cheetos fries :O. I also play Xbox 360 

All Halo games & Call of duty. I have the most amazing wife in my life name Leslie <3. I get really competitive but in the end I always respect everyone. I am filipino born in manila but raised in the United States. So that's about it annnnnd yes I am a fob

( Fresh of the Boat )

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Name : Ryan Leong

Age : 15 , Turning 16 2 days after Miyuri's birthday c:
IGN: Theseus , Mikoto , Charmeleon , Therapy

Gender : Male
Location and Timezone : Selangor , Malaysia , GMT+8.
Language : Chinese Malay English Cantonese ;o
How long can you play a day : My timezone's 5pm till 11 :x , I can play all day during weekends though.
Position Applying : Panties Inspector Anything you like Mark l0l
How long have you played InertiaRO: 2 years with hiatuses.
Self Introduction : Hi , people call me Ryan , usually. I'm a pretty bored high school students and I can be pervy  friendly :x I'm a 
                      chinese borned in Malaysia.
Why do you want to become a GM : 'Cause I can/ Why not. ;o



l0l it's the X time i've been applying for it :x

Ryan is dead




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Name: Anthony Andriano (Tony)
IGN: Cinnabon / Ichika
Age: 15 Years old
Location/GMT: USA, Seattle WA (GMT-8)
Languages: English only >3<
Playing Time: Right now its school time, so I play roughly at least 6 hours, I'm usually on at about 16:00~22:00 server time(Weekdays) on the weekend I'm usually on most of the day 05:00 ~ 22:00 server time
Time Played: I joined InertiaRO not too long ago, approximately a 5 months by now...Overall I've played Ragnarok Online for about 7 years or so, so I have a fair amount of experience.
Inertia Experience: As said before, I've played InertiaRO for about a 5 months, and from my experience from these 5 months; I could tell this server has a friendly community and is very enjoyable. I joined InertiaRO because a friend (Mond) recommended me playing another Ragnarok with him. I hesitated at first, but once I installed it and started playing I had no regrets, actually the only regret I have is playing this too much >w< otherwise I enjoy this server way too much. :P
About Me: I'm Asian(Vietnamese/Filipino) but cannot speak any of my native tongue, I was born in Washington and am very friendly. I really love to help people in need, I try my best to help fill their every desire as long as its in reach and nothing TOO significant...
Hobbies: I like to sleep, help people, play sports, and eating cinnabon
Past GM experience: I've never been a GM before, but I would like to apply to help the server out If I could!
The GM position: I'd like to apply for perhaps Event GM or Support! Since the server seems to not have much activity with events, and I have spare time and am online when the server is usually dead, I could help make the community lively! That, or I can help people with questions.


PS: Dorry sux.

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Love you Charmy <3

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In-game name(s):




New York, New York.



(UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)


Proficient Language:



Availability: (Times based off of my timezone.)

Weekends: Anytime necessary. (Within reasonable means.)

Weekdays: Anytime after school. (1600 and onward.)


Prior experience:

I would list all the servers that I've been a part of the staff at, but I've been using different aliases for quite a while. I have a decent amount of experience in regards to rAthena, but I'm aware that the server runs on eAthena. I've created several private servers along with a few public servers with rAthena. It's been a while since I last touched the developmental side of ragnarok, but I would absolutely love to get back into it.



Ultimately, I would love to start as a developer again. If that's not going to happen, I would like to be a support GM. People aren't really my strong suite, and I would rather just deal with peoples problems rather than hosting events and what not.



I left out some basic "topics" because I think they're irrelevant past a certain point. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. 


Aeon Metropolis | Puddle Scum | Orson | Speaker for the Dead




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Name: Aidil 


IGN: [O]rion - prof

         Vanness - LK

         Type-X    -Sniper 


Age: 21 (turn 22 on April)


Gender: Male


What are doing right now: Engineering student. on my third year. 


Location Timezone: Kuala Lumpur ,Malaysia


Language: English, Malay, Javaness


How long have you been playing RO? Double Strafing since 12 years-old. Since official RO. now turning 22 . is this called love? >.<


Position applying:  Support GM or Event GM


Previous GM Experience: Never be a GM . can InertiaRO give me a chance? @perrytheplatypus . i hope he read this :D


How long have you been playing Inertia? since OCTOBER 2013. Several server before this and they off.


Active Time: @time (16:00 - 3:00) about 11 hours . am on my semester break . so have a lot of time. this about until march. Even in my semester get started i can spend 3 hours a day . 


Why should we chose you? like to help people . enjoy to be questioning .  active player . friendly. caring . loving . looking forward . give credit . handsome guy . dynamic strategy talent award on 2011 .  programmer instinct . 




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• Name: Josh


• Age: 21


• Ragnarok Background: I would say I've played Ragnarok throughtout the course of 9 yrs and is still an ongoing process.


• IGN: Still downloading the full client. Most likely its going to be "Azule"


• Location: Rochester, NY UTC-05:00 Eastern Time US & Canada


•Language: English/Tagalog (Philippines)


•Hobbies: Playing the guitar, fixing phones and smart phone; computers as well, Plays a lot of PS3 and PS4, Playing Ragnarok Online.


• More About Me: I've hosted a server before. Didn't really do a good job keeping up with my server due to lack of members helping me develop my website and client. feel free to look at my blogspot. www.danzelro.blogspot.com

I was using Hamachi to have my friends connect. I've always been a fan of high rated servers so surfing the net brought me down here and here I am writing you an application.


• GM Position: It could be anything. As long you tell me the rules and regulations.


• Email: [email protected]  just incase I dont hear from you guys here kindly shoot me an email and we'll talk more business.


•Skype: azule00








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Real Name:

Doris or Dorie



Pixie / Chic





Time Zone:

GMT +8

Main Language: English / Mandarin / Malay

Other Fluent Language: Cantonese and sub Chinese 

Pass GM experience: (I'm not sure if I should list out the name, since the listed server is still up and running)
Gathering RO - International Moderator
To See Beyond RO - Malaysian Moderator, TSB Helper, Event GM.

iHeartRO - Event GM

How long have I play in Inertia:

The fifth month now. 

How much time spend per day in Inertia:

Well, I guess when I have free times from work, mostly at night time. And when I have my laptop with me, since my dad love to steal my laptop without telling me. I would say 5 to 6 hours.

A little about me and why you should hire me:

Hmm a little about me? Lets start with basic thing I guess. My name is Doris, my friends prefer calling me Dorie. I love travelling when I have the money. I love Plumb. Her song is awesome. I love decorating. My room is filled with flowers made from tissue. I'm fun to be around, well at least to the people that doesn't hate me. I rage sometimes, I guess most girls do that. I love sweets. I love going for movies. Why you should hire me? Because I'm a forgiving person, I laugh a lot and that makes me fun to be around. Loves talking which makes me good in communication. Love to get to know new people since I'm always fill with curiosity, like a cat. I'm still working on my strictness, I tried really, but I feel sorry for people easily. I'm good at multi-tasking, since my work requires me to do so. I guess that's all. If I write a little longer, I believe you will be bored or probably skip most of what I wrote. Plus I'm still a little hungover. 


GM Position: Event GM or Police GM.


PS: I love potatoes. And Toni suck.

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InertiaRO - Super High Rate