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Hi! We've recently opened a new server - if you'd like to give it a try, please check out our website at Anomaly Ragnarok Online!


New Server

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Perry the Platypus

Perry the Platypus


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Ohai. This'll probably be my last post here.

This was already mentioned in the shoutbox a couple times, but those messages expire, so I'm just posting this here as a permanent message. As mentioned in the new global message at the top of the forums, we've finally opened our new server, Anomaly Ragnarok Online! The new server will be a blend of super high rate elements and low/mid rate elements, so it's definitely a new concept, but hopefully you'll all like it. :D

These forums will stay up for a while, though I'm not sure how long - eventually they'll be taken down, so if there's anything here that you want to keep, you should probably save it somewhere now just in case.

Hope to see you at the new server! <3

Visit our RMS page to write a review <3

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