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Other Donation Methods Guide

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Hi! So as some of you may already know, other donation methods were recently implemented (which includes both "MOLPoints and Western Union - both via the Rixty payment method - as well as mobile (SMS/text) payments"). For those that may be lost, here's a small guide to help you out.

First, you'll find the Other Donation Methods
here. (You can also access this page by logging into the Control Panel with your desired in-game account > "DONATE" option (Left side of the page) > "Other Donation Methods" option (Upper middle of the page)).




From there, let's say for example, you wanted to donate via MOLPoints or Western Union. You will want to select / click either the "Prepaid" or "Cash" option. A new window will pop up where you can select your credit exchange rate. Once that's done, click "Buy Donation Credits", you should then be led to a new window where you see both MOLPoints and Western Union as possible payment options.







*Note: In terms of using a card, cash, etc. the options you get depend on your region / country. Each one will have their own mini-instructions. Mobile methods only need a cell phone (and a carrier that supports it). The costs will probably vary depending on your country.

The exchange rate is the same for all methods (except $40+ options, they give more credits than the lower ones). The only exception is with mobile options like Boku and Zong+, sometimes they convert weird. With that being said,
be sure to double check the amount of credits you get to make sure you're getting the best deal.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask Simmy or Belle, or any of the other GMs including myself. I hope this guide helps. Have a nice day!

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i have a problem with the donation seid pls help me  bild1fehlerh6tyaqugob_thumb.jpg

Master Daravon

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i have a problem with the donation seid pls help me  bild1fehlerh6tyaqugob_thumb.jpg


Sir, the screenshot you posted is really small and I can't seem to make sense of what error it is that's occurring. If you could post a clearer/bigger screenshot, we may be able to help.

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