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Taking in GM Applications (June 2014)

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^ Goodluck xue :D




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Name - Pratik.Ghawate


In Game Name - b00tstrap/BazukA

Languages - English


Age - 21


DoB - Oct 27th


Position - Gm for any of the position.


(Play)Time - (GMT-05:30) Indian Time, my playtime can be anywhere from 22.00 to 01.00 hours a day.


Avalibility - Weekdays and Nights


Any Upcoming Events? - Nope nothing for now so i will balance my GM duties.


About Me - Iam a kind of person who likes to be straight forward. Mostly i directly deal with an Yes/No questions with the oponent so that makes my view clear as well as his views about me clear. And i always maintain the business with the greats.


RO Experince - Been playing for 7 to 8 years now.

Why Should We Hire You? - As i have mentioned it above i directly deal with the business overall so it will be easy to be smart with the people who are trying to be smart with the gms and be good with the people who are good with rest all of the players as well as loyal tothe server.As for now it has been a long time being in the world of ragnarok i have not only learned how to play or how to switch eqs i have just learned many server side as well as client side stuff for an server. Iam have knowdlege of making costum maps,costum items,client side bug fixing,database management,i also havesome knowdlege of php language which can help us to keep the website as well as forums updated,iam also know with the patching stuff from ragnarok as well as making costum patcher costum logo for the launchers as well as iam also aware that how to save our servers critical DB for ip hackers,know with some graphics creation stuff too.    :)


Gm Exp?- I have owned an low rate ragnarok server past 1 year ago which was an indian server with 80 players, as well as before that worked as Co-Admin at FS-RO.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear a respose soon.




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Age: 22

Sex: Male

Location : Manila Philippines

Time Xone: Est +8

IGN: .Shanks

Language: English , Filipino

Playing Time: 6am to 10:30am (break)  11:30am to 5pm (break) 7pm to 4am

Inertia Experience: Inertia 4weeks? but pRO 14yrs i guess?

GM Position: head GM

Why should you hire me: you should not just because i have an ability to be an asset to your team , but also i can solve problems , and i can be your strength in times of weakness. i must sat that even though i dont have experience on this particular job, i can assure you that i will do my best to upgrade your team and you should hire me to prove to you that this is true




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Name: Dimitri Marzano


Gender: Male


Age: 17


IGN: Complexity


Race/Nationality: Italian


Area of Location: Illinois,Usa


Timezone: UTC-06:00


Languages I Speak: Fluent English


Time Spent On InertiaRO: A month or so, not a very long time, but long enough to learn the basics! 


Total Time on Ragnarok: About four to five years in total


Position Applying For: Player Relations/Event GM (I also can Script)


Time Availability: Every day except Monday,Tuesday, and Thursday between 3:30-6:30pm my time


GM Experience: I've owned/made a few servers that have gone under, I've also helped out a few GMs on several servers with things such as "Scripting,New items, and holding events" (Even though i wasn't a "GM")


Why do i want to be a GM: I have a lot of free time on my hands, and i enjoy helping things run smoothly. I haven't been here a long time, but i would enjoy the chance to not only learn the server, but to help it prosper into one of the largest servers in Ragnarok.


What can I do to help InertiaRO: I'm very friendly with people, I know how to script, so i can also help make items,NPCs,or just a new creation in general! Whether it's just hanging out and talking to other players, Answering questions for players, Helping new players around and giving them a tour of this great server, or scripting to help make new items for the players of InertiaRO to enjoy, I can help with it all.Now i know that many other people can script, but i'm going to school for the position of Computer Programmer, and i believe that is what sets me apart from any other application.


Contact Information:     Email: [email protected]




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Name: Anthony
Gender: Male

Age: 22
IGN: ~Aries/Hellfeather
Timezone/Location: GMT+ 8 / Western Australia, Perth

Language: English

Since this is somewhat of a job application, I'll try to be as formal as I can be, whilst keeping it short and enjoyable read. 


Hello, my name is Anthony and I am applying for the position of support staff/ Support GM. I am not 100% sure if this position exists but I think it would best suit me, a position with limited commands but enough to assist players, perform my job effectively and to execute punishments if need be. 


I am 22 and just recently graduated from The University of Western Australia with a bachelor in Chemical and Process Engineering. At the moment I am managing a retail store working flexible hours since I am the manager. Thus obviously time for my hobbies, including ragnarok .However I am going to start a Masters Degree in August, this involves me going back to uni, which at the moment shouldn't impact game time (since I do play) or job duties as I am often on at night. 


I have experience as a GM in all sorts of RPG games, I am currently GM at a private server for Maple Story (PirateMS) and have GMed a few others as well, namely RydahMS. I have GMed on Ragnarok before as well; this however was 3 or so years ago at DreamerRO, if you need I could try and dig up screenshots somewhere... I was [GM]Marbles. I stopped RO for 3 years due to University distractions, namely girls, parties and alcohol haha :P. (Sorry I was 18, give me a break)


I guess you would ask me Why do I want to GM here. I asked myself this as well before making this application, I mean, I just started playing a week ago here, I am obviously enjoying my time and game play, so why go and apply for something like this? I guess its because its my need to know things, understand something to detail and the fact I enjoy being sociable and somewhat helpful. I have read almost all the forum guides and I believe I have a pretty good understanding of how things work here so far, heck, I picked up a bug within a couple of days for the gold room. But as a GM I guess I could learn just a little bit more, I'd probably run to a private map, test a couple things find bugs, imbalances things that can be improved. I enjoy a challenge, I'll probably get asked questions which I don't know the answer for, which I absolutely hate, it annoys me that I should know something and don't as a GM. Which isn't a bad thing, I'm sure not all of the GMs know 100% (correct me if I'm wrong, I probably am) but It'd make me that much better for the future. GM enables me to get to know more people as well through helping and assisting them. And a huge part of what makes a server is its community, like the game has got to be good and thoroughly planned out, but if the community is abusive, trashy no ones going to want to stay, and as far as I have seen, we have a pretty diverse bunch and It'd be nice to get to know everyone, even staff. So as a GM, I understand that I am a representative of the server, all players are in a sense, but as a GM, I guess you could say I would directly be linked to it. I understand this, and I believe that I have the qualities and skills to effectively represent InertiaRO.


So yeah, I guess that's it from me. I wouldn't say I'm applying directly for GM or Sub-GM, maybe something a bit simpler like an intern or something, an assistant would be cool. I'd like to play for a bit longer, and I'm definitely going to be around for a while.


Thank you for your time,



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