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repor player - abry

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hi admins 
nt sure of knoe, but user ABRY insalt say HURTFU thing to my in tread here

he says...


in pic BELOW


to punch MY


GOD tell all love eache OTHER ako


der abry,


Mangyaring huminahon at sundin mabuti.  i lose Kalab plese dont make lose u to


can some be don????


prey on god gm team see...


~ Palao


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Edited by Awtsuuu, 09 February 2016 - 11:43 AM.




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If anyone should be punished it's you. Your posts are useless and more troll than anything.

Stop being an attentionwhore and trying to waste people's time.


You may post in suggestions but people like abry that actually have something usefull to say will generally have more input than people like you.

Becka is love,


Becka is life.




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Master Daravon

Master Daravon


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Perhaps my tolerance for crazy is TOO DAMN HIGH and actually find dear Awtsuuu more amusing rather than bothersome. For all we know, he may an absolute cryptic genius who is simply trying to send a very serious message while using a style which doesn't take himself too seriously (and if the community takes him more seriously than he does himself, then I guess the community just got the losing end of the deal).


Nothing against Abry. He's cool in my book. *puts book in freezer*



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+1 ban abry pls :3

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