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Help In professor Please...

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My Proffesor i have kill fasst with bolts 100k per bolts but all classes Kill me very fast what make me get defense or any thing 
Or any one Help Me in pvp guide for proffesor 




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Cake Style -


- Buy 10,000 Heal Scrolls.

- Have one account with a Paladin.

- Have another account with a Clown (high VIT).

- Have another account with a High Priest.

- Have a designated town where you have your High Priest, Pally and Clown waiting.

- Give yourself Assumptio, Bless, Gospel and Apple and get 17m HP.

- Buff up and put on a GTB Card.

- @go pvp and rape everyone in sight as fast as you can for 30 seconds.

       - If they don't all die by the time your Gospel / Apple wears off, turtle up with Wall of Fog and Safety Wall and spam Heal with reflect.

- Trash talk the people you kill with broken English about how bad they are at a dead RPG.




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That's actually some pretty good advice. +1

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There's a bunch of professor guides in the "Guides" Section o:




Just scroll down to Professor

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