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BattleGrounds Guide

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Hey all, I'd like to share the wisdom I've accumulated through a year of playing BattleGrounds. This is a work in progress and i would be updating this as often as i feel i can.


I will give the strategies for each map for certain roles as well as equips setup for some jobs which I have personally played and have had fun playing in BG.


Remember that each time you enter BG, you will be teamed with players who either:


a. Play to win - These players will tend to fulfill objectives in order to win the map and farm BG tix

b. Play to kill / rank - These players don't care about winning, but instead care about their personal rank or just really enjoy killing players regardless of bg tix won.

c. Minions - These players don't really know what they are doing in bg and they are just praying that they end up on the stronger team. AFK bg'ers included. Players who are hardly geared and are just trying BG out.


Every individual can influence the outcome of any BG battle as long as one is able to position oneself where one would be most effective, as well as having the ability to quickly adapt to the situations as the battle changes.


Certain BG maps have objectives called flags/stones. Taking flags and stones will cause your character to continually take damage (until 1 hp) while spamming /help emoticon. When you are carrying a flag or stone, skills cannot be used, basic attacks are allowed and equipment can be switched. Suits are handy when running with a flag/stone.


Lets begin:



1. Team Deathmatch




This BG scenario is played in Flavius Map. Both teams begin at opposite ends of the map. Both teams start with 70 lives and is consumed anytime a member of your team dies (even @die). A tie can happen if the time runs out with both teams having the same score.


The optimum way to win this BG scenario is to find the softest targets in the enemy team and farm them while keeping your own teammates from dying. Moving as an entire team will maximize the chance for one's survival and team's map control. Each enemy location will be indicated in the minimap, you can either use this feature to avoid engagements or to hunt down lone roamers.


Political/diplomatic Immunity works best on this BG map as those players who already know how difficult a target you are will tend to avoid you, knowing that they are not guaranteed a kill if you are engaged. In the event that no one in the server knows you, prepare to be hunted down and chased. Don't take this personally, It's the unwritten law of BG that oldies hunt down newbies in order to win the game fast and rack up points. 




DD (Damage Dealer)

Try to inflict as much damage to the squishiest enemies as fast as possible. Try not to veer away from the team to avoid getting singled out and ganged by the enemy force. Cloak (sinx card) is good to have when being focus fired upon. Avoid targeting LK or pallies unless they are the only targets available.


Support Classes

Identify the strongest member of your team and carry his a$$ to victory. Try to be as annoying as possible to the enemy team. Keep your team buffed.


Tank (likely to be LK)

You are a pretty independent unit on this BG scenario due to your mobility and tankiness. A good role to take is to harass any enemy who is targeting your team's DDs or supports because this forces the enemy DD to disengage and re-position, or take bowling bash in the face towards their death. Joint beat on over-extended enemy units, or on a wandering enemy that doesn't have enough mobility to outrun you. Spear boomerang allows you to stay within the team while returning fire unimpeded since you're unlikely to be a priority target. If you are playing SinX or whitesmith or stalker you could also take on this strategy with a variation depending on your jobclass.



2. Stone Control




This BG scenario is held in Flavius map. Both teams start at opposite ends of the map while 6 neutral stones are positioned symmetrically around the middle of the map. Each team takes control of a stone by walking on a neutral/enemy stone and bringing it back to your own base's capture point (indicated by a small fire). Each captured stone gives the team points at a certain rate and the team who reaches 99 points first wins. More stones captured = Faster Points


As the game begins, it is advisable to rush towards the neutral stones and attempt to capture as much of them as possible. The initial number of stones captured would dictate if your team should focus on defending or running/assaulting.





Your goal is to keep running for stones. The only time you should stop running for stones is if your team has all the stones captured. Having a suit/bbsuit helps a lot when you're running back to base. Try to resist as much damage as you can to successfully take away the enemy's stone. Drink a speed potion right before you pick up a stone since you can't cast speedies once you have the stone. Upon returning to base with almost no hp and finding no profs, use @die to respawn with full life. Using @die does not affect your K/D so use this at the right situation. If you feel that enough teammates run towards the neutral stones as the game begins, you can choose to immediately run towards the enemy base and deny the first stone they capture, this will work 90% of the time as the enemy has probably not yet set up a defense.


In the event that you can't successfully get the stone back to base, try to keep "lifting" them and holding on as long possible to deny enemy points from that stone. Don't be saddened by the unsuccessful attempt because your charge towards the enemy base will likely keep your enemy on the defense and less likely going for your base.



You goal is to prevent the enemy runners from taking or getting away with your stones. Ankle Snare, Spider web, quagmire, water escaping technique, don't forget me, sandman, joint beat, hammer fall are great for disabling the enemy runners. Be quick to pick up the fallen stone from the dead enemy runner and return it to your capture point.



You go in to the enemy base alongside the runners and attempt to weaken or distract the enemy defenders. The enemy defenders will prioritize your ally runner making you free to take down the defenders. If the enemy defenders decide to attack you, your runners will end up having an easier job taking stones. You can support runners with magnum break if they get trapped or webbed. LP is also good to prevent spider web from connecting.


Each person can take on any of these role and switch a different role as the battle progresses depending on stone control difference and point difference. 


Final tip, if all else fails and you have no stones at base, FULL ASSAULT! The only optimum move would be to have your entire team charge in as a whole squad and zerg all their stones away.



3. Capture The Flag




The Battle starts on the Flavius Map. Both teams begin at the spawn points (not at base). Each team has a Crystal set on their base referred to as the flag. The goal is to capture the enemy crystal and take it back to your base's crystal. Each successful flag attempt gives the team 1 point, and 3 points are needed to win. A tie can happen if the time runs out with both teams having the same score.


Strategies and roles here would be similar to stone control except that instead of assaulters, there could be "Flag Recoverers" whose goal is to retrieve the teams flag from the enemy runner. The flagger would always be indicated in the map, use this to your advantage as you attempt to retrieve your team's flag.


It is not advised that the paladin do the flagging as he would be more effective casting devo on the teams non paladin flagger.


If you are a non paladin flagger and have a devo pally supporting you, PLEASE WEAR GTB ON SHIELD TO PREVENT DEVO FROM GETTING DISPELLED.


Ankle Snares, Close Confine and webs are the best tools to prevent the enemy from taking one's teams flag. 



4. Domination




Domination is set at Tierra Valley map. 3 base points are located on the map, 1 north, mid and south respectively. To begin capturing a base, the team should have more people than the enemy at a neutral or enemy base. Points are generated by having captured a base, more bases = more points per tick. To win, a team must reach 99 points or have more points when the round time ends. I haven't experienced a tie on this game mode but i think its possible to happen.


The optimal way to win on this BG instance is by moving as an entire team towards any non allied base, sweeping anyone there, then turning the base your team's color, then immediately proceed to the next uncaptured base and repeat.


Due to the size of Tierra Valley, mobility and survivability are high priority in order to DOMINATE the map. Speed potions should be at hand as positioning plays a vital role in taking objectives in domination. Kills here grant 2 points to the killer so be wary of point-whores who will camp the boat to farm up kills. If you have recently been killed, you can enter the waiting room chat bubbles corresponding to certain captured bases and find yourself spawning near that base instead of starting from the boat. This allows you to sustain player number advantage in any captured base/s as well as break free from any spawn-campers.




Similar to TDM but on a larger map. Instead of killing as priority, map dominance is key.



5. Eye of Storm


This BG is held at Tierra Valley. Both teams start at their boats, with north and south neutral bases, and the middle spawning a plant-type flag (number of hits take it down faster regardless of damage). The goal is to reach 99 points. Base capture mechanics and scoring are the same as in domination except for having a flag available from the center base which can be captured, and brought to a team-owned base, which then provides the team 3 points per flag set.


The optimum way to win EoS is to have the entire team capture the closest base from starting point, then as soon as that base turns your color, the whole team runs as fast as possible to sweep and capture the opposite base. This denies the enemy from scoring at all, rendering the flag useless for them. Once both bases have been taken, split into north-south def squad, and be ready to reinforce a base that gets heavily assaulted. The high mobility units may also be assigned to cycle between both bases depending on where the enemy force concentrates attacks as well as taking flags from mid and bringing it to a more peaceful base. If this happens against your team, the only way to counter it is to regroup with the whole team and assault and overwhelm the closest base from your respective spawn, then moving to the other base and sweep + capture. If all else fails, take the flag, run for the mountains, then use @die, then guard the flag from where you left it, troll whoever enemy decides to take it.


A safe but slow way to win EoS is by having 1 base reinforced by about 80% of your team, then having 20% at the middle juggling the flag. Ideally, flaggers should be LK's/Paladins ready with their multi-hit skills (use kiels for spiral pierce or shield chain), and drink a speed potion when the flag is around 15-10% so that you can rush back to base in the event that the last hit comes from you.




See: assaulters, defenders, and runners.



6. Bossnia


Bossnia takes place in Tierra Valley. Both teams start at their ships, MVPs situated at north and south bases, and a control flag located at the middle. The goal of the battle is to kill 5 MVPs in the enemy's base. The flag in the middle (plant type) starts out neutral, and will take the color of the team who takes the last hit. Once the flag turns a team's color, the enemy's MVP can take damage and be killed. Hitting an enemy's flag until it loses all it's HP will switch the flag's color to your team color, allowing the enemy's MVP to take damage from your team. Upon the death of any MVP on either side, the flag will return to neutral, giving both teams a chance to take control once again.


Taking full control of the middle base can ensure 90% victory, as long as your MVP'er is built to kill all the MVPs fast and that he isn't ganked by the enemy team. 1 person at the MVP is enough, preferably LK/GS or other DD hitter, because wiz/prof will have a hard time against valk, and bio/pally cant kill gloom.


Slim Potion Pitcher is able to return the Flag's HP back to 100%. As long as the team's bio does not die, flag control is almost guaranteed.


In the event that the enemy team has a SPP bio on the flag, a good strategy would be to have a group of DD intercept the enemy's MVP killer and deny them points, while the others continue assaulting the flag, and try to take down the SPP bio. Force the enemy SPP bio to run out of pots or die


MVPS and their element and what to use:


1st: RSX - Neutral - use any element except ghost

2nd: Gloom - Ghost - Ghost

3rd: Valkyrie R - Holy - Shadow

4th: Garm - Water - Wind

5th: Satan Morroc - Shadow - Holy



7. Rush


Rush is a simulation of First Edition WoE. The battle takes place in different FE castles (Pront,Pay,Gef,Alde). Both teams start at the entrance of a neutral castle and rush to take control of it. In order to win, the team must be able to break the neutral emp, and defend the castle until the time runs out. If the assaulting team is able to break the defending team's emperium, victory goes to the assaulting team.


SPP CAN BE USED ON THE EMPERIUM. The emperium is plant type and can be hit with any skill/attack/spell.


If your team does not have the ability to defend the castle, DO NOT TAKE CONTROL OF THE CASTLE as you will have a better chance at assaulting. No SPP bio = DONT BREAK


If both teams have no SPP bio, this usually becomes TDM until the last minute where both teams try to break emp. enjoy the simulated gvg. If the enemy breaks the emperium too early, remember that the assaulting team has the upper hand at winning the battle since all classes can be effective against plant type emp using multi-hit or 195aspd basic attack.



8. Conquest


Conquest is a simulation of Second Edition WoE. Similar to Rush, but the attacking and defending teams are predefined. The match ends if the defending team successfully defends their emperium until the time runs out, or if the assaulting team breaks the emperium. Defending team spawns at the emperium area while the assaulting team spawns at the entrance of the castle.


The guardian stones and barricades in this BG scenario are neutral element, plant type, and are affected by all skills and attacks.


When playing at the defending team, and your team has SPP bio, you have a good chance of winning. If the whole team uses the base flag LF-01 - 1, then setup defense at that guardian stone. There is a high chance that you can control the battle that early in the game, and secure the win if the whole team is able to get to that first guardian stone early.


When playing on assaulting team, immediately rush the guardian stones, DON'T RUN FORWARD FROM WHERE YOU STARTED. The paths to the 1st and 2nd guardian stones are usually situated to the left or to the right of the entrance. These G.stones must be taken down before the barricades can receive damage. Desperado works great at destroying barricades, Rapid shower is good against gstones. Abuse multi hit skills and AoE skills at the barricades. Priority target is the enemy SPP bio and his devo'er. Ranged emperium break is possible and advisable on 2.0 maps (sniper/gs breaker).


9. Triple Inferno


Triple Inferno is a 3 way battle between Blue, Red, and Green teams. The map used is the same as the map in the PVP room, red and blue team situated at east and west side, and green team at the north/middle. The objective of the map is to be able to deposit 80 enemy skulls at the team's pillars or have the most points when the time ends. A skull is dropped each time any player dies (skulls come in the player's team color), and all the skulls that player has picked up and not yet deposited will drop upon his death. Depositing an enemy skull gives 1 point, depositing an allied skull denies that point to the enemy.


The green team is usually at a disadvantage due to their position between the red and blue team. If you find yourself on green team, immediately move south from your position to allow red and blue team to clash.


Always be prepared to pickup the skull of a ally who has critical health, watch him take damage and retrieve his/her skull when he/she dies. Support/Tank classes could focus on skull collection while DD class focus on killing the softest targets.




Gearing up for Battlegrounds



In order to be an effective unit in Battlegrounds, here are some equipment that you could have:




4 tao gunka on BG armor or Pori/elemental armor

3 tao gunka with angeling on BG armor or goibnes armor or chameleon armor

3 tao gunka with argiope on BG armor or goibnes armor or chameleon armor

3 tao gunka with ghostring on BG armor or goibnes armor or chameleon armor

2 tao gunka with 2 Gloom under night or Egnigem/Shelter/Observation (stat-switching cards)




2 Tirfing cards on Platinum shield

2 Maya cards on Platinum shield (1 maya 1 tirfing if you are using 4 cat o nine tails on shoes)

2 GTB cards on Valkyrie shield

2 Thara frog on Valkyrie shield

1 GTB 1 tirfing/thara on plat/valk shield




1 Amon Ra 3 GEC/Green Ferus on sleipnir or variant shoes

4 Cat o Nine tails on sleipnir or variant shoes 

4 Fallen Bishop Hibrahim on sleipnir or variant shoes (for casters)

4 Amon Ra on sleipnir or variant shoes

4 Antique Firelock on +9 sleipnir or +9 tidal shoes




Accessory of choice, preferably Stat belts, Ring of Flame Lord, or Sprint Rings

Horong and Marine sphere card if your job doesn't have sight for hidden enemies or magnum break for destroying traps and spider web.

Smokie card lets you escape stalker close confine if your job doesn't have Hide or Gospel.


The remaining slots could be filled with


Alligator cards for Long range resist (magic is counted as long range attack)

Errende cards for pneuma autocast if you job is non acolyte class.

offensive cards (Mantis,Ifrit,Zerom,Siroma,Imp,etc).

4 Berzebub cards for no-cast 1 dex builds.




4 Raydric cards on Valis Manteau against bomber/sacri pally/no-vert-newbie

4 Noxious cards on Goibnes Spaulders for long range resistance + some neut resist

Mix of Dustiness/Jakk/Marse on Tendrilion skin

Mix of Myst/Marionette on Valk Manteau

Mix Any Resist cards + Sinx card on Valis/goibnes (ranged) or Valk (mellee)


For Double strafe damage: Dragon tail cards

For Meteor storm damage: Salamander cards

For pumping HP + str: Alliot cards

For a mix of stats: Giant whisper cards

For flee: Kavach on low upgrade garment or nine tails on +9-10 garment


Feel free to mix any of the cards to achieve desired effects.




Grimtooth or any weapon that has similar effect (All guitars, Whips, Bows, Spike, Masamune). In the current meta, this is essential in reducing the negative hard defense value that you get from wearing multiple tao gunkas as well as reducing your soft defense value to lessen the potential damage received from thanatos card users.


Non Grimtooth-effect weapons (Battle Hook, Evil Bone wand, Dark Thorn staff, Combat knife, etc.) are safe to use when fighting non-physical damage dealers. 


If you are a non dex-type physical damage dealer, carry a switch of weapon with at least 2 phreeoni cards for dealing with Flee types. High flee in BG can reach up to 1100+ flee. 


Having a dracula card on your weapon is a good way to gauge if you are dealing decent physical damage by the amount of SP regenerated when it procs, as well freeing up card slots that would have been used for pharaoh cards.


Here are some annoying cards you can put in weapon in place of TG/Hydra.

Dark Priest for draining enemy SP

Valk Randgris for dispelling the enemies buffs/verts

Whitesmith card for popping the armors and weapons of those without FCP

Stormy Knight card for freezing non status-immune players.

Lord of Death card for more nasty statuses if the target is not luk-immune.




Any Custom upper mid and lower. Having at least a +8 lower early in the game is really helpful to get that bonus stats + movespeed.


When it comes to resistances, Permeter cards give the most raw % resistances per card (15% shadow 15% undead) followed by Giearth cards (15% earth).

Leaf cat (10% water), Leib Olmai (10% Fire), Giant Hornet (10% wind) 




For Flee and int: Isilla cards

For MATK and reduced casting time: Keyrons on +9/10 HG

For STR: Vanberks, or Seyren cards on high upgraded HG

For Dex: Vesper cards

For VIt: Orc Hero cards

For Soul Strike damage: Banshee card


4 Pharaohs if you are using 4 FBH or have no sp (fresh serk/sp burn)

3 Kiels, or 4 kiels if you have insane aftercast delay


Maya Purple card to detect hidden enemies

Hwiz card for casters to ignore enemy magic defense 

Lord knight card HG switch for casting berserk giving you a fresh HP bar. (DONT WEAR GTB IF YOU ARE GOING TO SERK UNLESS IT IS YOUR DESIRED EFFECT TO BE UNDISPELLABLE).


*to be updated :)

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A very detailed guide +1

I advise readers (especially those who aren't familiar with Battlegrounds) to NOT SKIP ANY PARTS of this guide.

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Nice guide. Very useful :)




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nice one mate


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Minions lol nice guide men.




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I'd like this guides :)

It helped me alot, since I not very know much of BG *-*

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+10 sir :)




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Good job for the guide pips, especially when it comes from a bg expert like yourself.

READ THIS GUIDE CAREFULLY, and you'll do fine in bg

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Guide updated! Equipment guide now included. Have fun and LETS PLAY SOME BG! :3

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