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Taking in GM Applications (October 2015)

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- In-game name(s); NoFace, Faceless, Gian

- Age; 21

- Location; Philippines

- Time zone (based on GMT); +8 GMT

- Fluent languages; English, Tagalog

- Online times (based on server time - @time / GMT-7); 8pm-10am, Based on GMT+8 = 7am - 9pm

- Time playing RO; 11 years, since 2004 opening of Ragnarok Online Philippines

- Time playing InertiaRO; 1 week

- Previous GM experience, including positions and duties, if you have any (not required); Event GM and Head GM on 3 private servers for 3 years 2011-2014

- Reasons for applying; I want to continue the legacy I did back when I was a GM, wanted to bring joy/happiness to players. Also, I am a leader where I am capable of leading and also serving players :)

- Contact information (Skype and/or Facebook) https://www.facebook.com/iamGMKronos

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- In-game name(s);SnowOnSummer

- Age;18

- Location;Indonesia

- Time zone (based on GMT);+7/+8

- Fluent languages;Bahasa,English

- Online times (based on server time - @time / GMT-7);5am-8am i usually online on random time if i got free time i always check iro

- Time playing RO; idk but i think around 3 years

- Time playing InertiaRO; i think around 1 year

- Previous GM experience, including positions and duties, if you have any (not required);i dont have any

- Reasons for applying; idk why but i love to help another ppl, help another ppl make me happy. Idk why but some time u dont need a reason to do something

- Contact information (Skype and/or Facebook); https://www.facebook...100009333776191




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- In-game name(s); Resistance


- Age; 18


- Location; Philippines


- Time zone (based on GMT); GMT+8


- Fluent languages; English, Filipino, A little bit of Nihongo (Japanese Language)


- Online times (based on server time - @time / GMT-7); Servertime: Monday - Friday (Between the time of 2:00 AM - 7:00 AM), Wednesday (4:00 PM to 5:00 PM), Saturday and Sunday (Between the time of 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM)


- Time playing RO; Almost 8 years.


- Time playing InertiaRO; Almost 3 hours


- Previous GM experience, including positions and duties, if you have any (not required); I don't have any experience about being a GM, but I have experience  of doing different kinds of events as a player. I have had experience being an Admin, because of the curiosity on making one server of Ragnarok Online. Well I did create one but the player is only one and that was me xD


- Reasons for applying; There are 3 reasons on why I am applying: First: I really love to do different kinds of events, because many players are joining the events and really enjoying each round of an event :). Also not just myself that is enjoying it but also the players that loves to participate it. I would also love to share my own-idea-event for the future. Also you need to know that you don't need to take the event seriously, because you will not notice the true meaning of an event, I mean just enjoy it :). I like doing challenging events. I also want for the server to get more lively. Second: I would love to help players in some problem let it be about inside or outside Ragnarok. Academics, other subjects or games.  I would like to help players about the problems that they encountered outside the game and If I don't have any solution, I will do my best to help you find a solution about it. Third and Last: To enjoy My first and second reason.


- Contact information (Skype and/or Facebook): -


- About Me: Hi I am Hans. My interests and hobbies are playing piano, time managing, advance reading, drawing: mostly Anime characters, playing different kinds of games, watching Anime, sound of rain and I am a cat lover :3. I am mostly out of sports but I don't hate it. I am more talkative in social-media than in real life. My drawing skills are not that good but I thought of an Idea that maybe I can contribute another contribution here besides supporting players and doing events. That is, designing for custom equipments like headgears, weapons, etc. I would really love to do it! xD. If you have any more questions about me please feel free to message me here at forums or in my facebook account. Thank you for reading my application ^_^

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Player's request





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Name : Joshua 'Robb' Layno

Gender : Male

I.G.N : Robb Justu/ Aphrodisiac / Zhang Ziyi

Age : 18

Location :  Quezon City, Philippines 

Timezone : Philippines / GMT +8

Languages :  Fluent English and Filipino

About Me : Very competitive, I'm find the good in most things. Hard working Physical Therapy student with considerable knowledge in and outside of the game. I don't have a hard time socializing and offering help to those in need. 


RO's Experience :  Played RO since I first learned how to use a computer. Have enjoyed playing the game and will probably never stop. 

Inertia's Experience : Been playing since 2012. I've seen players come and go. I myself have taken a hiatus more than twice. 

GM's Experience : I was a Sub-Gm for InertiaRO, was a police GM twice on two different servers and have considerable knowledge of @commands. 

Reason of Apply : I want to make up for my short comings as a past GM and help the community.


Position of Apply :  Support GM, Event GMS
Active Time: Usually 17:00 Server time and onwards. 

Contact Info: Email: [email protected]/ Skype: robb_josh/ facebook: Joshua Robb Layno/ twitter: @tharobblayno 


If ever I do get accepted, thanks. It would mean a lot and I would assure you I'd get the job done.

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Real name: Jaden Varrano


In-game name(s): [ Neo ]


In-game availability:  8 to 12+ hours a day.

Time Zone (based on GMT):  GMT -5


Usual online times (based on server time [@time / GMT-7]):  around 8:00~21:00 sometimes until 3am.


Location:  Ontario, Canada

Age:  22


Fluent languages:  English, but can understand Tagalog. 

Time playing RO:  11+ years since RO first came out late 2003.


Time playing InertiaRO:  3 months

-Previous GM experience, if any, including positions and duties:  5 years ago I was asked by a friend to help him manage a server after our current server closed down. He made me co-admin, but hence it was quite a long time ago so my knowledge of gm commands might be rusty. Since I'm only applying as a support GM, I think the basic knowledge and my past experience would suffice. 


Contact Info niixel (skype) / jadeliciouss (facebook)

Reason for applying: I want to make Charmeh proud. LOL. Well, I don't really much have of a reason besides actually wanting to help other players. Although I already try to help them the best I can as a regular player, I have realized we don't have a GM that is currently active in this timezone. Most players are just hanging out in Mellina or waiting for the automated events and I just want to keep the server alive and want everyone to enjoy no matter what timezone they reside in.


About me: I am currently studying computer systems engineering, but my load isnt that heavy thus I'm able to go online most of the time. I have worked as a customer rep for a year; more or less and I had to take a course that taught us how to handle people (mostly when they are annoyed/agitated about certain technical problem/s) and how to better deal with stressful situations to make sure we give the best quality of our work. I gave up the job to focus more on my studies, but I know I have learned a lot from the time I spent being part of that team.  I am not perfect and I never will be, if I ever get chosen I will try my best to make the people who believe/d in me proud and make sure I serve Inertians well. 


That's me in a nutshell, thank you for the time given reading my application and for your kind consideration. 

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I need you like how Amy Winehouse needs braces.


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