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GM Applications (March-April 2015)

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Perry the Platypus

Perry the Platypus


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We're now taking in GM applications. As usual we won't be looking at the length of time you've been playing here, so newbies are free to apply if they'd like.

Please be sure to include your in-game name, and your online times in server time (use @time in-game). Also include any upcoming events that might affect your online times (such as starting school, work, etc).

As usual, if you need some references for what to include, please look at the past topics in this section. Keep in mind that there is no standard format to the applications - be as creative as you like and feel free to include any extra info you like; the more we know about you, the easier it will be to make a final decision.
Please be patient while we process each individual application, and keep in mind that interviews are quite selective and heavily based on the team's current needs. Even if you aren't interviewed/selected this time around, you're always free to apply next time, as the positions we need filled are always changing.


Visit our RMS page to write a review <3




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Hello to all Inertia RO members


Name: Bluma (ign)

My time Zone is Server time +3hr

At the moment there is not any real events stopping me from playing the game however i do have a full time job but i only work 3 days a week as a medical assistant. I am normally home around 8-9 PM or 5-6pm server time. I play all through the night into the early hours of the morning.


I am a kind, helpful, and charismatic person. I am always willing to help others (Players or Gm staff) with anything really from tips on how to play the game more effectively to fixing minor error problems myself or my friends have encountered. 


I have only played this server for exactly 1 day and i love it. However i have played many RO's since i was about 12 years old putting me at 7 almost 8 year experience playing RO.


I guess since i brought up experience i should mention i have been a GM support player before my tasks were as followed; Streaming Woe, Setting up/organizing/hosting mini events, also i have experience with fixing minor errors with the game (eq: Missing DLL files, disconnected from server, or script errors) 


A little about me, as mentioned before i stated i work in a doctors office as a medical assistant so i guess its safe to say i love helping people and honestly thats what i love to do. Its how and who i am helping people comes naturally to me. I live by the motto that everyone is family and when family needs help we do what we can to help them. That goes a long to the Inertia Community as well, we are all one big happy family and when ever someone needs help I help.


Position: This is the part where you as the GM staff get to see not what i can offer you but what you can offer me. Personally i am perfectly ok where ever you guys need me. I am a willing and helpful person. I do however like coming up with hosting small events that can be discussed/ approved by the current GM staff. I would also like to be a support GM player where i can convey the wishes of the Inertia community to you along with giving them a friendly approachable person they can relate to. All in all I am just happy to serve and support the Community of Inertia RO


Thank you for your Time consideration and continued support




P.s While my application is under review i would like to request a follow up message, post, or reply informing me of your decision. :D

hope to hear from you guys soon.




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Name: Michael Max

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Location: Indonesia

E-mail: [email protected]

IGN: Yagami , Marveolus


So a little story about me , i'm playing ro since 2000 ( sakray ). I usually play PC ( any game ) around 12 pm - 3 am / 6 pm - 6 am ( server time ) since i'm a maniac gaming. And why I want to become a GM ? I don't need to tell anymore about this , any gm should know , rip.


Edit: I was: Moderator forum , Admin , GM Event , GM Police , Owner. And I can give you more suggestion about the server :3





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Oh for got to mention i was asocial media operator also :D




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Name: Becka (Simmy)
Gender: Female
IGN: Lopunny
Age: 23
Location/GMT: Pennsylvania, USA, EST
Languages: English
Playing Time: When I'm not working/sleeping...
Time Played: I've played Ragnarok in general for my entire life (9ish years)
Inertia Experience: 1 year 5 months
About Me: meow, I have a face
Hobbies: Draw, play games, suck at acoustic guitar <3
Past GM experience: I'm gud/10 Evant Gym
The GM position: I am applying for Neck GM (below Head GM) (Yana for Collarbone GM)
Why I want to be a GM: I am nersha worthy

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Inertia is Life !


Name : Yunnie (Yuin)


I.G.N : Yunnie


Age : 20 years old


Gender : Female


Location : Malaysia


Timezone : GMT +8 


Available Languages : English, Chinese, Malay ( Write, Speak, Listen )


Interested / Hobbies : Art & Drawing, Design & Edit, Fashion & Stylist, Gaming & Searching, Eat & Sleep...


About Me :  

I'd love play games especially RO, because its first online game that I start with. My first RO is Blackout RO, I've been staying there from 2008 to present. At the moment I also did joined few server as low rate, mid rate, high rate and super high rate. I'm join Inertia RO with my friends at February or March of 2014 for getting a new experience. From the start I join, I'm feel that Inertia was a fun and active server. Every items is very nice and cute for me, also GMs is very kind and lovely. Then I was being actived here and hunting quest for the items that I like and want it. Inertia have many activities that I feel fun, example gold room, poring coin contracts, headgear quest and etc. But the most that I enjoy is War of Emperium and Battleground, use to called WoE and BG in game. I would admit about it GMs here is the best GMs team and active of the all server I've joined before. They was fun ,kind and helpfull. GMs always helping the player whose need helping and they make much of event for making everyone. The most that I really feel great is our Admin ( Perry the Platypus ) keep updating the server whenever players give him good suggestions. Eventhough there still some players dislike it, but he still being good to talk and reply the comments to all of them. Being a good GM should be good in talking and helping, so it will be good for connect with players. Well anyway, I'll just telling this all first since those is the main point that I love to stay Inertia. Actually there is too much and long if I want to telling my comments LOL.

Cheers and peace~ Enjoy and have fun everyone


RO's Experience : 7 years, Since 2008 ( LR,MR,HR,SHR )


Inertia's Experience : 1 year, Since 2014



GM's Experience : Sub GM / Event GM / Support GM / GM Assistant


Reason of Apply :

Helping and Supporting everyone.

Not only for newbies, as long as anyone needed help I'll doing for them. A few times I saw there newbies that just join the server. They was keep asked for help everywhere but not everyone want to help them. That is sad when I saw it, because back then when I'm a newbie much of them is helping me. If not those kindly players is helping me, I don't think I can stay on this server until now.

So I very hope I can have chance to help everyone, at least I love and enjoy to do it.


Position of Apply : It's doesn't matter, as long as its helping and supporting for everyone.


Active Time : Everyday ( 7 Days A Week )

                     - Monday-Friday : 15:00pm - 22:00pm ( Server time ) / 06:00pm - 12:00am ( GMT+8 )                                             

                     - Saturday-Sunday : Time not fixed. Available online for 12-15 hours


Contact Me : Forums PM inbox ( Anytime )

                  @mail / PM character ( Only online time )


That's all for now, Thanks !



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I've moved back to my legit account :3
© Yunnie




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Name: Christine
Gender: Female
IGN: Tin, Kyuuru, Cookie
Age: 18
Location/GMT: Philippines, +8gmt
Languages: English,Filipino
Playing Time: Every night, Weekends whole day
Time Played: 4-8 years
Inertia Experience: 1year~up
About Me: I am crazy, I do crazy things, I am good if the person is good at me and bad if the person is bad at me
Hobbies: Gaming , Coding , Chatting , Singing, Designing(Web or Logos or etc.) and i love to take pictures 
Past GM experience:  None. Gm with my own offline server   :laugh:
The GM position: Event/Support
Why I want to be a GM: It is because i help people naturally, I hate scammer, I want people to get together. I love the game i dunno why; i tried to get to other server but i keep coming back, I want to recruit more people for the server. 

MORE LOVE   :wub:   :wub:   :wub:   :wub:   :wub:   :wub:



                                                         Love don't Hate




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Name:  David (Auxillary)
Gender: Male
IGN: Ricril, Elril, Darconis, Yvlyfer, Vulelzer, Fhauvial
Age: 26
Location/GMT: California USA, PST -8
Languages: English, Spanish (Moderate)
Playing Time: I usually play at night, 8PMish or a little before til around 10/11. Just depends on how much work I have and how much sleep I need.
Time Played: I've been playing Ragnarok since the 2003 Beta. So, while I've been playing the game now for 12 years, I have played it in on / off again sessions.
Inertia Experience: Going on 4 months.
About Me: 26 year-old law enforcement professional, have a fiance, will be married in August, Dragon/Libra, Whovian, and I have a knack for the nerdy, the geeky, and the unusual.
Hobbies: Sleep, Drink, Play Video Games, Stay up late... basically everything your mother told you not to do. I also like eating, eating is one of my favorite hobbies, and caffeine. Caffeine is definitely one of my biggest hobbies.
Past GM experience: I've been a Support GM on multiple servers, had very short stents as Event GMs (My ideas get too complicated some time, which is why I make event NPCs via scripting). Finally proceeded to move from Event, to Support, to Enforcement, to Head GM on DreamerRO. After quitting there, I held my own server for about 3 years.
The GM position: Anything needed. Would prefer Development/Support but will help out with any position (Head/Lead/Admin GM, Enforcement, Development, Support, Event) as needed.
Why I Would Be A Good/Great  GM: I'm not a hardcore player; I don't WoE, I don't PVP; I usually just chill-out in the main town, do research, go collect cards to try random builds I work on, try to get my homunculus to 1000 intimacy, and collect hats. I've sort of "ignored" the cliques and not been apart of them. I have plenty of experience, I'm impartial due to my choices here on Inertia, and I have an extensive knowledge base of Ragnarok, development, and am familiarized with the customizations done for this server.
I have plenty of experience in Development: with a specialty in scripting. I'm getting back into the swing of things: I currently have my own offline server I use extensively for testing purposes. I focus very heavily in scripting: minor client / source modifications, and general administration of site/server as well as server security.

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Name: Jess
Gender: Female
IGN: Tabitha Calliel, Noelle Wintersong, Esmee Aleris
Age: 21 (but +1 in a few weeks)
Location/GMT: Philippines / +8 GMT
Languages: English, Filipino
How long I've played RO: I've been playing since I was like 13-ish but on/off so maybe around 5-6 years.
How long I've played iRO: Since February-ish 2013
Online Times: Mostly in the evenings during weekdays (around 7-8pm to 11 pm) and most of the time during the weekends. I can probably stretch it more during weekdays but my life and my job are my priorities so I can't afford to sacrifice my sleep or my personal time. Nonetheless, I'll get stuff done within the limited time that I have.
About Myself: 
  • I'm a Project Development Associate which basically means I'm in-charge of making sure work gets done, and sales go up.
  • My hobbies include doing random stuff online (9gag, Pintrest, Tumblr, watching anime, etc.), reading books (slice of life, romance mostly - Sarah Dessen ftw), and travelling (mostly for the culture - and the food). 
  • I'm an avid fan of K-pop (particularly K-boy groups *-*) mostly cause their songs just get you hooked and they're all hotties (omgd). 
  • I'm generally a nice and approachable person but I'm not too talkative. I can be chatty but only when it comes to subjects I'm familiar with (like K-pop <3). 
  • I retired from the woe scene about a month ago so I'm generally just sitting in Mellina usually chatting with people I know or recruiting for my social guild, PS.
Past GM Experience: Does it count if I was a (legit) Helper on a server for around 1 year? Other than that, I don't have any. 
The GM Position I'm Applying For: Support GM. 
2nd choice - Event GM, 3rd choice - Police GM. Or if I could, Support/Event GM would be nice. 
Why You Should Consider/Hire Me: 
  • I'm patient and understanding. 
    • I know that there are a lot of new players asking a ton of questions and I'm up for spending time with them and introducing them to our server.
    • I know that there will be times when I'll be flooded with requests and questions and that's cool. I know that (1) I can always prioritize what needs to be done and gauge how long it'll take, (2) take things one by one (so I don't get all mixed up or do things half-a**ed), and (3) rely on the team and on my friends for help (I'm not freaking superman ffs)
    • I know that there will be troublesome players and that's fine. I'm not easily emotionally stressed and I can always understand that maybe they're just bored or in need of help or lost in life :D. Of course, I won't tolerate anyone breaking the rules and will deliver sanctions after giving necessary warnings. 
  • I'm willing to learn. Obviously, my lack of GM experience is one of my flaws but my willingness to learn will make up for it. I can do my own research and will ask questions. I'm open to criticism and will learn from my mistakes.
  • I'm a team player. I know how teams work - there's a leader. I don't have any attitude problems so it's totally okay with me if I'm given instructions or sermons (for as long as it's reasonable, constructive, and not offensive). Then there are teammates. I'm friendly and considerate in a way that I don't overstep boundaries. I'm not one for starting drama. (It's a waste of time and energy, tbh.) Lastly, there's myself. Once given time to learn the ropes, I'd know how to carry my own weight and do my job right.
  • My main goal is to help the new players out and make sure that they'll have a great experience in the server (so they'll stay for life /gg). I generally like helping people out because it's just so fulfilling so I don't think I'll get tired of doing it anytime soon. Also, I want to help make the server livelier and help spread the love <3 
Last Notes: If there are any questions, please feel free to ask me via mail (forums) or pm (in-game). 
Edit: Corrected typos and fixed formatting.

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Sinful Bliss

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Name : Spencer


I.G.N : Lily Yuki & Elfena


Age : 25 turning 26 ( in 2 months )


Location :  United States, Ohio  


Timezone :  ( GMT- 5:00 Hours ) Eastern Time Zone


Languages : English


About Me :  I have a good steady paying job i'm going to school soon online and I'm very friendly and patience and I have 2 brothers and older brother who's in the military and a twin brother that's a pain but I love them both equal lol I have a nephew I baby sit from time to time :). 


RO's Experience :  I've been playing RO since I was in middle school so a long time.


Inertia's Experience : I've been playing this server for a few and I'll certainly be more active on the forums as I'am on the game.  


GM's Experience :  I've played on many other servers and GM'd and Admin'd for a lot of servers like KKRO,FrostRo,PureRo and a bunch of others, I know how to do most things as a GM and Admin. I know how to Script, upload npcs and so fourth.


Reason of Apply :  I want to bring my experience to InertiaRO and help others and help support you guys as much as I can possible! =).


Position of Apply :  Game Master, Event Game Master, Sub Game Master, or anything you see fit will do perfectly fine!.


Active Time:  Almost every day after I get off work around 3ish week days and weekends day and night times very but almost always on lol


Contact Info: Email: [email protected] or pm me on here or contact me in game either Lily Yuki or Elfena.


Thank you for your consideration and taking time to read this and I hope to hear from you Perry :).

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Hello, GMs of InertiaRO!
Name: Juvar
In-game name: xProf, Juvar, Var, We<3Loot
Age: 19
Location: Philippines (GMT +8 or +15 to server time)
Gender: Male
Languages: English and Filipino
About Me: Well, I'm currently studying college taking BS Information Technology for the fourth year. I am a freelance web developer and designer. I also like photography specifically in the fields of landscape, macro, and astrophotography. I am very organize and I am FUN! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
I love dogs! Some people loves only puppies but me, I love them all! I have a male golden retriever and a female stray dog (askal). We sometimes just lie in a bed for hours and hug him. He was once sick like he was about to die. He's all dry and weak but we didn't give up and he's still here, pooping in our neighbor's house. Lol
You can learn more about me on my website. You may also know more about me by reading through this application.
RO Experience: Overall RO experience, I've been playing ragnarok online since 2005. But there's a time gap since I have to stop playing and focus on my studies. But as for the incoming fourth year on college, things will get pretty easy. /heh
InertiaRO Experience: Started on March 28, 2015 and been loving this server since! Friendly GMs. Lots of customs, and events! I also invited my friends and classmates to play this server because I think we're going to have lots of fun just like when we were playing SmileRO (Not active) several years ago.
I have also met experienced players that has given me tips and guides about the server. Some players was about to give me customs before but, yeah, I rejected it because I know I can have those if I work hard and PLAY HARD! 
Every time I buy cards like Kiel and Pharaoh from a player, I am like a 1st prize winner and the feels are just toooooooo good.
GM Experience: I've been a GM for two consecutive private server as a Helper, and an Event GM three years ago. I may know programming/dynamic languages like Turbo C, Java, C#, ASP.NET, PHP, SQL, and so, but I have no experience, at all, on RO scripting, to be honest. Oh yeah, I'm also honest. I should have written that on About Me section. Talking about being organize. Lol. 
Reason of Application: I want to help the newbies so that they will continue to play this server by, of course, doing the right way as possible. Also, to help the community grow! 
Why me? I am friendly to players and I will help them as possible as I can, just like the GMs here, too. Very friendly btw and I love it. I am able to work well with others. I'm like this person:
Me: *sees a novice* Oh look! A newbie
*right click* *selects open 1:1 chat*
Me: Hello sir/ma'am. Are you new here? :) Do you have questions? I can show you around if you want. Just PM me.
Novice: No. This is just my other character. /swt
Well, at least, I tried helping. Lols. But seriously, when I see a novice sometimes especially that's roaming around town. Lol.
Position to Apply: Sub GM, Event GM, Police GM, Helper (Is there such thing? :o )
Active Time: Everyday from the time I post this. 6:00am-9:00pm (GMT +8) or 3:00pm-6:00am (Server Time). I sleep early and I wake up early and yes I am an early bird. About 80-90% of the mentioned time, I am online. Except family day like once a week.
Starting April 13, I can only be active from 6:00pm-9:00pm (GMT +8) or 3:00am-6:00am (Server Time) except for weekends. I can't be that active because of summer classes.
Contact Info:

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.juvarabrera.comuf.com

Skype: juvarabrera2

That's it! Thank you so much for the time reading my application. :)
The 'About Me' and 'InertiaRO Experience' section may change over time as I might think of something more to share!
P/s: To all applicants, may the Force be with you.
And some of you may have read that I voided this application but there was something I didn't know about and GM Chocolate Chips has cleared it to me. I'm really sorry for the confusion.

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IGN: xProf (Soul Linker), We<3Loot (Sniper), Var (Champion), Juvar (Professor)


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Hello Inertian's =)) 

Name : John Luigi Flores

Nick name : Loid

Age: 19 

Birthday : November 4, 1995

Gender: Male

Location : Philippines GMT + 8

Reasons why i want to be a GM : If i have this Opportunity I wont Disappoint Pips =)) Honestly Do some event for what player's wants But once a day.... Too many New player's asking for GM'S Guide's for hunting collection Golds on Gold Room and other stuff's they want to learn.. So if i've been a GM i can help newbie's and Let them write on RMS =))) Just to grow our community here i love inertia since i play'd this game i did not leave this server for my whole life of playing inertia since 2012 =)) My inspiration of being GM is Mond ( Kind Gentleman Honest And Cool Guy also he had the potential of Good Habits  and friendly ) 

Position To be Applied: "Event GM" "Sub-GM" or what kind of Gm you want me to put or i belong =)) 

Playing Time : It depends on my dutie's since im not yet a GM i  play half of the day for being afk and waiting for ppl friend to log in but i cant make an event so if i became a Gm maybe 3-5 hour's of being  Gm and 6 hour's of playing time =)) 

#This must be short But =))  i put my best effort here applying to be a GM =)) 




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Name : Neil


Gender : Male


I.G.N : Neil. / MeiZhuwot / Prime


Age : 22 years old (turning 23 on September)


Location :  Manila, Philippines  


Timezone : Philippines / GMT +8


Languages :  Filipino & English


About Me :   I'm a 5th year college student with the course of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. I have a loving and supportive parents and a brother and a sister. I also have a loving and caring girlfriend and she's supporting me in playing RO. I'm a friendly and cheerful person. I like making friends and having new friends. I can be trusted and I am also a responsible person. I like giving advices to all my friends and I always want them to be happy. I'm not that fluent in English but I always do my best to make it good to hear.


RO's Experience :  I played my first RO on my 10th birthday so it's almost 12th years of playing and it was September 15, 2002. And my first character is a HYBRID Swordsman. I don't know what stats should i put because its my first time. It tooks 3 hours to make it level 45 and the first 3 hours is free to play. After 3 hours of playing,  you will be logged out and needs to top-up cards just to play again. I never stop playing RO and find other servers just to make myself busy and very happy.


Inertia's Experience : I've been playing here 1 year exactly and never stop playing since I started playing here. I always participate in guild wars and some events.


GM's Experience :  I never been a GM and never have an experience of being a GM before but i make special events on my own purposes especially for the new players. I want all players to stay in that RO and I want to feel them that they are very welcomed.


Reason of Apply :  I want to encourage new players, old players and other RO players to play and stay in Inertia RO and never quit. I want all players to be busy in participating events. I really love to make events.


Position of Apply :  I really want to be an Event GM. :)) If not, just give me other position and I'll promise that I'll do my best to know and understand the duty of that position. :)


Active Time:  This summer, I am online everyday even weekends but most especially every afternoon and evening but not that late.


Contact Info: Email: [email protected] or my Facebook Account: www.facebook.com/deathstryke015 or Pm me in-game Neil. or Prime or MeiZhuwot.


Thank you for your kind consideration and for reading my application form and hoping to be a GM someday. :))



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Name: Josh Pacheco (fake josh D:<)
Gender: Male
Age: 20
IGN: Zervan, Saizen
Contact info: Skype: Jinglemahshizle. Facebook: Joshy Pacheco. Instagram: _yashiiii_ (i get notifications from all three of these social media sites so feel free to contact me at anytime :D)
Location/PST: Peñuelas, Puerto Rico
Languages: English, Spanish
Playing Time: 8:00~19:00 server time (11 hours each day)
Time Played: A year and 2 months but i've played RO enough to help new players build their characters :3
Inertia Experience: I am active in WoE, BG, PvP, I main Lord Knight but i've built and played a variety of classes (since these builds are different here in Inertia, I thought I would put my experience in this.. there's a lot you can do with [4] equipment). I have also done Contracts, GR, God Items quest, Enchanted Branch quest, and I am familiar with the achievement system, bounty system, housing system (how much it costs to rent for 30 days, upgrade cost, times houses go up for rent, etc). I know the locations of all of NPCs in Mellina newbies might not be aware of (ones that aren't in the center, such as Card Remover, Refiner, God Quest NPC, shop NPCs, MvP warper, GR warper, Mall warper, House Renter, Gym Trainer, Casino warper, etc. Along with commands to also go to the mall/casino/pvp)
About Me: I love helping people its sort of a passion of mine, another passion of mine is music, i love making people laugh, and i'm a great listener if anybody needs my help with something i'm always here to lend a helping hand, usually people say that i give good advice when ever people come to me for advice. I've lived in both Puerto Rico and the US for years so i can speak both english and spanish fluently. I love foods, I love Anime +_+, I'm really well manored, and i'm really easy to get along with :3
Hobbies: Playing RO, listening to music (everyday), playing with my dogs, and working out :3
Past GM experience: None, but I am confident I can handle it and do my best ^_^
Applying for: Event GM or Support GM
Reasons to hire me: I am active everyday and I have plenty of time to dedicate to the server's growth and enjoyment; I would like to host events everyday, especially during the slow portions of the day when there isn't much to do; I've experienced most of Inertia's features (listed in "Inertia Experience") and can offer support if newbies have questions about anything, and I have the patience to answer their questions thoroughly 


                                                                                             Lord Knight: Zervan. SinX: Saizen.





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  • Name: Fritzgerald " Fritz " Villanueva
  • Languages: Tagalog, and English.
  • Inertia Player Since: January 2013
  • IGNs: Uchiha Obito, Sugawara Koushi, Lance Corporal Rivaille, Uchiha Shisui, and a bunch more.
  • Location: Northern California
  • Time Zone: GMT -8
  • Email: [email protected].com
  • Facebook: [email protected]
  • Availability: I haven't been on much, but I try to be atleast active for a couple of hours a day, if not I make it up on days I could go on. I am currently still attending school and i'm also involve in a volleyball club, but I do make sure I have time to atleast go online <3

Reason for why I should be hired: I've been nothing but a complete A-hole in this server but in all seriousness I try to help new players as much as I could. I've seen players come and go in this server and I would hate for this server to keep going through the phase it's going on right now, specially if I could help fix the " economy " issues.


I'm applying possibly for Event GM position, if not any would do.


deep down I know you love me perry <3 so give me a chance po >:D





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Blah blah blee blah blah.
I am withdrawning my application, for lots of reasons. If it matters to you, then ask. ^^b


Good luck everyone~ :wub:

( Also I just like the ;3 face. I'm sorry... :sad: )

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Name : Ron


Gender : Male


IGN : s!ck


Time Playing : Between 3-5 am server time (around 5-7pm my time gmt+8 correct me if I am wrong). events that might be hindrance would be school works/projects. but not as much as last month since I'm done w/ thesis)


Experience : Practically none since I haven't thought about applying for it


RO Experience : Way back 2004-2013, then 2015-present. practically forgotten most of the items/sets


Inertia RO Experience : probably half a month to 1month since i'm still new and haven't played a little recently because of my thesis defense :)


About me : I'm a guy who you can see around the fields doing something since i can get bored pretty easily.


Position I want to apply : helper/support also known as the query guy since, i think it will help me to know the game more and faster

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Name : Joshua 'Robb' Layno

Gender : Male

I.G.N : Robb Justu/ Aphrodisiac / Zhang Ziyi

Age : 18

Location :  Quezon City, Philippines 

Timezone : Philippines / GMT +8

Languages :  Fluent English and Filipino

About Me : 18 year old with a crazy life. 3rd year BS Physical Therapy student. Fun, introvert, social, fair, creative and handsome. LOL.

RO's Experience :  Played RO since I first learned how to use a computer. Have enjoyed playing the game and will probably never stop. 

Inertia's Experience : Been playing since 2012. I've seen players come and go. Yet I always return here. I find inertiaRO more than a past time but another home. (lolwut). No really. 

GM's Experience : Been police GM twice and have considerable knowledge of @commands. 

Reason of Apply : I really want to try to help make inertia a better place for both veterans and newbies.

Position of Apply :  Event GM, Balancing Team

Active Time: New laptop= more playing time. Usually 17:00 Server time and onwards. 

Contact Info: Email: [email protected]/ Skype: robb_josh/ facebook: Joshua Robb Layno/ twitter: @tharobblayno 


If ever I do get accepted, thanks. It would mean a lot and I would assure you I'd get the got done. :)

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Aint Nothing

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Name : Cel Guanzon
Gender : Male
Ign : Mapoe 
Age : 15
Location :  Pluto 
Timezone : Philippines / GMT +8
Languages : English/Filipino/½Chinese 
About Me : No life RO forever 
Hobbies : I collect plastic spoons for fun :D 
RO's Experience :  2003-2015 
Inertia's Experience : Since 2013 of feb to 2015 kudos :D 
GM's Experience : None would you be my first? /gg 
Applying for : Any Position :D i just want to mute vyra and loid 
Reasons to hire me : I won't swear in main anymore :D ty 

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Name: Aldrin
Gender: Male
IGN: Carcinogen
Age: 24
Location/GMT: Philippines +8gmt
Languages: English, Tagalog
Playing Time: 3-5 hours, depends on my working schedule
Time Played: 9-12 years
Inertia Experience: 2 years
About Me: A registered nurse :D
Hobbies: Playing computer games, listening to music
Past GM experience: Head GM in Simplicity RO
The GM position: Any
Why I want to be a GM: I wanted to help newbies and host events to make the server more lively.



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