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Full Support BattleGrounds High Priest Guide

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Hi guys,


Here's a full support high priest guide for anyone who wants to do something else besides killing


Lets begin!


For Equips:


Headgears: Any custom upper mid and lower, an overupped lower would be great, for the movespeed and stat boost. +8 would be fine. 7 Bacsojin cards, 1 Maya Purple, 3 kiels, 1 Mistress. Carry a 4 pharaoh switch ready in case u get soul changed. Carry an LK switch hg for serking


Armor: Valiant F, or Valiant C, or Goibnes armor. 4 Tao gunka cards


Shield: 2 Tirfings on platinum shield, 2 thara frogs on orleans server, 1 Maya 1 Tirfing on platinum shield


Shoes: Sleipnir or Variant shoes. 4 Cat o nine tails cards


Accessory: 2 angelic rings. 6 Alligator cards 1 Marine sphere, 1 Stapo


Garment: Goibnes spaulders. 1 Sinx 3 Noxious. Valis mantaeu with 3 raydrics 1 sinx (switch)


Weapon: Spike with 4 Valk randgris, Spike with 4 Whitesmith, Spike with 4 Stormy Knight, spike with 4 Dark Priest cards, Long mace with 4 centipede larva cards, +10 Healing staff with 4 necromancer cards



For Stats:


Luk: 300 TOTAL (including the +, ex: 244+56)

Dex: 150 Total

Int: 470+ base (close the bonus stat to divisible by 10, ex: 471+99)

Vit: 350 Total

Str: 200-250 Total

Agi: the remaining stats





When BG begins, Buff your allies with Agi up, Blessing, and Kyrie. Always ask profs if they want a bless, some of them prefer w/o blessing to keep their sp value at 1 for soul changing purposes.


Now as FS prof your duty is to keep your allies alive by using defensive skills such as Kyrie, Safety Wall, Pneuma, and BSS (+aspersio on enemy combo). 


When your ally is being engaged by purely melee jobclass, Safety wall is a better option than kyrie as it takes pure # of hits to break the safety wall unlike Kyrie which has a shield strength value depending on your ally's max HP and resistances. Kyrie will also cause an aftercast delay to your target so this will prevent your ally from spamming in the case that he has no kiels on.


Cast Pneuma on your allies that are being targeted by a Bio, GS, Sniper, or against any ranged physical attackers.


Be generous with sanctuary; giving your allies a form of HP sustain can mean the difference in a heated engagement. Sanc + HEAL spam on your devo paladin while he takes the damage for the teams DD (damage dealer) classes to almost guarantee victory in the skirmish. Stay at the backline and equip your healing staff.


When being targeted by a prof, switch to the 1 maya 1 tirfing shield, long mace, cast sanc on your feet, and spam heal on yourself. There is a high chance that you can kill the prof from his own single target magic.


When being engaged by a melee character, use your 4 VR spike along with immunes on valis and dispel away his element vert, and laugh as he does peanuts damage to you. You can also use the SWall spam or kyrie spam on yourself to make the enemy waste his time and energy on you.


BSS on ally/self + aspersio'ing the enemy is very effective in neutralizing a hitter for a few seconds. This is very effective against Sniper/GS due to their inability to wear GTBs and block your annoying holy vert on them.


If you feel that your enemy doesn't have an FCP scroll, use the 4 whitesmiths on spike and break the enemy's weapon and armor. 


The 4 Stormy knight cards can be effective if you are able to identify a non status-immune target. Let him cool down and chill :3


Burn your enemies SP by using the 4 Dark priest spike and proc'ing the sp burn with throw stone or basic attacks.


You can also proc the SK freeze or the WS armor/weapon break by using throw stone.


Kyrie spam on your Flagger can aid in a successful flag steal. Recovery is also helpful to remove the Joint Beat status from your ally/self. Magnum Break beside him if he gets webbed/trapped.


When retrieving your teams flag, equip the 4 VR spike and dispel away your enemy's devotion in the event that he is protected by a pally. It is quite rare that flaggers are ready with a gtb shield to prevent their devo from disconnecting.


Coordinate with an allied "Gloomer" and BSS his target as he/she uses 2 or more glooms to wreck that Holy-fied enemy.


You can get yourself linked and pretend to be a DD priest by casting holy light on your enemies so that they will switch to holy, and when your holy light misses, let your "gloomer" finish off that target. Lex Aeterna for more juicy damage.


Cast Heal on an ally freshly recovered from berserk status to allow him to have some SP again. Remember that priest's heals contain SP healing as well.


Try to position yourself alongside an ally in any scenario and avoid getting caught wandering alone.

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