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Buying Store Guide

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Hi Guys,


Here I will teach you how to set up a buying store. A buying store allows you to open up a vend that lets you buy the items you specify and allows players to sell them to your shop at the price and quantity that you have set.



Lets begin:



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Step 1: Buy a Buying store or Shabby Buying store permit from the new NPC close to the Mellina marketplace



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Step 2: Find a spot at the vending area and double click on the Shabby buying permit item, or if you are a merchie class with the basic buying store permit, open your skill window and look for the skill "Open Buying Store" 



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Step 3: Select the Currency at which you want to buy your items. 



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Step 4: Fill in the following information at the buying shop window


Drag the item you want to buy from your inventory. (You will need a sample of the item you want to buy). This item must be stackable (equipment is not allowed)


Indicate how many pcs of that item you want to buy


Indicate the price you are willing to pay per piece in the currency you have chosen



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Indicate the total amount of money you are willing to spend to buy the items you want. This value should not exceed the amount of the selected currency you have on hand


Make sure that the quantity of the items you want to buy multiplied by its weight would not exceed your total weight capacity.



Step 5: Click OK when you have filled in the buying window. If you did this correctly, you now have a buying shop open. You can use @autotrade / @at to leave your vendor on while logged off.



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poy as always such a helpful person labs labs /kis /kis2 /lv

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I was wondering how to do this rather than just spam over the broadcast what i want and have to barter with players who is clearly trying to over price the item....thanks so much! :D and thanks for the tip for being able to still merch while logging off.


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