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Taking in GM Applications (June 2014)

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Name: John Clement (they call me by name Seig or Levi in game)
Gender: Male
IGN: seig.RCC(Gunslinger),LEVIA_THAN(PALLY)
Age: 19
Location/GMT: Philippines
Languages: English,Tagalog
Playing Time: Pretty much whenever I'm awake..I usually go online always as long as i have free time
well now my time is mixed up like mon,wed i'm out 9 am - 7pm and tue, thu like 7 am - 4 pm but after that i always play
[playing inertiaRO is like a hobby now to me][college time so it's a little complicated]
Time Played: I've Played RO around 3 almost 4 years now
Inertia Experience: well in inertia i've been playing inertia right about 3months now
About Me: Hmm. I'm Friendly, Easy To Approach kind a guy...i always want to talk with someone :D
Hobbies: I draw,paint,make 3d animation,draw my own manga which is still in progress, i love editing pictures, playing games
Past GM experience:well i still haven't got any GM experience but i want to be one and host some events and help others 
The GM position: I just wanna be support GM
Why I want to be a GM: I want to help many people newbies mostly.because i help people in inertia even as a normal player they ask me a lot about thing and i'm always ready to help others as long as i canand i wanna host many events too 
i've got experienced now in handling problems that mostly ask by players.

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IGN - Crash N BurN

Gender - Male 

Age - 24

Origin - Indian

Location - Dubai

Languages - English, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi

Playing time - 11 hours per day.

Time Played - Give and take 9 years

About me - Nothing much

Hobbies - Photoshop - Gaming - Music

Past GM Experience - inRO - Indian Official Ragnarok Online for 19 months / 4 Private servers.

Current Status - I.P banned 






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Name: Mike Le

IGN: Blazing Kitten

gender: Male

Age: 20

Gm role wanted: event gm

How i can help inertia: I'm basically on from 8:00 - 20:00 servertime, so i'm mostly on, no life ftw. I am pretty creative and can try to think of new events for people to enjoy. I just want to help satisfy and help people as much as i can.

Times available: as I stated: 8:00 - 20:00 servertime usually.

About me: Not much to say about me, I am loyal and relaxed, I usually get along well with most people even from other guilds, though i can take necessary action if need be. I also love Pokemon and Touhou. I am Vietnamese, but my primary language is english.

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Hi! I’ll try my luck here :) Goodluck to us all applicants! :)


Name: dee


In-game Name: v i x e n


Age: do i have to? XD 20


Gender: female


Location: Philippines


Timezone: GMT +8


Language: Filipino, English, Japanese (not that good)


Time played InertiaRO: 2 weeks


How long i played Ragnarok: 4 years and counting :)


Time of Availability: weekdays and evenings 12mid onwards


Position Applying For:

GM event master/support


Experience: I don’t have a GM experience but in my past RO servers I organize Events to relief boredoms, I’m also a mapper I suggest maps that are good for event or for pvp areas.

My Mini Events: warp event, guest the monster, survival, amazing race, last team standing, hide and seek, reverse hide and seek, fact or bluff, zombies invasion, crack the pub


Why me?

If you accept me as a GM I will do my 100% to serve players a fun and exciting time playing in the server, helping and assisting newbies and other players to there questions and concerns providing them the feeling of HOME in our community. To give ideas to make the server AWESOME for every updates.


About Me:

I really love to play games that I inherited to may dad lol thats explains it, we played together with my 2 sisters for all the Ragnarok server we tried he’s the one would be so excited to play and sleep like 3am just to finish a quest O.O lol anyway I’m a 4th year Culinary Arts student hoping to graduate sooner!!!! XD i really love to cook experiment flavours! Cupcakes! Ice cream and chocolates!!! Are the best :3 I’m a quiet person at times but really love to make friends and to be socialize.



Skype: imavixeen

Email: [email protected]

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Name: Leo Mercado




Sex: Male




Timezone: GMT +8


Email/Facebook: [email protected]


Possition Applying: Any position will do.


Languages i speak: English, Tagalog.


Active times: 20:00 - 8:00 server time


Character in-game : Amber Citron, Cabin Still


How long have you played Ragnarok? 11 years.


Inertia Experience: 6 mos.


Hobbies: Playing Ragnarok. Thats all.






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Name : J E T

In-game Name : Phantom Ninja , J e t o p , Frappi 


Age : 19

Gender : MALE

Location : Philippines , Quezon City


Time Zone : GMT +8

Time Played Inertia : 2012


Time Played RO : 7 Years

Language :  English & Filipino


Time Availability : Online 12hrs Every Day


About Me: Just Friendly Person, Jokers [email protected] :)) 

  FB ~ Ako Sii Jhez
Skype ~ Akosiijhez
Email ~ [email protected]

The GAME is GAME !~ :)




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In game name: Saku, JC Denton, Sakure, Overlord Zetta, Mid-Boss, Moon Moon, AsSauaSsin.


Age: 18


Gender: Male.


Location: Canada.


Hobbies: Playing video games and programming, also finding funny glitches like these: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=ucfxsUpwpxU


About me: I'm helpful, easygoing and curious, I also have an affinity for programming even if I didn't take courses in college for it.


Time Zone: Uhhhhh 3 hours higher than the server time.


Time played Inertia RO: Almost two years, my SL was made in july.


Time played RO: Since the time that 2-2 classes didn't exist (the 2nd class 2nd choice).


Position Applying for: Support GM or balancing team.


Why me?: I feel like people forget about some things upon entering in the server. I like helping people, and most likely it’ll make me remember things too. Also I’m dedicated, going as far as using google to find an answer to questions. I’m also very familiar with the server and could help new people who aren’t.


Other info?: My brother has been a GM of this server before, if I hit any wall I could ask him for directions.  Also I could notify the people to let them know that I am online via broadcast.


EDIT: Just recently I've found and exterminated 3 bots, not by myself of course, a GM tracked them down.

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Saku has been observed to still be present, although he is ageing, and appears weakened and malnourished from the decreased food intake and skirmishes. 


To fool your enemies you must be able to fool your allies~


I'm not Paul Seven

I'm not Paul Seven


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Application withdrawn.

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Jan Gil Sarmiento


In-Game Name:

Lomi Aefyras, Lomi Danaerys


Available Playtime:

Practically whole day til its august (in-game time: 12:00 - 24:00, 00:00- 08:00)

My school (University of the Philippines - Diliman) has changed the start of classes from June to August. So beyond August, I will only be available after class. (in-game time: 04:00 - 12:00) 



18 years old



Bataan, Philippines


Total RO Playtime:

6, going 7 years


Languages Spoken:

Filipino, English. I would not say Spanish though I have taken courses on it (it only covered the present and past conjugations, but is enough to communicate with native speakers.)


Previous Experience:

I have been a support, event, and, a "police" staff on some now dead servers.

mes "Hello there!"; //i feel really bored//



Student taking up BS Statistics at the University of the Philippines - Diliman



I like chatting with people. Pretty much laid back. I also am a frustrated artist. I like solving math problems (tell me if you need tutoring too ;)) And I like pizza. I am fond of swimming, playing, and, did I mention I like swimming? I am into a lot of cute stuff >3< 



[email protected]

[email protected]


Why Hire Me?

 I would not be mentioning shitty promises here, and I am applying because I am confident that my skills and qualifications will allow me to work at my fullest. I have had dealt with lots of problems, may it be with item bugs, npc bugs, exploits, player fights, arguments, family, money, oops (last 2 not included). I get along with people quite well, and a fairly approachable person. 


PS: If you need identity confirmation, I would gladly have a skype conversation with you. 

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Name: Anthony Andriano (Tony or Toni)


In-game name: Ichika/Cinnabon Swirl


Age: 16 Years Old


Location/GMT: USA, Seattle WA (GMT-8)


Languages: Fluent English, level 2 spanish (ftw) c:


Total RO playtime: Around 8 years now


Playing Time: Right now its school time, so I play roughly at least 6 hours, I'm usually on at about 16:00~22:00 server time(Weekdays) on the weekend I'm usually on most of the day 05:00 ~ 22:00 server time


About Me: I'm 16 years old, I may be immature at sometimes; but I can get pretty serious too. I'm usually a nice person to get along with; if not...You might want to keep your distance, cause I go miles. I like cats, and I like sleeping. Also, I'm taken by my beautiful, cute bae, Charmy <3 10q10q.


Past GM Experience: None, I'm a fast learner; hoping this could be a first GM experience.


GM Position Wanted: I'd like to apply for Support GM.


Why?: I know there's been a lot of active players and GM's, but I seem to notice that there's still some people asking questions and not getting the answer and so I end up helping them...After those experiences I ended up thinking there might be a need for one.


Last words?


Swag c:


Thanks for reading and taking this into consideration.



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Love you Charmy <3

¤ Owl ¤





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Name: February Yu


IGN: February .


Time Zone: GMT +03 (10Hrs advance server time)


RO Experience: Going 8yrs now, about 3months in Inertia.


Available Playtime period: -Not yet sure- but most prolly 17:00 - 21:00 / 05:00 - 09:00 server time.


About me?: I'm crazy, if you'll ask me to describe myself in one word, it's Random. I'm a lazy person, loves to eat, an otaku, Japanese in heart and mind, takes jobs/tasks seriously (contradicting of me being lazy), annnnd, emotional. Don't try to to fool me and, be a bit careful with what you tell me 'cause i take all comments and feedback seriously (yes i already mentioned it, i'm emotional). I love helping people who i think is worthy of being helped. Initially, i judge a book by it's cover (not literal), still up to them to prove me wrong. Uhhhm, what else... *thinking* if you'll gonna meet me in person, you will know how crazy and how random my mind works, good thing you won't, i'm totally different online. Oh yesh! I prefer my life online vs real life. And i'm a loner. :blush:


Why apply?: Actually i had a headache thinking if am gonna do this or not. Well, amma take my chances and go for this. But tbh, am just looking for a reason to go back RO, i really miss my RO life *heavy breathing* :unsure: recently am one of the players that have no-life-gaming time. I got depressed thinking 'bout the future so i tried to pick myself up and have a work. And here i am, got a job, quit (ted) Inertia (but didn't stopped voting) and hoping to be back. Well i said alot of irrelevant things regarding myself, sorry :mellow: Okay this is the last; i really want to help others, specially new gamers, gives me a sense of fulfillment :biggrin: but i really don't need to be a GM to do so, am already helping people when am still active, i just want to be famous :biggrin: (again, yes, i mentioned it, i'm a loner). Also, a reason to be active again on my free time.


Thanks for taking time reading my application (which i doubt someone read this) *bows head* And congrats to whoever will be picked :D


God Bless!!! :wub:



depressed, sad, hurt, confused,

lonely, unloved, judged,

misunderstood, insignificant,

broken, dying insi..





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Name: Jason, but everyone calls me Jae, for short.
IGN: Got quite a few, but most common is, Jaeyson, or Caterpillar.
Languages known: English, of course. Chinese, [Hokkien & Cantonese} Chinese Dialects. A little Malay/Indon/French/Japanese/Korean/Viet
Age: 23, no more Taylor Swift's 22~

Gender: Male

Country: Singapore

Time Zone: GMT + 8!

Mail: [email protected] , i know, its kinda stupid.

About Me:
(not good at this part)
For those who knows me, I'm usually the clown and making them laugh is my Forte. I'm a party animal too!
Once in awhile, i'll host events on my own as a player ( Hide&Seek, Hunt&Seek & Fashion Show ). Its hard to crowd control but, its enjoyable.
Position: Event, Semi Support, Semi Coding GM. Teach me more and I will learn, Imma Sponge.
Duration of Stay in Inertia: Around, 3 Months(?)
I am currently working on Shifts, Night & Day.
Day Shift playtime: Monday - Saturday = 1600hrs - 0900hrs (in server time)
Night Shift playtime: Monday - Friday = 2200hrs - 0100hrs (before work) & 1200hrs - 1400hrs (in server time too) [depends too]
Sundays: will try to be on whole day with in between beauty sleep.
BUT DEFINITELY I WILL BE ON EVERYDAY, unless there are some other things.
Previous Experience: 
I've been an Event GM before in Nameless RO (high rate server too from UK) for around 6 months++, i know its common and easy for some of your guys but, i will try my best to make some fresh flavors of events for the players. As well, I've learnt some Coding, cause they lack coders. 
Why the Application?
I have interests in hosting events, helping newbies, (they are so cute when they are so lost, lol) as well gaining more knowledge.

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Name: Aaron Paul Veneracion Titular
Gender: Male
IGN: [ Aaron ] / [ Aaron III ] / [ Aaron Xi ] / [ Aaron II ] / [ St. Aaron ] / [ Baby Aaron ]
Age: 19
Location/GMT: Malolos Bulacan Philippines (GMT +8)
Languages: English, Filipino Language (tagalog)
Playing Time: 12pm - 4am (12 - 15hrs Every Day)
How long have you played Ragnarok?: i'm playing Ragnarok for 4 years 
Inertia Experience: I'm playing 9 for months 
About me: First i'm the type of person who respects my fellow men even if they are doing bad things to me or to others, i love to help and to make friends, most of the time i want someone to talk and to ask him/her if he/she is ok or how was his/her day,
Hobbies: Skateboarding and Playing Ro
Past GM experience: I've never become a GM Before but i have lot's of experience playing Ragnarok for my past 4 years.
The GM position: Sub GM
Why I want to be a GM: Because i want to experience and explore more about Ragnarok even my 4 years is not capable of being a GM its because i love Ragnarok 

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-Withdrawn for personal reasons-

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The Artful Dodger




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Andrew Ong



As far as i am concern I haven't played yet in your server


Available Playtime:

Monday-Friday 8PM - 1AM

Sat - Sun 6PM - 12AM

GMT +8






Tarlac Philippines


Total RO Playtime:

10 years


Languages Spoken:

I can only speak in 3 language, English, Tagalog (National Language) and Kapampangan (Local Language)


Previous Experience:

as a gamer i've been to a lot of servers, playing in the server, doing some research about features and testing what's in this server and which is the best and not... well its a matter of choice of your preference in choosing one. I was once a server GM from an Official Server (not to mention the server) many years ago. I stop playing since the renewal but i am getting into Ragnarok again since i have nothing to do for my free time. 







Interest in Aviation stuffs, Flight Simulators, XBOX, PC Gaming, Radio Streaming



[email protected]





Why Hire Me?

I would say a lot but not to mention all of them. I am not a showy person but i could say that i can do the job and a responsible one. Else i would have to quit the job if i have not met your requirements.




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F.name/ L.name : Tony Tissier

Age : 19. (20 in 2 days).

IGN : Feels / Kyrien / Axhan.

Location : France (GMT+1)

Position applying : Sub-GM (mainly) Event-GM (only if needed). Power isn't my priority at all.

Inertia Experience : Since October 2013.

Languages : French / English.

Experience : almost 11 years of RO, with some experience like Event-GM / Guard (Like Sub-GM) On many server from my country actually down, cause of trouble from our old admin (Money problem, things like those.)

Connection Time : 12.00 am to 4-5 pm server time. With exception of course.

About me : Here to get fun, like laughing with everyone. And specially here to help. Most of the time in PvP or woe, or spending my time with the others. Also i'm noting there is more French player than before. I think, someone who can speak French can be useful. But as i said, i'm mainly applying to help people, not for the power. 

Hobbies : Gamer on some game for fun since a while : Counter-strike Global Offensive / Battlefield 3 (just restarted) / inertiaRO :3 / And Diablo 3 Reaper Of Soul.

Contact ===> IGNs / Skype : Shunter191 / Facebook : Tony Tissier.

Edit : Forgot Inertia Exp D:

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Name :Gabo Deligero



Age: Becoming 14Yrs old



Location: Phillipines



Language: Tagalog And English



Game Time Available:


Saturday Sunday Cuz Of the School .. I am sure Cuz i have mah own laptop and we have Internet in our house And If there is Holidays... 



About Me: I Love Playing RAgnarok Online Since IAm  10yrs old ...Depending on the Server's Features Like InertiaRO... Well I Discover Ragnaroks Cuz' Of MY Brother... And I played A lot of Ro Like DotaRO, OrizenRO, OSRO,CreamRO , LARO And MAny More...


Experience:Like I said I am Playing Ragnarok Since iam 10yrs Old So  about 3 1/2 Yrs ... i Played InertiaRO about 2-3 months... 


Past GM Experienced: Hmmm Let me think I.... My Brother Became Sub-GM in some other Servers... But I know Some Basic How IT Works and some Commands ... And I know GM's Dont Use Their Powers to Get What they need they only use it for Muting , and Some Commands For Their Events....



IGN: Bounty System & \/ocal & Puppet Of \/ocal  My 3 Main char

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                                                         0031.gif  2ep6612.png


Vocal(High Wizard) | Bounty System( High Priest) | ThatNameExist(Biochemist ) | EVENTSS<3 (Novice Event Only)




A Day Without Sunshine Is Like ,  you know , Night....




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Name: Felipe Torrado


Gender: Male


IGN: Senpai Touched Me Age: 17 (Turn 18 in december)


Location/GMT: Florida, USA , UTC -5


Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish (All fluently)


Playing Time: Since as of right now I am in vacation, whenever I am awake or not in league. I sleep generally around 4 hours a day, so I would say varying between 6-8 hours a day, easily.


Time Played: I've played Ragnarok for over 5 years, but I’ve been inactive from all Ragnaroks nearly 2 years now.


Inertia Experience: I have played before for 5 months, but then my computer crashed and never re-downloaded it. Don’t remember my old account, so now I am starting fresh, literally from 0


About Me: I am Brasilian (Yes, hue hue br), but I moved to the united states in 2008 to live here, and here I’ve staye since then. I learned Spanish from my aunt’s husband (he was from Puerto rico), and I am very friendly. I am a calm person and I don’t mind helping others, which is mainly why I am applying for a staff position.


Hobbies: Swim, go to the gym, play video games (league of legends mainly), and just talk to my friends on skype.


Past GM experience: I was a gm on a Brazilian Ragnarok server to which I can’t recall the name of (it was over 3 years ago, sorry.) And I was a GM on a friends private Ragnarok that was mid-rate, even though that din’t stay open for long. But since I don’t remember any of the gm commands, nor I can prove my gm experience I might aswell say none.


The GM position: I am applying for Support-GM, or Event-GM.


Why I want to be a GM: Because I want to help people mainly. I don’t care about the power, I don’t care about being a staff member. If there was something like a moderator, I would apply for that position. I want to be a GM mainly because I like helping others. Since I speak 3 languages, I want to use that as an advantage and help others with a language barrier etc, so they can have the best experience possible. I’ve been gms in other games, which are not ragnarok, and I really like interacting and helping others. If any questions in particular, feel free to contact me via skype. Felipe.cavoli.torrado.


And yes I understand that someone that just started playing the server is applying for a GM position that may seem weird, and that Im only playing to apply. No, I am honestly wanting to help others, and If my application is not selected, I understand perfectly the reason why (Since I had to select other players applications too when I was a gm), I can try later, when I get a bit more experience with the server.



Thank you for your time,





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Name : Ram or R.J


Gender: Male


IGN : -Zane-  


Age: 20


Location: Philiphines


Language : English/Tagalog


Time Played : always


Exprience: 5- 7 years playing R.O  2 years in inertia


About me : hmm Friendly and i want  to help this server like increasing ppl and active player  guide those newbie exprience how fun playing r.o and especially have more friend <3


Position; Sub Gm  Dice Event <3



FB: Aqoh Si Ram


Ty For reading this :D






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Name : Finny Xue


Gender : Female


Weight : 31 KG


Height : 160 CM


Hair : Long and Black.


Bra Size : ***


Panties Size : ***


Marriage : Haven't Get It


Virgin : Yes


Phone Contact


Interested In : Boys And Girls


Pet : Dog, Other already done Eat.


Child : No


Relationship : No(until 18 years old).


Food : Peanut, Ice Cream, Rice, Dog Food(Cookie), Kangaroo, Snake, Human(child), Monkey, Dog, Cat, Fish, Shark, Bat, Chicken, Bird, DARK CHOCOLATE, Paper, Sea Food and many.


Drink : Milk Only. No Water.


Birth Date : September 4


Watching : Anime, Running Man, and other


Hobbies : Love Bites People, Computer(Online Games), Love Donate, Sleep.


In-Games Name : Carrot, Chicken, Chibi Yui, Tissue, and other..(1500 char) @main find Xue


Age : Secret


Location : Bed Room


Language : English/Malay/Indo/Chinese/Korea/Japan


Time Played : 24/7 365days


Experience : 4 years old start playing RO(12 years until now, non-stop). Starting at First time online games in this world Ragnarok Online. Playing InertiaRO at 1 Oct 2012.


About me : You know about me. I want be GM too.


The GM Position : ADMIN, Co-Admin, or Head GM(Fired Starcream). Mini GM.


GM Experience : Avenger Ragnarok Online(Co-Admin), ImmuneRO(Co-Admin), ****RO(Admin).

FaceBook : https://www.facebook.com/finnyxue97


Thanks You.

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Chibi Chan : Baby Novice

InertiaRO - Super High Rate