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Full Support WoE Clown Guide

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Hi Guys,


Here's a guide on how I play full support clown for WoE.


Let's begin with the equipment:


Headgear: 4 kiels, 3 Permeters, 1 Maya P, 2 Leaf cats, 2 Leib Olmai. 4 Pharaohs for switching. 4-8 Isilla switch headgears for flee'ing against physical types


Armor: 1 Angeling, 3 Tao Gunka on Goibnes spauld/ Valk armor (to avoid getting your armor popped while you don't have FCP yet) / Noble F,  or 4 Tao gunka on Valk/Goibnes/Noble F


Shield: 2 Thara frogs on platinum shield


Shoes: 4 Cat o Nine tails on Variant shoes / Sleipnir


Accessory: 2 Rings of flame lord, 7 alligators, 1 marine sphere


Garment: Goibnes spauld: 4 Noxious cards / 3 Nox 1 sinx. 4 raydrics on valis manteau


Weapon: 4 Seal cards on Chello, Grimtooth w/ 4 seal cards





Luk = 300 total    (For status effect immunity)


Agi = Max     (For extra sticky PDFM)


Vit = 400-450 total      (For extra fat Apple of Idun HP boost)


Int = 180 total            (For SP regen and Braghis aftercast reduction)


Dex = 150-200 total       (For Braghis casting time reduction)


Str = for carrying items.    (Speed pots, Speed pots, Speed pots)





How to shuffle songs quickly without the use of adaptation to circumstances:


step 1: Starting on your guitar/instrument, Play a song like Apple of idun

step 2: Switch to your grimtooth dagger

step 3: Immediately switch back to your instrument

step 4: Play your next song like Braghi or Drums on the battlefield


This dagger->guitar switch allows you to bypass the wait time of "adaptation to circumstances"


Bard songs like Apple or Braghis have a sustained effect of 20 seconds after the song dies before you need to recast them. A good combo is Apple -> Braghi ->Drums on the battlefield.

Note that drums is an ensamble song so IT IS AFFECTED/BLOCKED by land protector and it does not have a sustained effect after the song dies.

In this server, bards are allowed to use ensamble skills without a dancer partner.



Try to always have yourself linked so you have a nasty skill "Please Don't Forget Me". This skill will make any assaulting team cry. Simply keep this song up right after a portal and watch your enemies slowly try to break through your defensive line.



Ask the team's paladins to stay close to you so they can have extra juicy fat HP from your Apple goodness. Slim Potion Pitcher can be spammed faster if you let the creator feel your Braghi love.



While on ensamble skills like drums on the battlefield or Invulnerable Siegfried, use "Longing for Freedom" to be able to move without turning off the song. While on freedom, spam Tarot on the extended enemy unit and pray his garment or boots get removed. Tarot's strip garment / boots cannot be blocked by FCP. The dispel from Tarot can also bypass GTB so spam tarot on the linked enemy High Priest / High wiz.


If you are feeling extra brave, you can dive the enemy stack and use Lokis Well. Be careful when using this because it can affect your allies, so focus on using this on places where only the enemy will be affected. Sidenote: Lokis will affect you as well if you are linked. If you aren't linked, feel free to Lokis + Longing for freedom + tarot card spam to make enemy shout "LAG!" when it's really just your lokis.



Always remember you are a support class, avoid acting/moving alone. Cloak + speed potion away from your enemies and stay close to your team.

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finallyyyyyy yessssssssssssss thanks sir GM :D

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Well done, my brother-in-arms, well done.

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