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How to Donate via Western Union with Rixty

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Banana Len

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How to Donate via Western Union with Rixty

Step-by-Step Guide by Banana Len


1.       Log in the InertiaRO Site using the account you want to receive donation credits





2.       Once logged in, click on the Donate button.





3.       Click on ‘Other Donation Methods’





4.       Use the Navigation Arrow to see the ‘Cash’ option.





5.       Select the ‘Cash’ option.





6.       A window will pop up. Choose the ‘Rixty’ tab.





7.       Choose how much you want to donate and click on ‘Buy Donation Credits.’ Note that the price is on the left side, and the amount of Donation Credits you will receive will be on the right side. Make sure to remember the price listed here, because that is what you will need to put in the Western Union form.





8.       Another window will appear for you to select your payment method. Choose ‘Western Union.’





9.       From this point on, you will need a Rixty account. The purpose of a Rixty account is so that they can verify your payment. If you already have a Rixty account, skip to Step 13. Otherwise, read on.


10.   Create a Rixty account by pressing on Create Account.





11.   Input your desired account credentials and sign up. Note that it is important that you remember this account if you plan on donating again using the same method in the future.





12.   Activate your account by clicking on the activation link in your e-mail.





13.   Go back to the Donation Page and Log-In using your account.





14.   You should see your Rixty account username on the top right, along with the details you need when paying via Western Union. Make sure you copy down the details.




15.   Go to your nearest Western Union Branch. You can find the nearest Western Union branch by going to their website.


16.   Request for a Quick Pay form. These forms are color blue. Depending on the branch, the top of the form may read ‘Quick Pay’ or ‘Payment Services’ or ‘Send a Quick Collect Payment’





17.   Enter the following details and make the payment:


Amount: From Step 7

Company Name: RIXTY

Company Code (Also called Code City): RIXTY CA

Account Number: From Step 14


18.   Wait for the transaction to be processed. (Around 2 to 48 hours)

19.   Once you receive the e-mail, go back to the window in Step 14 to receive your Donation Credits!

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