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Taking in GM Applications (June 2014)

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Perry the Platypus

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A lot of you have been asking about this recently, so here it is. :D

We're taking in GM applications again. As usual we won't really be looking at how long you've been here at the server, so feel free to post your application even if you're a newbie.

Please be sure to include your in-game name, and your online times in server time (use @time in-game). Include any upcoming events that might affect your online times (such as starting school, work, etc.)

As usual, if you need some references for what to include, feel free to look at the past topics. Don't just copy the formats though - be creative and feel free to add more info. The more we know about you, the easier it'll be to make a decision.


Visit our RMS page to write a review <3




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AGE: 22

SEX: Male

LOCATION: Nova Scotia, Canada


MSN/E-MAIL/YM: [email protected]

HOW LONG DO YOU PLAY: i dont work im free all the time

Position Support GM


Active times: 6 - 4Am California time =o 

Why do you want to become a GM/ Intentions for APPLYING a GM? i would like to help out the server, and just all around help everyone out, i have plenty of RO experiance i have ran my own server before.

Character In-Game:  Mewtwo

How long have you played Ragnarok? almost 13 years now and iv also GMed for Inertia Before ^^

How can you help InertiaRo? Like i said previously i have Alot of RO experiance, i know alot about the game. i would be there to help people if need i just want to do everything in my power to help people enjoy the server and keep it running


Thanks you<3

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Name: Josh Pacheco (everyone just calls me Joshy)




Sex: Male


Location: Wake forest, North Carolina.


Timezone: EST.


Email/Facebook: [email protected] Facebook: Joshy Pacheco.


Possition Applying: Sub GM.


Languages i speak: English, Spanish, & some German.


Active times: 7 days a week from 12pm-4am everyday.


Why do you want to become a GM/ Intentions for APPLYING a GM? I've played RO since i was 8 i love it so much and i love helping people its my passion.


Character in-game : Saizen or Valkcross.


How long have you played Ragnarok? i've played RO for 11 years non stop


Inertia Experience: 8 months now Pretty well known throughout the server.


About me: I'm a funny, nice, loving guy. i get along with pretty much anyone. i've never gotten into a problem with anyone. (if i have i've apologized) very respectful towards others, i like Metal music <3, i enjoy Pokemon (favorite one mudkip), I love anime (favorite: The Gundam series) i enjoy hanging out with friends, i am a very hard working guy and i love to make people smile and feel good about themselves, i joke around a lot but i know when to be serious, i'm a great listener, i give good advise so if anyone needs any look for me in game i usually hang out in comodo or Morrocc, i love the final fantasy series, I play airsoft as a physical sport in my free time but if i'm not i'm usually playing RO, i enjoy basketball, American Football, and hockey, i also believe that everyone has the right to feel loved cause we're all human. Favorite quote: "Rise and Rise again, Until lambs become Lions" 


How can you help InertiaRo? i'll be on everyday helping players and welcoming them with open arms. showing them a friendly GM who actually cares about the server and its players no question is a dumb question to me <3.


References/ People to speak to about qualifications:  Becka IGN- Simmer. Blake IGN-Barren of Stronghold. Dash IGN- Tempt me temptation. Reira IGN- Kentucky Fried Peco.


Thank you <3 .

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Name: Becka (everyone just calls me Simmy though)
Gender: Female
IGN: Amberdine/Simmy
Age: 22
Location/GMT: Pennsylvania, USA GMT -5
Languages: English
Playing Time: Pretty much whenever I'm awake.. I'm usually on about 5-8 hours a day depending on the day~
Time Played: I've played Ragnarok in general for 8+ years
Inertia Experience: 8+ months. :) 
About Me: Heya, you know me and how awesome I am at my events. I have no life and work at a restaurant and play RO... That's about it :)
Hobbies: Draw, play games, suck at acoustic guitar <3
Past GM experience: I'm currently an Event GM here in InertiaRO +_+ (was once a "support" type of GM for my old friend's private server)
The GM position: I am applying for Head GM (Sorry Adam <3) :3
Why I want to be a GM: I have a lot of time to dedicate and I'm a good egg :)




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Name - Justin


In Game Name - Caboose


Languages - English


Age - 24


DoB - June 30th


Position - GM


(Play)Time - (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time, my playtime can be anywhere from 4 to 10 hours a day with breaks in between of course.


Avalibility - Weekdays and Evenings


Any Upcoming Events? - Besides job searching, I have nothing but free time. Will be going back to school in the fall but I can maintain a decent balance of my studies and my GM duties.


About Me - I am a caring person at heart, I wish for all to be happy. I am open-minded and understanding of the world and those around me. In my free time I like to build Characters for Pathfinder / D&D, endulge myself in music, movies, video games and shows like everyone else but right now really soaked up in playing Super Mario 3. (its alot harder then I remembered...)


RO Experince - Been playing for 7 to 8 years now, 3 of which was GMing on other servers including this one.


Why Should We Hire You? - In the past I have GM'd here before, things have gotten in the way and prevented that, but now that has changed. Now I feel nothing can stop me from doing what I love for this server, since my return as a player I have been a helping hands to those I can help and I wish to do more like I use to. I wish to take the next step once again and do what I can for this server, I love this server I have made friends that are almost like family to me here and I have seen it grow and I wish to help it grow more. So I ask of you Staff Members of InertiaRO, please allow me to help make a better server we can be proud of.


Anyting Else You Wish to Say? - Yes. *ahem* Rainbow Dash & Derpy are Best Ponies. That is all.


Thank you for your time and I hope to hear a respose soon.

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Name: Joshua "Robb" Layno



Sex: Male

Location: Quezon City, Philippines

Timezone: GMT +8.

Email/Facebook: [email protected]/ Joshua Robb Layno

Possition Applying:Event/Support GM or Balancing Team

Languages: English/Filipino

Active times: Everyday minimum of 3 hours of playing time.

Why do you want to become a GM? I want to become a GM for more experience, to play the game with a different perspective and to help my fellow Inertians.

Character in-game : Robb Jutsu/Aphrodisiac/Zhang Ziyi

How long have you played Ragnarok? I've been playing RO for 7 years now.

Inertia Experience: 2 years and been around the server to get recognized.

How can you help InertiaRo? I can help inertiaRO by being active enough to help people with their concerns and enforce the rules. :)

References/ People to speak to about qualifications: Caboose, Saku, Higor.

Thank you for taking your time reading my application. :)

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IGN: Moist /  Magikarp  / iDie uDie  


Age: 24 / Male


Location: India (GMT +5:30)


Language: English.


Time: Mostly from 19:30 - 4:30 server time.. that does not mean il be continuesly.. il be in and out.. 


Well i am willing to apply for support gm and serve the community with an open mindset.

Ive been playing inertia for a while now.. over a year maybe?...


Pretty much familiar with general ro and inertia customization.

You could find me online quite often these days.. and will be able to spare time on ro for a few months again..






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Salutations, I'm Sea Salt / Techtician and I'm applying for a GM position. Allow me to begin by thanking you for taking a look at my application. Thank you for taking the time to take a look!

So, let's begin! I'll start by providing some information about who I am!

My name is Samantha, but I prefer to go by the nickname Sami while online. I'm a twenty-four year old, going on twenty-five, who has a love for games and a passion for helping other gamers. I have been gaming since I was seven years old and I have loved every moment of it. I'm a writer, as well as an artist. I am from the United States and I live in the wonderful state of Oregon. I'm currently studying to take up a career in animal grooming, as well as taking up the hobby of being an author. I am currently working as a cashier in retail two times a week for a local small store. So, I would be unavailable from 5AM until 3PM Monday & Tuesdays. The rest of my time is currently available. Unfortunately, the only language I feel comfortable speaking in full is English.

As stated, I've been playing an assortment of games for a very long time. When it comes to Ragnarok, I've been playing off and on for as long as I can remember. I recently joined the server after the recommendation from a friend of mine. I have been a Game-Master on several different servers when I was younger, before my most recent break from the game. I have held the role of being a Support GM, Event GM, and Head GM. I have provided sprites for a server or two, in my time, and I am more than willing to provide unique and quality sprites for Inertia.

That being said, I'm highly interested in becoming a part of the Inertia team, no matter what position I am given.  But what do I bring to the table? I would be bringing to the table a mature team member whom is willing to put forth the time and effort to make this server all the more better, and enjoyable! I can code (although I am quite rusty), I can sprite. I can provide a mature, unbiased opinion in arguments/disputes. And a person whom is willing to do whatever it takes to be fair and just.

I can be contacted at the e-mail of [email protected], or you can contact me via Skype on butterflies-never-die.

Once again! Thanks for taking the time to take a look at my application and I hope to look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Name: Aldrin
Gender: Male
IGN: Hideki Kun / Gale Glory
Age: 23
Location/GMT: Philippines, GMT +8
Languages: English, Tagalog
Playing Time: I'm usually on 4 - 8 hours, depends if I have a work or not.
Time Played: Been playing Ragnarok for 7-8 years
Inertia Experience: 1 year and 2 months
Past GM experience: Been a Sub - GM and Event GM before together with Cherry :D
The GM position applying for: Any position will do
Why I want to be a GM: I wanted to help people and I miss hosting events <3
Contact info: drin.malbas (skype)
Thank you!

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Greetings to whomever will be reading this application
Here is my application for GM. I will await feedback.


Name: Abel

How old are you: 19
Where are you from: Originally from Bolivia though I live on the United States at the moment,
Languages you are able to speak fluently: Spanish, English.
Position you are applying for: Willing to fill out any position where needed, preferably Support GM.
Tell me a little bit about yourself: 
Real Life: I was born and raised in Bolivia, I have been on the U.S for about five years or so living with my family, I am currently a Sophomore at Virginia Commonwealth University trying to major in computer science. I am a nice friendly person who you definitely want to hang around with, also always willing to help out anyone if they come across a problem or they simply just want advice.  
InertiaRO: I have been playing in Inertia for a few months now (I think 2 or three) and I was brought in here by a friend who wanted to try out a Super High rate server. So far I have had a wonderful experience in the server, the community is great, and so are the Game Masters. I always look forward until a GM makes a new event because that's what makes RO more interesting in my opinion. I am not that much familiar with high rate PvP/WoE style of game play so it was a learning experience trying to learn the play style of Inertia.
Why should I pick you: Right now the server is slowly growing with new people trying out this server everyday, we see new faces around every few days that come try out this server hoping to meet new people and hopefully make new friends to play and enjoy the server with. I would like to be part of it's growing experience not only as a player, but as a GM, a GM that will be helping new players around the game and answering all their questions, a GM that sits around and carefully helps other players, a GM that helps and welcomes newbies whenever they need anything. 
Previous experience: I used to be a Support GM a while back but was forced to forfeit my position due to real life obligations that were beyond my control at that time.
Availability: My availability depends if there are any real life obligations that I need to fulfill but usually I am available during most of the day.
Contact information: Forums preferable, or via skype: abel.baptista1
Thank you for taking your time reading this application, I look forward to hearing more regarding my application.

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Languages Fluent in

English + Filipino


Time available

3:00 - 6:00 server time


Position Applying for

Balancing Team only



2+ years engaging in various game-related mechanics in Inertia

8+ years of RO background

Open minded

Able to work with a team

Able to take criticism except when criticism is logically flawed

Able to think outside the box

Able to do what is necessary and do it well

Able to objectively accomplish designated task

Past GM experience - Police/Support


Things to note

Has slight trouble with authority

Values the end goal more than the process involved

Balancing Team or BUST! 

Will not tolerate inclusion into the GM team as Support/Event GM

Schedule may vary if real employment has unexpected events

                                                                       Well, I'm retired. *-*


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Rina Tomohisa





Birth Date:

August 29, 1992



Rune / Sinon



Minato, Tokyo, JP



GMT+ 9



English, Filipino, Japanese


Real Life Background:

Was borned in Tokyo, JP. Started living in Philippines when i was 5 after i lost my parents. Studied in PH till 18, moved back to japan and continued studying. Currently working in a Magazine company and living together with my brother and his wife.


Time Played in Inertia:

2 years


Time Available: 

8:00 - 24:00 GMT+ 9 (i open RO in my laptop while at work)


Position Applying For: 

Support GM / Events GM


Past GM Experience:

Been a GM in a game called Luna Online


Why me?

I've noticed that there are times that GMs are off and the server gets quite rowdy (in a way that everybody doesn't care about how they talk in public) so I'd like to fill in for them. And the server got quite more vicious after a quarrel between guilds. I would also like to extend my reach to help players while I'm at a free time in-game. 


Contact Info:

Skype- ruu.rina

Email/FB- [email protected]



Dorry, Cordelia

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Name: Richmond (but everyone calls me Mond)


Age: 19


Character IGN: Nobita Nobi ; Tori Black <3 ; Mike Wazowski


Language: English and Tagalog


Location: Quezon City, Philippines


Timezone: +8GMT


How long have you played in the server: Since January 23, 2013 until now and Forever. LOL. (Almost 1year and 5months)



How long have you played Ragnarok: I've been playing ragnarok since I was 10years old, so prolly 9years.


Time Availability: Anytime, I'll be there for you <3 LOL. I'll be active 24/7 (since it's still summer) but if ever I'm free from paper works I'll be playing 5~8 hours a day. :3


Position Applying: Event GM


How can you help the server: If ever I'll be accepted, I'll do my best to help newbies and oldbies with their problems/questions. I'll be more active in forums and try to give more ideas/suggestions to help improve our server.


About myself: Well, I'm a very helpful and happy person. I like entertaining/approaching people specially if they need help or they need someone to talk to. (Mostly about giving ideas on how to survive in MVPs/WOE/PVP and by giving ideas/items for newbies)


Contact Info: [email protected] 


There you go, I heard you like RAINBOWS.   :wub: Good luck everyone!

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Name: Jin-D Marin
BirthD: Jan 20 (edited typo, was "30")
Location: Irvine California USA
TZ: GMT-0700
Position Applying: ServerGuide/Police or Event GM
Language: English/Bit Spanish
Availability: 90%/Day <--30% of that watching Food Channel. (9am - 11pm)
Why pick me?:   First of all I was giving Event GM a really hard time, "Cordelia" to be specific to
  finish my event. there is one time that theres a Flaw on my own made event that she
  saved my butt.(+1 <3) everytime I get mistakes,I learned or she tells me how to avoid it next time i do it. 
IGN: Discipline
My MiniEvents:   FindFeudalLords,Rachels,Classroom & my new       "LastSanctuary(100mvp)" (Using my own funds, by hunting what i can give as prize)
What I can offer?: Well, I love chatting/guiding New/Old players about randoms or ingame stuff no matter how weird the Topic is. I'm actualy running this guild "InertiaRO-Guide" since when I start playing here. I'm thankful for those who recognize me and directing new players to me about their questions(you know who you are:)) and if I dont know the the answers to their question.. I look for the GM's or whoever I think been here longer to solve it so lets say im just a "Bing" person :biggrin:  (sorry google :ph34r: ). If you give me a shot, I'll prove to you that everything I said isn't just for another days or weeks as a part of your staff(for the ppl just wanting the title jk :dry: ). if you dont like my performance, fire me.
RL Skills: Baking, Photoshop, Premier, Illustrator, After Effect, CCNA1(IT), Basic Guitar, Basic Survival, Predictable, Archery, Dog Whisperer.
Ingame Skill: PVP:Lv1 BG:Lv1 WoE:N/A Eco:Mid (I know i'm noob).
Reference:   Cordelia  :wub:  :smile: ,\/,,

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Name / In-game Name: Heno


Age: 20

Gender: Male

Location: Cebu, Philippines


Time Zone:  GMT +8

Time Played Inertia: About a year now


Time Played RO: About 8 years.

Language: English and Filipino (Tagalog)


Time Availability: Anytime you need me, I'll be there for you.

                           School is about to start for me but it wont change much my time availability,

                           So I would be around the afternoon until midnight or dawn.

                           In server time it would be around 22:00:00.



Why I want to be a GM: To help those poor souls who gets bored staying online doing nothing.

                                      To make it simple I want to be a GM to make the server a bit livelier.



Past GM Experience: I was a GM of my cousin's server. that was quite long time ago already though. ._.



About Me: I'm Friendly , Sociable and Easygoing. 


Edited: I entered too much space lmao sorry bout that.

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hi im adri 25 years old ive had few real ragnarok software servers if you know what i mean not athena but the real deal

1000+ servers + ive been admin of this server exe's forum + admin at weiss and eathena

well i know c++ for athena and branch i can do scripting/src/npc/items/cllent and liltle php

im online the whole day my time is GMT +1

i think this should say it :D




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Name / In-game Name: Tyrant King that's going to destroy your server with my evil powers of evil


Age: 21

Gender: Male

Location: Land of the free my nigga


Time Zone:  The King's Time Zone

Time Played Inertia: I'm the reason why Inertia exists and the reason you know the word Inertia even exists.


Time Played RO: The beginning of time.

Language: English and Black talk


Time Availability: I live forever just give me a call.


Why I want to be a GM: Because I've lived for every second of human existence. I have all the knowledge in the world. Don't hire these noobs.


Past GM Experience: Every server that's ever existed, even this one you just don't know that yet.


About Me: I'm the worst person who has ever existed you probably shouldn't hire me.




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Name: Camila

Gender: Female

Age: 22

IGN: Violet Hill; Melody Grace

Nationality: Brazilian

Location/GMT: Australia, GMT +10

Languages: English and Portuguese

Time playing Inertia: since October 2013

Time playing RO: around 8 years

Applying for: Event or Support GM

Time availability: Depending on the day, during all the night (6pm to 1-2am) and sometimes in the afternoon. Weekends are usually free. Mid-semester and final semester exams from university might change it a bit.

Past GM experience: I’ve been a Head GM in a Brazilian server some good years ago (but started as a Helper). The server was not big and it was alive for some months. I don't remember a lot of stuffs tho (omg, I'm getting old ._.)

About me: I’ve been studying Agricultural Engineering for almost 5 years and I’m going to graduate next year (I also plan to take my masters when I finish it). I’m a nature and music lover and someone who really cares for family and friends. I’m not a rude person, but a friendly and loyal one that always tries to think good things about people (not always possible though lol). I’m also always in time and I don’t like putting off important stuff until last minute.

Why am I taking this?
This server has turned into something important to me. I’ve made friends here and I’ve been having a lot of fun.  Helping people is always something that makes me feel great, so when I have the possibility to do that, I will probably do. If I have the chance to help the server I would really try my best for it, organizing some ideas and being even more involved with the players. I also feel that I would learn new things and that some of my skills would be improved. And yeah, I miss being part of a staff because it's fun. :(

Contact info:
Skype: miihime
Email/FB: [email protected]

Thank you very much! :)

Edit 1. I've typed "18 pm", so noob. ._.
Edit 2. I just thought it would be better if i added some more information about my past GM experience.

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