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Taking in GM Applications (January 2015)

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AGE: 22

SEX: Male

LOCATION: Nova Scotia, Canada


MSN/E-MAIL/YM: [email protected]

HOW LONG DO YOU PLAY: i dont work im free all the time

Position Support GM


Active times: 6 - 4Am California time =o 

Why do you want to become a GM/ Intentions for APPLYING a GM? i would like to help out the server, and just all around help everyone out, i have plenty of RO experiance i have ran my own server before.

Character In-Game:  Mewtwo

How long have you played Ragnarok? almost 13 years now and iv also GMed for Inertia Before ^^

How can you help InertiaRo? Like i said previously i have Alot of RO experiance, i know alot about the game. i would be there to help people if need i just want to do everything in my power to help people enjoy the server and keep it running


Thanks you<3




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º IGN: Sugar Doll,Frejya,Your Mommy,Aneurysm,
º Age: 19
º Gender: Male/Bi (Proud of it.) 
º Location: New York and New Jersey (GMT-5) 
º Languages: English, Filipino, Some spanish words (Still learning)
º Postion applying for: Support-GM, Sub-GM, Event-GM
º InertiaRO experience: Week old. :wub: LOL, i know. 
º Connection time: 7:00pm - 10/11:00pm Server time and usually the whole day when i'm on my days off.
º Experience: Been playing Ragnarok since Elementary, so i would say probably 9 years on and off. I was an Event GM on other servers that went down and was a pilot GM as Support and Event-GM with 1k+ players.
º About me: I'm a pretty chill guy, mostly doin quests, hunting stuffs or exploring Midgard maps. That's what i do when i'm bored. Instagram, Photoshop, and my wardrobe are my bestfriends. I work Full-time and my schedule changes every week. I'm also a Part-Time fashion consultant for guys. But i always have free time after work for playing games.
º Hobbies: League of Legends, Ragnarok, Beer pong, Body shots, Party every Friday and Saturday, Sleep on different people's bed(Pro at it), Latte Art, Watch Netflix
º Reason for applying: I would say i would totally not be biased since i dunno anyone from the server and i hate that sh*t. I'm very dedicated with almost everything i'm committed to. I want to help people and share my awesomeness around y'all sexy people lolol  :biggrin: 



 -- Thanks for reading! CIAO.  :cool: 

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Name: Kristoffer
Gender: Male
IGN: No 2
Age: 18
Location/GMT: Philippines +8gmt
Languages: English, Tagalog
Playing Time: Phil time- 5pm Onwards, Depends on my sleeping sched /heh. 
Time Played: Played RO for about 3 years, Stopped and decides to start playing RO again this month.
Inertia Experience: Just started Jan 19. This is my the first server i Downloaded when I decided to play RO again.
About Me: Student. Gamer.
Hobbies: Playing computer games, listening to music.
Past GM experience: Enforcement/Helper GM 2 years ago @ ZetaRO & DarkRO
The GM position: Enforcement/Helper. Any will do /heh
Why I want to be a GM: To weave the other player character stories together, To help the non player aspects of the game, to enforce the games rules and provide general customer service, To create environments in which the players can interact, and solve any player disputes. Actually just wanna help players and give them the fun they want :)




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Name:Renzo Siaga
Age: 19
Location: Philippines GMT+8
Languages Spoken: Tagalog and English
Availability(hours/days): 7-9hrs a Day . Im Currently Studying right now my School Schedule is from 11am-5:30pm( GMT+8)
Any prior GM experience on another RO server? : I've been a Event & Police GM in DDRO For 2Years and Event GM in Lambro
Position you are applying for: Support GM or Event GM
What abilities/skills do you have that relate directly to the position you are applying for?: As you can see above I've been a Event GM for 2 years so I can host alot of unique Events that will make your players enjoy playing in your server. 
And i can help a newcomer in your Server to guide and answer their questions regarding the game.
How long have you been playing Ragnarok Online?: I've been playing Ragnarok for 9 Years now
How experienced are you with Ragnarok Online?: I can say that I'm a very experienced person when it comes to Ragnarok Online because I have been through hard times in that game.
What are the lowest and highest rate servers you have been on? : I've played alot of low rate servers like iRO(IntenseRO) , myRO, LambRO and DNRO. And for high rate servers, I have played DDRO similar like your server , BlackoutRO and NiktoutRO.
How can you help the server?: I've been a Event GM for 2 years so I can host alot of unique Events that will make your players enjoy playing in your server. And i can help a newcomer in your Server to guide and answer their questions regarding the game.
How do you deal with Criticism? : I accept what they have to say and I take them as challenges. Their comments help me improve myself even more in the fields that lack improvements.
How would you deal with errors in your own judgment? : I'll tend to them immediately.
Describe yourself: Im an Outgoing Person , Approachable , Friendly , Patient and Easy to go with

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Name : Airah Mae


IGN : Airah Mae.

Age : 19

Location/GMT : Philippines ( GMT+8 ) 


Languages :

Filipino / English 

Playing Time : Week days and week ends 10:00pm ~ 2:00am  ( GMT+8)

Inertia Experience : From the Feb of 2014

About Me : I'm a sleepyhead,gamer,animelover,artist,photographer

Past GM experience : it's my first time applying as one

GM position : Any will do but hopefully event


Why I want to be a GM : Helping anyone, and i want anyone to enjoy the server and have fun.


When i'm off: mostly i'm at school, i'm a fine arts student :3 major in advertising when i'm not in school i play RO then painting

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Name: Akhilesh

Age: 16

Sex: Hopefull

Location: Bangalore, India

Language: English


IGN: [] Bishop []

Playing Time: When im not Studying [I have exams in 1 month, after which i will be free]

Iro Exp: 1 year [after which i had to quit for 2 years due to studies] Then 2 months again.


Past GM Exp: None

Hobbies: playing on mah PC and watching mind blowing anime.

Why I wanna become a GM: I remember when i was new i had lots of trouble, so i wanna be there for people who need help.

GM Position: Open for any.

Why Should i be hired: I will help a lot of people by doing whatever is in my power. I will also help in maintaining the server.




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I nominate Maria for GM!!!!! Woohoooo. I'm sure she will do great and us a really fair person. Be careful though when she starts hunting u in BG or woe... love youuuuuu. Nom Nom Nom. Watermelons.


Thanks baby <3 I love you too <3 




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Name Mathew Garcia


In Game Name:Gank


Gender: Male


Age: 20


Location: central America Texas


Languages: English Japaneses and some Tagalog


Playing Time: anytime any day i work for the U.S army so i have a lot of spare time


History of RO: been playing sense beta of first launch


Inertia:4 years or so


About Me: Ive devoted my self to helping others and i enjoy making others happy


Hobbies:RO and anime


past GM experience: 2years on kippyRO http://ratemyserver....l_sname=KippyRO


Position:any is fine with me im a also a computer programer but i love making custom events that are one of a kind


i wish to become a GM so i can help the RO community a better place its time as a player i retire and try to be a GM of a community

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Name: king
Gender: Male
IGN:  M a v e r i c k, NegNeg
Age: 23
Location/GMT: Philippines GMT+8
Languages: Mainly English
Playing Time: 6-12pm 
Time Played: 5 years
Inertia Experience: im new
About Me: i am patient and fun to talk with
Hobbies: Playing games, airsoft and basketball
Past GM experience: i was a gm in HeartlessRO and in VividRO.. mostly small ro servers but doesnt change my skill as one
The GM position: any position will do..
Why I want to be a GM: id like to help the server and help players to have fun and enjoy their stay

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Name: Mike
Gender: Male
IGN: [VIP]D r a v e n~
Age: 25
Location/GMT: Philippines +8gmt
Languages: English, Tagalog
Playing Time: 8-12hrs a day basically depends when im bored
Time Played: 8-10 years in ragnarako PH Loki server and 2-4in sakray Ph server
Inertia Experience: 6-7 months in InertiaRO
About Me: Training Call Center Agent
Hobbies: Playing computer games, listening to music playing basketball
Past GM experience: Event coordinator at Ragnarok Ph Loki Server
The GM position: Any
Why I want to be a GM: I want to help the new comers in the server and make the server more fun and more lively..

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Name: Christine
Gender: Female
IGN: /\/\int, Tin
Age: 18
Location/GMT: Philippines, +8gmt
Languages: English,Filipino
Playing Time: Every night, Weekends whole day
Time Played: 4-8 years
Inertia Experience: 10 Months or 1 year dunno the exact month or year
About Me: I am crazy, I do crazy things, I am good if the person is good at me and bad if the person is bad at me
Hobbies: Gaming , Coding , Chatting , Singing, Designing(Web or Logos or etc.) and i love to take pictures 
Past GM experience:  None. Gm with my own offline server  :laugh:
The GM position: Any GM Position
Why I want to be a GM: It is because i help people naturally, I hate scammer, I want people to get together. I love the game i dunno why; i tried to get to other server but i keep coming back, I want to recruit more people for the server. 

MORE LOVE  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:

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Name: Stephanie G. T
Gender: Female
IGN: Steph
Age: 22 soon to be 23 this February. 
Location: Mexico.
Languages: Spanish and English. ( Studying French. )
Online: I am starting all over again on Inertia. I am a fast learner and I can be trained for anything that is needed. Currently being trained on scripting. 
My time online is random. ( Daily visit is a MUST. )
RO experience: I've been around RO since they first started. I've been playing on a lot of servers every now and then. 
About Me: A simple, mature and very punctual woman. I am a person that enjoys helping and organizing. I can be a control freak and sometimes that helps me. 
Also, I am an artist. Well experienced in all sorts of media. ( Digital and Traditional ) 
Past GM experience: 
  • Simple Translation Level 20 GM on iRO  - Quitted a while ago. 
  • Simple Support GM on GatheringRO - Quitted. 
  • Event Gamemaster on several servers - Quitted. 
  • Administrator and Developer of AeternusRO - Closed Server. 
  • Event Gamemaster on RoseRO - Quitted
  • Spriter on several servers - Quitted Spriting for a while. 
Desired GM Position
  • Event GM
  • Support GM
  • Artist GM

Why should you Hire me as a GM: 

I am a well prepared person. I know limits and rules very well. I can also provide the server with creative and new quests, a whole new set of art and in a future sprites! 

As an event gamemaster, I would present my events in an orderly fashion and timed. Everything needs to work 100% right before launching the event! 

I also promote more forum usage with FORUM events. 

As a past GM on other servers, I know the rules, commands and everything in between that is needed. I am a very patient person with new people and I am extremely

patient with angry people. 



  • Via PM here on Forums
  • e-mail: hollybunnysteph (at) gmail.com
  • Skype. ( PM needed. )


Goodluck everyone! Thankyou for the opportunity! 




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- Marc Ryan


In-Game Name(s):

- Zyst


- Mars, Mehehe.

Time Zone (GMT):

- GMT + 08:00

Spoken Language(s): 

- English, Tagalog, A bit Spanish & Portuguese [since I talk to Spanish and Brazilian people from other games too :>]


- Eighteen years old


How experienced are you with Ragnarok?

- Well, I have been playing Ragnarok since 2009, so most likely going 6 years of playing Ragnarok Online but, to be honest, I have been on hiatus for like several months on Ragnarok since I have discovered different games but decided to be back on my most loved game, Ragnarok Online. Playing Ragnarok Online for years, I have met new people, friends, enemies [lol]. It’s been cool playing with different people, race and with different country.


How long have you been playing on Inertia Ragnarok Online?

- I’m too young for Inertia Ragnarok Online, but yeah. My motivation for making this application is this, Ragnarok Online Experience plus Walking Around in the server times Discovering stuffs = Success to know the different things in Inertia RO.


How well do you know InertiaRO rules?

- While downloading the full client [lol], I am all around in the forums and the website, I have’t finished reading the rules but I would love to read ‘em more, if there’s any new for the rules since some of different ragnarok online servers just do copy paste some rules. Lol.



Prior GM experience on another RO server: 


How long? 

To be honest, I couldn’t remember how long I’ve been with my GM experience for I have been GM on different servers but I know my GM experience is enough for making me apply as a GM here.



Which position? 

I was a hawt Event/Support/Graphics Game Master and if you consider Police as a Game Master, would love it. :>



Any other similar experience?:

- Similar experiences? Well, I have similar experiences while doing this GM application, since yeah, All of servers do this and yeah. It’s good doing this things and help the server.



Best part of being GM:

Best part of being a GM? Disguiseeeee. Loljk. Well the best part of being a Game Master is you know that you are helping the people get to know more about the server. Giving advices/guides for them. Also, the best part is when you’re done helping a player, Just a simple “Thank You GM” makes me feel being loved and yeah, I’ve know that I truly helped the person.



Worst part of being GM:

Word part? Being accused that I did something but totally didn’t do something.



What traits are necessary in a good GM?

Kind [ofc], Honest, Trustworthy, Patience [is a virtue] and all the positive traits. :>


Out of these qualities, which do you currently possess?

Trustworthy and Patience, without these trait, everything will be useless, like come on, you should be trustworthy and have patience since there are like a lot of people coming to you and ask for your help. :>



Hours do you plan to GM per week (include times, preferably with respect to server time or GMT): 

- Well, it depends on my time, I could be on for 1-3 hours per day tho, since I use to make Ragnarok Online as my rest time after my classes. :)

Available times for being an in-game GM (include weekdays and weekends): 

- Tbh, If I were be given a chance to be a GM, I would stay on my GM character. Since I just sit and discover stuffs in-game. Most probably, I could be up for 2-5 hours on weekdays and 5-7 hours on weekends.



Position applying for (Enforcement, Support, Event, Scripter, etc): 

-  Most probably, an Enforcement/Support/Event.



How do you deal with criticism?

- Oh well, criticisms are always normal and always there in-game, some people will like me and some people will not, tho I need to be on Neutral, since I am representing as the whole server. So everyone should be treated equally no favoritism.



How do you deal with errors in your own judgment?

-  I just learn from my own mistake and try to make things better.



Why do you want to be a GM?

-  I wanted to be a Game Master not for fame, but to help people as much as I can.



What can you contribute to Inertia as a GM?

- My time, my Ragnarok Online knowledge and my trust.



What are your expectations as a GM?

- Expectations? A lot. I know if I could have the chance, this is surely that I will be working with the great people.


What do you need to properly do your job as a GM?

-  Good Attitude. Patience. Patience. Patience and knowledge.



How can you improve yourself?

Improving myself by learning by my own mistakes.



If chosen, what is the first thing you will do as GM?

- Sit in Main town and try to help people as much as possible.



Anything else we should know?

I’m hawt and Charlie the Unicorn. Food for life.

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I usually don't put my character names here 'cause I'm too damn hawt.

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