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Taking in GM Applications (January 2015)

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We're taking in GM applications again. As always we won't be looking at how long you've been here at the server, so even if you're new here, if you're interested feel free to post your application.

Please be sure to include your in-game name, and your online times in server time (use @time in-game). Include any upcoming events that might affect your online times (such as starting school, work, etc).

As usual, if you need some references for what to include, please look at the past topics in this section. Keep in mind that there is no standard format to the applications - be as creative as you like and feel free to include any extra info you like; the more we know about you, the easier it will be to make a final decision.



As a note, due to time zone restrictions and some upcoming jobs that I have, some interviews (as well as the final decision) may be delayed. Please be patient while we process each individual application, and keep in mind that interviews are quite selective and heavily based on the team's current needs. Even if you aren't interviewed/selected this time around, you're always free to apply next time, as the positions we need filled are always changing.


Visit our RMS page to write a review <3




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Name: Bintang (real name, right? D:)
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Location/GMT: Jakarta, Indonesia, GMT+7
Languages: Mainly English, but of course I can speak my national language :3
Playing Time: Around 1 - 5 a.m server time. I can go online the whole day if on vacation though.
Time Played: Accumulated is around 2 years I guess. I have never played RO consistently D:
Inertia Experience: 2 months if I am not wrong D:
About Me: I am a carefree person. I am not that good at RO though D:
Hobbies: Playing games, obviously. Reading some comics too.
Past GM experience: Never, but I hope I can help :3
The GM position: Prefer to be an Event GM though, but I am always welcome to any position I am assigned to.
Why I want to be a GM: Seeking for experience :3

You can also find me on playdota.com (yes, I play DotA / Dota2) here.


IGN: O X D (High Wizard) || Solaine (Professor) || Novena (Soul Linker) || Senzuna (Assassin Cross)




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Name: Aldrin
Gender: Male
IGN: Carcinogen
Age: 24
Location/GMT: Philippines +8gmt
Languages: English, Tagalog
Playing Time: 3-5 hours, depends on my working schedule
Time Played: 9-12 years
Inertia Experience: 2 years
About Me: A registered nurse :D
Hobbies: Playing computer games, listening to music
Past GM experience: Head GM in Simplicity RO
The GM position: Any
Why I want to be a GM: I wanted to help newbies and host events to make the server more lively.

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Name : Yunnie 


IGN : Yunnie

Age : 20

Location/GMT : Malaysia ( GMT+8 ) 


Languages : Chinese / English / Malay

Playing Time : Week days after 6pm ( GMT+8 ) & Saturday+Sunday full days

Time Played : 2010 ~ 2014=Blackout RO , 2014 ~ 2015=Inertia RO

Inertia Experience : From the March of 2014

About Me : I'm a sleepyhead  #sleep4lyfe

Past GM experience : Only a short time of sub-GM in friend's server

GM position : Any will do


Why I want to be a GM : Helping anyone



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I've moved back to my legit account :3
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Name: Maria
Gender: Female
IGN: Layla / Seigrain / Litzy
Age: 22
Location/GMT: India +5:30
Languages: English
Playing Time: I'm usually on about 4-6 hours a day more than 40 hrs a week
Time Played: Played in different servers for about 8 years
Inertia Experience: 11 Months
About Me: Love to Chat 3:)  Help people, Kind and Loves Everyone <3
Hobbies: Gaming , Coding , Chatting , Travelling and many things..
Past GM experience:  Event GM in ReloadedRO (Indian Server) , Co-Admin in NeoRO (Indian server again).
The GM position: Any GM Position
Why I want to be a GM: 
1. Help Everyone
2. Maintain Server and make it awesome as always :)
3. I love Inertia <3 :D and many more reason to be a part of GM team <3

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Name: Josh Pacheco (fake josh D:<)
Gender: Male
Age: 20
IGN: Zervan, Saizen
Contact info: Skype: Jinglemahshizle. Facebook: Joshy Pacheco. Instagram: _yashiiii_ (i get notifications from all three of these social media sites so feel free to contact me at anytime :D)
Location/PST: Peñuelas, Puerto Rico
Languages: English, Spanish
Playing Time: 8:00~19:00 server time (11 hours each day)
Time Played: A year and 2 months but i've played RO enough to help new players build their characters :3
Inertia Experience: I am active in WoE, BG, PvP, I main Lord Knight but i've built and played a variety of classes (since these builds are different here in Inertia, I thought I would put my experience in this.. there's a lot you can do with [4] equipment). I have also done Contracts, GR, God Items quest, Enchanted Branch quest, and I am familiar with the achievement system, bounty system, housing system (how much it costs to rent for 30 days, upgrade cost, times houses go up for rent, etc). I know the locations of all of NPCs in Mellina newbies might not be aware of (ones that aren't in the center, such as Card Remover, Refiner, God Quest NPC, shop NPCs, MvP warper, GR warper, Mall warper, House Renter, Gym Trainer, Casino warper, etc. Along with commands to also go to the mall/casino/pvp)
About Me: I love helping people its sort of a passion of mine, another passion of mine is music, i love making people laugh, and i'm a great listener if anybody needs my help with something i'm always here to lend a helping hand, usually people say that i give good advice when ever people come to me for advice. I've lived in both Puerto Rico and the US for years so i can speak both english and spanish fluently. I love foods, I love Anime +_+, I'm really well manored, and i'm really easy to get along with :3
Hobbies: Playing RO, listening to music (everyday), playing with my dogs, and working out :3
Past GM experience: None, but I am confident I can handle it and do my best ^_^
Applying for: Event GM or Support GM
Reasons to hire me: I am active everyday and I have plenty of time to dedicate to the server's growth and enjoyment; I would like to host events everyday, especially during the slow portions of the day when there isn't much to do; I've experienced most of Inertia's features (listed in "Inertia Experience") and can offer support if newbies have questions about anything, and I have the patience to answer their questions thoroughly 


                                                                                             Lord Knight: Zervan. SinX: Saizen.





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Aeon Metropolis/Asppo/Speaker for the Dead.



Currently 18 but will be 19 this month.



Yes, I'm taking the time to apply. Is it a waste of time considering my main is banned? More than likely. However, I thought it would still be worth applying. I've been involved in the ragnarok online scene for as long as I can remember. Although I generally don't take the game very seriously, I've been around long enough to the point where I believe I can help advance the server. In the past I've been a part of countless administration teams. My most current project is a gaming community known as precision gaming (not trying to advertise, but here's the link to my profile for proof). Sure, it has nothing to do with RO, but I suppose it can help validate my allegations.


Server Experience:

​I've ran, owned, and administrated 4 servers in my past. Most of them were private testing servers, but one went public and had a peak of about 50. The server was quickly shut down due to lack of funding (I was young at the time, and didn't have a job). I've mainly worked with rA in the past, but I have worked with eA and hercules once in the past. I have an in-depth understanding of how RO database schemas work, as well as a familiarity in most unix based operating systems. I guess you could just say that I'm well versed when it comes to ragnarok online administration and development in general.


On a side note, I'll talk about my experience as a player on inertia. I've been on inertia for 2 years now, I believe. Could be a little bit shorter than that, but I'm not sure. I normally just sit around in town and cause trouble due to boredom. My main, Sharpienero, is currently banned until 2025 for obvious reasons. I just wanted to apologize for the way I acted towards your staff, and I hope that we can put that behind us if needed. If you decide to completely ignore this post, that's okay too.


Position desired:

I'm not sure what I want, exactly. I'm alright with being a support GM, but ultimately I would most enjoy working with you, Mark, to bring the players new content. I've heard that you're super busy and due to that, you're not able to pump out content steadily. I'm here to help if you need.


Time factors:

I'm currently a full time student who is studying computer science. I'm living on campus, which, as you know, has a lot of down time. However, I will always put my studies ahead of other activities. During midterms/finals weeks, I will not be online nearly as much as other times. That being said, I could be online anywhere from 5 hours a day to 45 minutes a day. I suppose it just depends on the day. Overall, I can say that I'm a pretty active person if I want to put my mind to it.



I only speak English fluently enough to put it on this list.



I'm a male.


Times online:

This will depend based on my next semesters schedule. 


Additional information:

Feel free to PM me here if you need anything else.

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Goodluck :D 

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Porigon ( Sniper )

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Rui Red ( High Priest )

Russelle ( Bio )

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Name: Ian Magalhães
Gender: Male
Age: 19
IGN: Ktsu, KtsuClown
Contact info:  Facebook: Ian Magalhaes
Location/PST: Brazil, -3gmt
Languages: English, Portugues
Playing Time: 2/3 hrs for day
Time Played: 3/4 Years , but not countinually
Inertia Experience: Not that much, I just like to staying online and see whats going on . Go to goldroom , pvp , deathbranch etc.
About Me: Just a regular brazilian man. Happy all the time.
Hobbies: Play games, go out, catch a movie.
Past GM experience: None
Applying for: Event GM ( I'm a "event" kind of player )  
I know that brazilian servers are really bad , and Inertia is the best server i found to Brazilian players , so if i can help the server i'll do , just because this server is awesome. :] 

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Name: Joseph
Gender: Male
IGN: Finger and *.dT_Tb.*
Age: 16
Location/GMT: California, PST
Languages: English and Mandarin (Not like anyone speaks it in RO. Hah)
Playing Time: Weekdays: Around 4 pm-Midnight I'm free unless I'm balling someone up or ya... Weekends: Whole day unless I'm balling someone up 2x... GG WP KOBEEEEEEE
Time Played: I've played Ragnarok for about 6-7 years. I got influenced playing RO by my cousins when I was younger.
Inertia Experience: Around 2-3 years or longer...
About Me: I like turtles. My favorite color is green. I like girls.
Hobbies: Playing games, Hanging out, Cracking jokes, Chatting/Talking. 
Past GM experience: Raw RO (Event GM)
The GM position: I am applying for Event GM.
Why I want to be a GM: Because I recently got hacked and I want to @item my items back. HAH jk. ITS BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE I AM SUITABLE. I'M SERIOUS WHEN ITS SERIOUS AND I JOKE WHEN ITS JOKING TIME. I HOPE THAT MAKES SENSE. n_n I also like learning new things, plus I rarely get mad. 

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Name: (Sadly it's not Beyonce) Mazni Noah


Gender: Female


IGN: Sasha Fierce


Age: 18 (coming 19 this year)


Occupation: 1st year university student, studying Accounting & Finance (monez)


Location/GMT: Malaysia, GMT+8


Languages: Standard Malay, Brunei-Malay & English


How Long Have I Played RO: I don't remember... roughly 8-9 years?


How Long Have I Played iRO: Since Aug 2013


Online Times: Currently I'm living on campus and since my university blocks almost all of the online games, I can only play via my phone internet. I try to go on for WoE when I can (0200-0900 server time) during the weekdays. I go home every weekend so I am mostly free during those days.


My 411: My name is not the easiest to pronounce or remember so I introduce myself as Maz (emphasizing the 'Z'). I have a relatively weak immune system thus I get sick almost every week. I'm super lame and proud of it. I don't have any (real) talent whatsoever. I really like cats - I get super excited and passionate when it comes to felines. Oh ya and I play touch rugby and I like to think that I'm good at it (but I'm really not).


Hobbies: Learning, reading and baking (burnt) cookies


Past GM Experience: None, sorry. The past servers I've applied for didn't think I was cool/pretty enough


The GM Position I'm Applying For: Preferably Police GM, I wouldn't mind Event GM (tho I can be very strict but its just tough love yknow)


Why You Should Consider/Hire Me: I don't have an attitude problem when it comes to authority. I listen, I accept criticism and I want to improve if you give me your time and patience. I work well in teams and I set aside personal problems in order to get the job done. I do not favour favouritism when I am given a position of trust (for example when I log in to my GM character or the leader of my group assignment). I personally think this server has lost its mojo for awhile now and a lot of players have complained how boring iRO has gotten but I would like to help by making it a more enjoyable experience for players.


Last Notes: Thank you for taking the time to read my application. #AldrinforGM

(っ◔◡◔)っ ❤ ~ Aziz

Chocolate Chips
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Name: Dimitri


Gender: Male


In-Game names: Valkryia, Optic, Lavenblade, Parallax


Age: 16 (Turning 17 soon)


Location/GMT: United States, Illinois/GMT-6


Languages I speak: English


Past GM Experience: Well, I have made many servers that I've ran with a few friends (None got very populated), so roughly 2 years total GM Experience.


How can I help the server: I'm a friendly person who can help welcome/guide newcomers into the server of InertiaRO as well as help with scripting and some patching (If someone can help me get used to it again).


Position Desired: I desire a position that will allow me to host an event every now and then, but still be able to help you guys create items/help finish tickets/and patch.


Total time playing Ragnarok: Only about 3 years, but I've learned everything there is to know about Ragnarok


Online time: 08:00 to 23:00 (with a little time in between for schoolwork (School over internet) and work (Also over the internet)


InertiaRO Experience: About 8 to 9 months now


                    Thanks for taking a look at my application and feel free to message me in-game on Valkryia if you have any questions.








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Name: Enzo
Gender: Male
IGN: Intero
Age: 21
Location/GMT: DMV area, EST (GMT-5)
Languages: English, Filipino, Some Spanish
Playing Time: ~12PM~4AM EST (GMT-5),  (9:00- 1:00  server time)
Time Played: Been playing RO for about 10 years ON/OFF
Inertia Experience: About a month, enjoying it so far  :smile: 
About Me: Helpful, Fast learner, People person, Dependable
Hobbies: Photography, Hiking, Cooking, Playing variety of computer games, reddit, youtube. 
Past GM experience: Event/Support GM for TSBRO
The GM position: I am open for any GM position
Why I want to be a GM: I always had the passion of helping people especially the newcomers and actually make them stay on this server, I also want to make people's experience playing InertiaRO enjoyable like I enjoyed it. Improve and make a better InertiaRO community. Host fun and entertaining events for the players.

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Name: Fritzgerald Villanueva


IGN; Uchiha Obito, Sugawara Koushi, Lance Corporal Rivaille and a bunch more


Online: I can usually go online from 3pm server time until i go to sleep or something, i have school that's why :o also during the weekends i don't do much so i can pretty much go on the whole day if i wanted to.


Reason why i should be hired: Because im Obito >:D jk. well i am but yeah. me > tinter for president. i have a brony friend (-winks at mark-)

I would love to be a gm just for the sake of spoiling some newbies every now and then. also so that i can hold events and keep the server more active. and lastly im sick and tired of being just an ordinary player i just really want to experience being a gm :D


PS. love me mark <3

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I nominate Maria for GM!!!!! Woohoooo. I'm sure she will do great and us a really fair person. Be careful though when she starts hunting u in BG or woe... love youuuuuu. Nom Nom Nom. Watermelons.

Name: Maria

Gender: Female

IGN: Layla / Seigrain / Litzy

Age: 22

Location/GMT: India +5:30

Languages: English

Playing Time: I'm usually on about 4-6 hours a day more than 40 hrs a week

Time Played: Played in different servers for about 8 years

Inertia Experience: 11 Months

About Me: Love to Chat 3:) Help people, Kind and Loves Everyone <3

Hobbies: Gaming , Coding , Chatting , Travelling and many things..

Past GM experience: Event GM in ReloadedRO (Indian Server) , Co-Admin in NeoRO (Indian server again).

The GM position: Any GM Position

Why I want to be a GM:
1. Help Everyone

2. Maintain Server and make it awesome as always :)

3. I love Inertia <3 :D and many more reason to be a part of GM team <3

I would like to nominate Becka for a promotion Woohoooo. Preferably a position she's not handling cats. Because when she is beast mode she will keel them. Watermelons are yummy.

Name: Becka

Gender: Female

IGN: Simmy/Umbreon

Age: 23

Location/GMT: Pennsylvania, USA GMT -5

Languages: English

Playing Time: When I'm not working/sleeping... about 3~4 hours a day, average about 3 on my former GM (Mostly 06:00~11:00 server time, but it depends on when I work)

Time Played: I've played Ragnarok in general for 9+ years

Inertia Experience: 1 year and a few months

About Me: I'm a nab

Hobbies: Draw, play games, suck at acoustic guitar <3

Past GM experience: Former Event GM here

The GM position: I am applying for Event or Support GM

Why I want to be a GM: I have no life and need something to do.

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I would like to nominate Becka for a promotion Woohoooo. Preferably a position she's not handling cats. Because when she is beast mode she will keel them. Watermelons are yummy.

^I was fired lol :< that's why I put in an app (for once I'm not trying to take Adamz jawb <33)




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Name : Gei
Age : 16(Turning 17 at April's Fools)
Sex : Yes
IGN : Mikoto/Theseus , Selphie/Asane
Location : Ponyville , GMT + 8
Languages : English , Chinese , and some pinoy swearings(play with ur pekpek mark)
Playing Time : Weekdays - Server Time 0:00 till I sleep(probably till 06:00 , I have school po), Weekends - Any time I want ;3
Time Played(RO) : 7-8 years? Ionno.
Time Played(Inertia) : 2 years?
About Me : Ryan is always fabulous.
Hobbies : Fap , sex
Past GM Experience : None.
DA GM POSITIONZ: I can be both event and support ones.

Why I should be a GM : cuz i applied this thing for the 7th time yo

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Ryan is dead




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I'm vote for maria, becka, cel, aldrin, mazzy & ryan C:

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I've moved back to my legit account :3
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General Information:


Gender: Male
Age: 20
Location: Sydney, Australia
Language spoken: English 


In-Game Information:


IGN: Lux
Playing Hours (Server time): Between the hours of 15:00 - 4:00
InertiaRO Experience: About 2 months


Other Information:

RO Experience: I started playing RO in 2005, however, I have taken breaks in-between years of playing.
Past experiences: Event GM | Support GM | Police | Head GM | GFX 
Why am I applying for a position?: Because someone told me to
Ways to contact me:  You can contact me via Facebook, Skype, E-mail and Whatsapp.
Fun FactPlatypuses are endemic to Eastern Australia

InertiaRO - Super High Rate