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Trading Guidelines

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This section is used for the following:


Buying of Items

Selling of Items

Trading Items

*Keep in mind that real-money trading and trading items from other games/servers is against the rules.


Checklist for your Shop Topic:


Title includes what you are selling or your shop name

Your post includes clear instructions of what you are selling/buying/trading

Includes your In Game Name

Any items that you have bought/sold are crossed out

No scams/false shops


Bought everything? Sold Everything? What's next?


Please make a post in your shop topic to let potential buyers/traders know that you are no longer buying/selling the items on that list


* This makes it easier for players to know what shops are still available to buy from


GM Moderation:


Topics will be locked after 3 months based on the last post

Topics will be locked after the original poster says the shop is no longer active

Topics will be locked/deleted for false vends and/or scams


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